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  1. The Angels paid 300 million because Trout is worth it, and 130 Million just to stop those "WHERE IS TROUT GOING" clickbait articles.
  2. 1/17/2020-- two weeks after his trade to the Dodgers.
  3. ScruffytheJanitor

    [Fangraphs] Trout has been as good as Harper + Machado

    700 Million Years, $20. Fixed again.
  4. When you put it like this, it's kinda crazy to think that 10 years of Machado is costing the same as two years of this lineup.
  5. Hmm. Maybe we SHOULD sign Machado. Something tells me he would have no problem telling Pujols to his face that he sucks.
  6. ScruffytheJanitor

    Paper on Economic History of Sports

    With this little space to work with, I'd pick an event-- Baseball Strikes, Curt Flood, Alex Rodruiguez's insane first contract-- or talk about the recent trend toward massive TV deals for sports teams.
  7. This would be an interesting way for teams to solve the current roster crunch. I've always thought they needed to expand rosters by at least one spot to accommodate the 12-13 man pitching staffs that are now standard-- which could be exaggerated if teams start moving toward having 6 starters. However, if your 12th pitcher is also your 4th outfielder, that can ease the roster crunch and allow teams to have a catcher, middle infielder, an outfielder AND a corner infielder on the bench.
  8. ScruffytheJanitor


    I think it works in certain situations (injuries, double header, heavy bullpen workload) and may even work for 2-3 starts if you have a bevy of young guys that you can call up to help fill the roles. As a standard practice, i think it's dumb and unsustainable without having a BUNCH more roster spots.
  9. ScruffytheJanitor

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    To be fair to old Scott, he also got screwed here (though very slightly). He's not an NFL agent, so Kyler will be using other representation for that NFL deal.
  10. ScruffytheJanitor

    Eppler's Upcoming Surprise Touchdown (Wild Speculation)

    I was expecting this to be a Keuchel, Harper, or Machado thing. Kimbrel doesn't seem like that great of a move, even if he'd make our pen rock solid. I actually expect Kimbrel to end up with the Padres, since they seem determined to blow their money on something.
  11. ScruffytheJanitor

    Crisis in Baseball

    The real issue is this: teams are figuring out that a contract to a 27 year-old veteran isn't a much better gamble than letting a rookie take over-- especially since the first choice leaves you in a hole for a decade when it doesn't pan out, while the second just leaves you a hole in your lineup for a year. If I am in the union, I want two big things in the next CBA: Players to hit free agency in five years (four for college draftees) to make players younger when they hit FA; To stop letting teams keep players in the minors just to squeeze an extra year out of them. In order to grease the wheels, I'd offer this olive branch: all long-term contracts include a team opt-out at five years--with players guaranteed to receive the prorated average value for those five years. Of course, the MLBPA will never offer this, because players unions always want to preserve the big-time players contracts while the middle tier gets screwed.
  12. ScruffytheJanitor

    Crisis in Baseball

    I'm pretty sure it's the Original Penis Enlargement Drug.
  13. ScruffytheJanitor

    So now that we're pretty much done.....

    Just to look smart when this uber-negative scenario happens: the wheels fall off and we win 63 games. Ward, Rengifo, Cozart, Lucroy, Pujols/Bour, and Kole all turn out to be black holes offensively. Otahni misses time until mid-May and has a slow start, but still mashes once he gets going. Trout and Upton each miss time with a series of smaller injuries, leading to worse results than their lines would otherwise indicate. Cahill and Harvey only combine for 20 below-average starts before Harvey is traded for peanuts and Cahill is added to the DL. Despite solid performances by Skaggs and Heaney, once again we trot out a string of terrible back-end starters and have no real Ace. Buttrey and Robles show themselves as keepers, but Anderson gets the zipper by June and the bullpen falls apart. Forced to make a gamble, Michael Hermosillo takes over in RF has a hot week in June, then shows himself as a AAAA player over the next 200ABs. Cody Allen is tremendously mediocre but is still flipped for a sleeper prospect. The Angels finally call it done and trade Upton, Trop, and Deveaux to the Braves for Austin Riley at the deadline. Trout, Ohtani, Simmons, Skaggs, Heaney, Buttrey and Robles are all solid, but the rest of the team supplies so much negative value that the season is over well before the all-star break. The team rallies in August when Adell, Jam Jones, and Reily make their debut and crush it, and Canning/Suarez combine for a few shutouts. Pujols announces his retirement, and the Angels (with another great draft adding to a widely-recognized top 5 farm system) decide it's time to cash in some chips and build a contender.