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  1. So how is it you know @Adam?
  2. Trumped

    I applaud whoever has the time to mine through all of Trumps tweets to find these. Not an insignificant amount of work.
  3. I'm in Armenia/Glendale. Lots of drakkar noir and velvet sweatsuits here. I'd welcome seeing you again pretty much anywhere else. Homebrewer, you headed down here anytime?
  4. Hopefully you're not an Asian doctor who's been asked to give up his seat.
  5. From the "Why even bother" department...

    on the surface, it's funny.
  6. is it really accurate to say that trout has over-performed? he seems to be playing as expected from all of us here.
  7. you sure the chirping wasn't from ian kinsler about the umpiring?
  8. hacksaw ridge was playing on my flight to maui. pay for my air fare and i'll help you pull up the movie on the american airlines system. yes, i'm willing to make that kind of sacrifice and committment to help a friend. and this offer applies to any of you.
  9. nice! party at biergott's house.
  10. pretty nice. supposedly animals would begin their nighttime routines as things went dark. that could have been interesting to see for some of them. maybe. i dunno.
  11. absolutely agree. let's meet for lunch sometime. it's not a long drive from mariposa, right? only like 30 or 40 minutes? started off okay this past week, but then both of my A guys missed the cut. stupid poopy heads!
  12. AM - "man, he's going to have us in the playoff hunt with this team, i can just tell." Mrs. M - "I hate sweaty baseball men. I wish I was back on my boat with Rico. He sure knows how to clean the barnacles off my hull, if you know what I mean." MS - "I wonder where I put that 2-for-1 coupon for Luigi's?"
  13. you've been watching too many james bond movies from the 60s and 70s.