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  1. Tank

    AW's golf scores

    played a little executive course in sylmar this afternoon, el Cariso. have played there many times over the years as it's a good place to work on your game. shot 43-40 for an 83 on a course with zero par 5s. hit my irons well, but putting was pretty bad.Three pars on the back 9. I used my burner bubble driver on a course for the first time and was very pleased with the results. was paired with three old retirees. the oldest guy was 90 and he played like he was at least 20 years younger than that. typical old guy - hit it straight and right down the middle most of the time. he'd probably get chewed up on a regular sized course, but this was a good place for him. he had several pars and one birdie. he putted like an SOB, too. on the way home I checked out Angeles National Golf Club in Sunland. It's $100 to play but it's one of those very fancy courses you'd find at a resort, plus it's a Jack Nicklaus design. Fortunately they have a senior rate of $65 any day any time. Will have to take them up on that some time. Looks like a nice place.
  2. Tank

    Official 2019 British Open thread

    bookmakers are gonna have plenty of cash left from bets made on Rory to win this week.
  3. Harvey will get as many starts the rest of the year with the angels as I will.
  4. Tank

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    you should make a point of talking to upton at some point and telling him that several overweight white guys with computers in SoCal think he'll have no problem switching to playing first base next year, and see what he says.
  5. Tank

    Send the Guru Packing!

    thanks, slappy, for publicly calling out white for not being successful in turning cahill and Harvey into De Grom and Scherzer. What a massive failure by him!!
  6. Tank

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners 7/19/2019

    this has been a boring game so far. wouldn't it be something if the m's no-hit the angels tonight, using the same pitchers as last week? I mean, I hope it doesn't happen, but that would be a very baseball-isa thing to have happen.
  7. Tank

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    are you like president of the Matt Harvey fan club or something? Harvey failed here because of things like pitch location. that's on him, not the pitching coach.
  8. Tank

    War with Iran?

    not a good move, Iran.
  9. Tank

    2020 Democratic Field

    Sanders 2020: Do as I say, not as I do!
  10. whatsa happenin', hot stuff?
  11. Tank

    Scandalous Family Secrets

    my wife had an uncle that everyone in the family suspected had another family somewhere in Texas. he lived a pretty idyllic life in Tennessee with a wife and three kids, but there were suspicions that he had another family. he died several years ago and nothing ever came of it. my mom's youngest brother was in a motorcycle gang when he was young. mom thinks he may have murdered someone, or at least been an accomplice.
  12. Tank

    Speaking of Cats...

    okay, so who had Angelsjunky in the weekly closeted republican pool?
  13. Tank

    Speaking of Cats...

    I blame @m0nkey. He lets his girl drag him off to Taylor swift concerts all the time. Jerk.
  14. Tank

    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    I was leaning towards Tonto Goldberg.