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  1. @Chuckster70 I thought it was revhalo who tried to get you fired?
  2. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    You said good teams don't add players... you didn't specify when. You're getting worked up about a discussion, I care very little about. Taylor asked why a team wouldn't just wait... I provided an answer. Teams make deals when players get waived so that they don't lose them to other teams. Again - I'm way past the point of how much time I actually wanted to spend on this. I have no idea why you're so bent out of shape.
  3. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Dude... I was kidding about GM's reading this forum and you took it to the nth degree... I have no idea what you're talking about with regards to Tim Mead. How was I talking shit on you?
  4. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Good teams don't add pieces to their roster? Really? The Astros didn't need Verlander the year they added him? Teams add pieces - even small ones all the time. Steve Pierce and Nathan Eovaldi... yadda, yadda, yadda.
  5. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    To clarify... if a team really wants Puello they can trade for him to risk losing him to a team that picks in the waiver wire before them.
  6. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    I still find it funny when some people take everything I say seriously...
  7. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    As Lou would say... Have we met?
  8. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Because there's a picking order to waivers...
  9. Smith/Lucroy is the new Napoli/Mathis.
  10. True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Plus all the other GM's read this board.... so the news about Puello is top of mind.
  11. But can he bunt against the shift?
  12. True Grich

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    So... the Rockies and Padres had quite the series...