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  1. Tank

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    they'll need to hope the m's and a's go 2-8 so they can start making up some ground. if they don't gain in the standings, there's no reason to grab a rental player.
  2. that's my understanding too, doc. havne't ever heard any claims otherwise.
  3. Tank

    Josh Hader

    he named his dog Big A so he could sign with the halos when he becomes a free agent. *allegedly
  4. have never heard that hers are fake. link?
  5. Tank

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    he did last year but it didn't work as hoped. but yeah, not this year. it isn't necessary.
  6. depends on how you react to something like this:
  7. hard to understand their political leanings . . . well, until you look at the long line of successful countries that have thrived under the policies of a democratic socialist gov't/
  8. it's awesome that she's using her powers as a US senator to enact such important national legislation.
  9. Tank


    according to the flat earth's, australia doesn't exist, so this never really happened.
  10. Tank

    Ohtani Bobblehead

    out of the box creativity. wish i could be there to see it happen.
  11. Tank

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    too long ago for me to remember. i'm old. not AIR old, but on my way.
  12. Tank

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    be patient. my people are working on something...
  13. Tank

    The British Open

    golf channel has been showing a special about the '99 british open. both van de velde and his caddie spoke on camera about it. it was infuriating and heartbreaking all at the same time.
  14. Tank

    Liberal Utopia

    maybe they can go for rides on @nate's new riding mower. $1 a lap around the yard!
  15. Tank

    Political Gallery

    i'm going to politely disagree.