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  1. does it look anything like this?
  2. Tank


    save me a seat. https://saltlickbbq.com/
  3. Tank


    Leave me alone. I'm busy trying to own it.
  4. Tank

    Pringles and wine

    Wait . . . did you just confess to being a serial arsonist? * I added the serial part for dramatic effect.
  5. Sam Elliot has the perfect "I'm a stud of a guy and live life on my own terms" male. He is to the ideal male what Chuck Norris is to life on earth. All women want to sleep with him. All men want to sound like him and have the same kind of cool studly mustache. If a guy like Sam Elliot claims to have killed Hitler, I, for one, believe him.
  6. Tank


    now THAT'S how you own it!
  7. Tank


    co-worker just asked me if it's true that the state of the union is being delayed because of security concerns. told him i hadn't heard a thing about it and wondered is this became a big topic sometime this morning. anyone heard anything?
  8. you're still 7 points ahead of us. fwiw (which probably isn't very much).
  9. Tank

    Random Links Thread

    here's my wild guess before reading - thailand.
  10. such a vastly underrated film. "how did you get your name, Nick?" "my dad thought of it while he was shaving."
  11. Tank

    Political Gallery

    you know, the shoes really make that outfit work.
  12. Tank


    i'll need some kind of incentive package to do this. can you score me some plutonium?