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  1. Tank


    here's the new t-shirt Cramp got this week.
  2. Tank

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    leave victor's mom out of this.
  3. Tank

    Random Links Thread

    this is the kid who won America's Got Talent last night. He's off the charts good and is easily the best, most creative close-up magician I can remember seeing.
  4. Tank

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    seems like a lot of you forgot that this is a pretty good A's team. it's not like they were destroyed by the orioles or royals.
  5. Tank


    I'd watch that.
  6. Tank

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    I'm good for two bits.
  7. Tank

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    congrats on offending that many people in one fell swoop!
  8. Tank

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    wow. glad i'm not able to watch this.
  9. is that the nutswingers or the f'n stonemans? honestly, give me a couple of warm up swings in the cage and there was a time i could have cracked this lineup.
  10. Tank

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    paul westhead vs. magic johnson, part 2.
  11. come on, man, benjie gil is going to do a fine job.
  12. right after he's confirmed.