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  1. ABC just broadcast a two hour special about the death of Phil Hartman and his wife. It was sad with moments that were very touching. It was 21 years ago and I'd forgotten a few details, like how his wife shot herself a few hours later while the police were on the property. such a terrible loss.
  2. Tank


    10-20% from me. I really have to be impressed to tip 20%.
  3. Tank

    Andrew Heaney

    please convince me why I should feel optimistic about him being a better pitcher next year.
  4. reminds me of this doofus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK81Ej5hm8s
  5. Tank

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    no. you're in sixteenth place.
  6. Tank


    I tip but I expect a server to earn that tip. I tip more for better service and less for meh service.
  7. Tank

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    that one's about 3 miles from my house.
  8. that's Kate from the reality show Jon and Kate plus 8. she was 100% jerk.
  9. Tank

    Are Teachers Underpaid?

    our turnout for back to school night is decent but not quite as good as your wife's. typically, parents of kids who really need the most help are the parents who never show up. I have two kids this year with an IEP. none of their parents bothered to tell us. that's always fun.
  10. Tank

    Are Teachers Underpaid?

    being in a private church school, I make less than 70k and am not likely to reach that amount before I retire sometime in the next 8 years. I went into this profession with my eyes wide open about how much I was going to make, and I accepted that a long time ago with no regrets. I felt that my choice of profession was also a calling. I enjoy working for my church. I wouldn't mind making more money, but I have no complaints about how much I'm making now. I'm at the top of my profession and am proud and satisfied with what I've achieved personally. I could make more working in a public school, but I'd also have a different set of headaches there that I don't currently have. I have a good retirement plan and will also collect social security.
  11. Tank


    do they use guns or crossbows?
  12. my work here is finished. good night, all.