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  1. 2016-2017 PGA Tour Season

    I can see him coming back and playing a limited number of tournaments. i can see him winning something like The Quad Cities Open, but I just don't see him winning anything significant. He'll probably flirt with winning at familiar places like San Diego, Arnies tournament, and Augusta, but I think his US tournament chances are done. i hope his comeback goes better than I expect. It was always fun to watch him play.
  2. World's Shortest Books

    no doubt.
  3. Florida's Finest

    @Inside Pitch, have you seen any tv ads from this chick? i'll bet they're wonderful.
  4. Random Links Thread

    if a female is piloting a chinese vehicle, there's no doubt the destruction will be greater than usual.
  5. Road rage

    sounds like an interesting tuesday.
  6. Card tricks

    yes. then he joined the blue man group for a little while.
  7. World's Shortest Books

    sexual things i will never do. by tdawg
  8. at 4-0-1, this is the best 5 game start to a season in kings team history. GKG!!!!
  9. World's Shortest Books

    unless this is a blueprint for a delicious chain of socal steak houses, i refuse to ever believe anything from you ever again.
  10. Road rage

    i believe that would violate his 8th amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment.
  11. Recipe Of The Day: Turkey Meatloaf

    does anyone here put hard boiled eggs in the middle of their meatloaf? apparently this is a thing, though it's not something i'd ever heard of until i saw it on the food network a few years ago.
  12. maybe you tech guys can help the rest of us understand this a little better. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2017/10/16/krack-attack-breaks-wifi-encryption/#52e8edff2ba9
  13. oh yeah, i kinda see it now. coincidentally, both games happened on oct. 15.