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    Free tickets for downloading and trying out an App!

    Given away a few tickets so far from DM's. Anyone else? I just got a few more pairs. These are for section 421
  2. I'm looking to give away a few pairs of Angels tickets. We get them periodically each month to give away to our users. Most of our users aren't interested as they aren't really baseball fans. It feels like they are going to waste! I wanted to reach out to some real fans that can appreciate them for free & for just trying out our app. Our App is called Mobile Agent, it's an Insurance helper app to store documents, create accident reports, and connect with your Agent through the App. All you got to do is download our app and register a user account to log in and try it out(it's free, and no we don't send any emails). If you leave us a nice review on the apple App store that would be great too though not required. I have links to the iPhone/Android on our website here I apologize in advance if this is against the rules! Let me know if any of you have done this in a reply here or private message so i can tell where you came from. Please include your email!