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  1. Tank

    The Caravan(s)

    Thank you. Same here.
  2. I think this way of preparing sweet potatoes blows goats.
  3. Tank

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I wish. She was perfect in Sleepless in Seattle. Stunning.
  4. Tank


    Drove past it today. Construction is moving slowly but continuing. It's off the 99 in the Fresno area.
  5. Tank


    He needs to sign an executive order to send us more rain.
  6. Tank

    What have you bought lately?

    Holy carp. My spell checker on my iPad has been a hugely mess lately.
  7. At least there wasn't a Cleveland steamer situation.
  8. Tank

    California Burning...again

    Update on my cousin: her house in Paradise is gone. Because they weren't home when it broke out, they weren't able to get their pets. No idea what happened to them (a couple of cats) but they're assuming the worst. the smoke from this fire is extensive. We had it with us though our entire drive down the 99 today.
  9. Tank

    What have you bought lately?

    We were in NorCal this weekend, and last night several of us ate dinner at one of my old college haunts, A & W Root Beer. Have been watching A & W mugs on eBay for a little while hoping to buy one. Had the one I wanted and on sale last night so I picked it up. Much cheaper than online sales and he wasn't any shipping charge. they also still make a terrific veggieburger.
  10. Tank

    What have you bought lately?

    We always do. p.s. I like how you wrote that in such a way as to try and make others here believe you haven't joined us.
  11. A minor detail. remember, we have a poster on this board who can call up a missed bunt signal by Figgins during the third inning of a game on April 23, 2007, and is still pissed at scioscia for calling that play in the first place.
  12. Tank

    What have you bought lately?

    A decision one should not take lightly.
  13. Tank

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Not since I started the weekend truck driving gig with widows.
  14. Tank

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Only on holiday weekends to widows under 30.