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  1. RedEyeBleed

    2016 Opening Day Lineup

    2016 Angels=2015-2016 Lakers.
  2. RedEyeBleed

    Angels Acquire Shane Victorino.

    First angel with a double flapped helmet since Jeff davannon. Awesome.
  3. It means "together" as one. I heard Victor and gubi talking about it the other night.
  4. RedEyeBleed

    Gameday Thread - Angels vs Dodgers - March 29, 2014

    Kole cal booooom!!!
  5. I ordered my girlfriend the Angelswin thong. Thanks Chuck
  6. RedEyeBleed

    Gameday Thread: 4/5 @ Rangers 11:05 Start

    Was Hamilton chewing tobacco?
  7. RedEyeBleed

    Yankees DFA Aardsma

    Pick em up!
  8. RedEyeBleed

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Padres (3/13/2013)

    Sick lineup. Is today's game televised?
  9. RedEyeBleed

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Diamondbacks

    Whoop whoop go Halos.
  10. RedEyeBleed

    Gameday Thread: 3/5 Angels vs Reds

    Pujols in the line up today. Very nice
  11. RedEyeBleed

    Catch that gives Trout run for his money

    Wow that catch was sick. It almost looks fake.