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  1. ScruffytheJanitor

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    I totally know what you are trying to say, but I still feel like a "Thanks, Captain Obvious!" is in order.
  2. ScruffytheJanitor

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    This brings up a good point -- has Troll Daddy ACTUALLY fathered any trolls?
  3. ScruffytheJanitor

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    I agree-- he's not the main piece for an Ace or anything, but he could certainly be the 2nd best part of a package that brings in a solid mid-rotation guy. This assumes we keep LaStella though-- if not, it's "Rondon or Thaiss" at 3rd base next year.
  4. ScruffytheJanitor

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    The question is: will anyone remember Mike Trout after the reign of Thaiss? He'd hit 700 HRs if he only used one arm. He can cover 1st, 3rd, and Catcher-- at the same time. I've heard that the MLB wants to ban him -- apparently, his sweat is the worlds strongest performance enhancer-- but that they are worried about fan blow back But seriously-- I think he's probably a 2-4 WAR 3rd baseman who is solid as solid can be. Basically good David Freese.
  5. In one sense, I actually think it was a genuine mistake by Marisnick-- I think he thought that Lucroy was stepping inside, tried to step outside (which is dumb, but understandable as a reaction), and ended up crashing into him hard. My proof is that he took a pretty hard hit to his own head-- it's not like he clothes-lined him or gave him a forearm shiver. But the main issue is that he was barreling toward home plate like a complete jackass. It looked like he was trying to "run hard" rather than, you know, actually touch the plate. He looked more like my toddler trying to race me across the house -- all obstacles be damned-- than a professional athlete trying to score a sports point. Running Backs dive to reach the goal line, NBA players use runners, floaters, reverse moves, and absorb contact when driving to the hoop -- and MLB players need to avoid hard contact with a catcher.
  6. ScruffytheJanitor

    The Angels need to sell

    Count me in on the "keep LaStella" camp. Even if he's only 80% as good as his current slash line, I'd take that over whatever we would have available at third (since I assume Fletch would take over). I mean, even if we sign Anthony Rendon in the off-season, he'd be super useful to have around. He and Rengifo would make the start of a freaking good bench.
  7. ScruffytheJanitor

    The Angels need to sell

    This assumes their value is the same. I am guessing that the price for Calhoun will be lower than Castellanos. The Angels will ask for your 7th best pitching prospect and that one reliever that can't quite break through. The Tigers will ask for a top-five prospect and more, in all likelihood.
  8. ScruffytheJanitor

    The Angels need to sell

    If we could trade Cozart, Harvey, Cahill, or Lucroy for anything other than a sack of herpes, we'd do it. I could see Calhoun having some value, but it's not like he's bringing back a # 3 starter or anything.
  9. ScruffytheJanitor

    Would you trade Andrelton Simmons?

    My real question is: why are people so eager to git rid of La Stella? Maybe he's having a bit of a flukey year, but we've been begging for productive infielders for a decade now. I know his contract is an issue, but damn it man he hits.
  10. ScruffytheJanitor

    Would you trade Andrelton Simmons?

    I would; the return would have to be insane. I would want at least one top 100 Infield prospect, a *quality* young pitcher with at least 4 years of control left, and a couple of other goodies thrown in to boot. I would consider trading him to the Cubs for Baez, Alzodeleay, and a few top 20-ish prospects. I would swap him for Gelyber and Clint Fraizer, since they can't seem to find a place for their third best outfielder. Why in the hell would either team make these moves? Beats me.
  11. ScruffytheJanitor

    6/25 Gameday thread Reds at Angels Pujols batting 6th!

    Yeesh. Imagine having Jose Iglesias batting 5th in your lineup.
  12. For sure. It's kind of interesting that he could totally be an important piece next year and then completely jettisoned the next. MLB is no joke.
  13. My question is... who is out there? I don't see the Giants being intrigued enough unless they are serious about a rebuild. The Jays probably want one top-50 guy for Stroman because their pitching depth is atrocious. Who else will be available? Jordan Lyles? Fransico Liriano? Alex Colome? Sonny Gray? Zach Wheeler (just for the chance to sign him early)? Don't get me wrong: you could make a case for any of those guys being a massive, massive upgrade over Cahill/Harvey, but I am not sure any of those guys are even going to be available, and none of them are really worth being aggressive for.
  14. Parker could easily be a 4th OF/ Backup 1B next year, assuming they keep Thaiss at third and let Bour out to pasture.
  15. ScruffytheJanitor

    Finally, the news we’ve all been waiting for.

    If you compare his numbers to other 1B they don't look...outrageously terrible? Kind of middle of the road?