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  1. wow, she didn't even offer a free handy? what a rip-off.
  2. try adding some kind of blueberry sauce/compote on top or maybe some blueberries in the batter.
  3. not that there's anything wrong with that...
  4. College Basketball 2017-18

    so true. in fact, it's one of the strengths - hey, wait a minute!
  5. personally, i'm gonna miss seeing bieksa on the ice.
  6. College Basketball 2017-18

    agreed. we would never tolerate that noise at el camino.
  7. deal! tom hanks will always be my alter ego.
  8. in fairness, she's keeping herself in the news. it's not like anyone here is going out of their way to find obscure news about her. "hey, hillary ate dinner at spago last night. i think i'll let everyone at aw.com know about it."
  9. Ichiro and Bartolo

    i remember watching a tiny bit of the '67 world series and a little bit of the '68 world series. i vaguely remember when mantle retired. my daughter is as old as some of the guys in A ball.
  10. Blowtani

    man, i want him to do as well as the next guy, but the big difference right now is these guys all have major league experience, something ohtani has yet to acquire. i don't see any harm in starting him in AAA if that's what's best for him and the team in the long run (it worked out well for weaver). i don't want to see him start in anaheim and get so completely rocked that he never finds his way clear to being successful here. i'd go the cautious route with him.
  11. Blowtani

    nowhere near an INO, that's for sure.
  12. had a good week and dropped 4.5 lbs. now down a grand total of 191.6.
  13. she looks like she needs something to settle her down like a couple of pumpkin beers...
  14. holy crap, why didn't they stop the lift??
  15. you know, this is such a rare commodity that i don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. it's like matching a pet with the right owner.