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  1. Tank

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    I just arrived home in DC this afternoon. We’re in colonial Williamsburg tonight and tomorrow and heading up to the capitol tomorrow night. Holocaust museum is a must, as is Arlington National Cemetery and the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknowns (take the tram. It’s worth the $15). All of the smithsonian museums are worth seeing. Go to the bureau of printing and engraving, too. The memorials are best seen at night when there’s a bit less foot traffic. Also go to Fords Theater and the national archives.
  2. Can’t imagine how exciting a full season of milk stools and cheese making would be, but whatever floats your boat, mang.
  3. Tank

    AOC Thread

    Nothing says love like a fresh bag of oats and alfalfa.
  4. *not without buying me some nachos first, muchacho.
  5. Tank


    They decided to fly through our lunch recess yesterday. Spent too much time telling kids to stop fussing with them, including one moron with a tennis racket.
  6. So you give him sarcastic crap when he expresses sympathy, and you’d probably give him crap if he remained silent. good work, mang.
  7. Good to see you still have your Costco-sized blanket of Christian hatred around.
  8. Tank

    AND he's done.

    it's not mine because, well, everyone there is a jerk.