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  1. i still think we should kick the tires on arrieta. give him a call and see what he's looking for. adding him could be huge.
  2. Trumped

    he was trying to reenact root beer float day at the oakland coliseum. the ice cream, i assume, is just out of frame.
  3. FCC Giveaways

    i saw something on FB about washington state about to file suit over it. you're point is correct, but this will be interesting to watch.
  4. counting down the days until we find out that enjoying snow is racist.
  5. Trumped

    he looks to be altuve sized.
  6. Last minute gift ideas

    "you know, larry, there are a lot of really sexy and intriguing body parts we can cast in chocolate." "you're right, jim. let's do something that'll really appeal to a wide audience. should we start with boobs or dicks?" "neither . . . let's go right for the anus!"
  7. 21 Games Back in the West

    i don't know if he'll put better numbers but there isn't any reason to think he can't/won't repeat his performance of this past season. have you looked at his stats for the last few years? this guy is smack in the middle of a pretty darn impressive run. i don't think regressing is on his horizon for a few more years. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/altuvjo01.shtml
  8. 21 Games Back in the West

    altuve is regressing?
  9. #metoo

    so now comedians can't even joke about it?
  10. Recipe Of The Day: Eggnog

    your post made me sad, ADB, so here's a picture to cheer us both up. enjoy.
  11. i like nother and have met him a couple of times. good kid and very generous. i don't really see him as a 'sit down at the nuke controls' kind of guy.
  12. i'm surprised this wasn't posted by @EnglishCop.
  13. i have no idea what this thread is about, but it's just screaming 'hookers and midgets' to me.
  14. just talked with one of my school parents. he thought a lot of it was focused on keeping the series relevant for millenials. he also said there are light saber fights, good guys and bad guys (depending on your persepctive), and flying vehicles.