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  1. He's walking off all right... crap
  2. A Cozart walk off would be perfect...
  3. Second time through the order.... C'mon Harvey!
  4. Ward is out because he fouled a ball off his foot. Ward has also played a little OF in SLC.
  5. This is why the man makes the big bucks.
  6. I see Trout is DH'ing again. No Pujols. Here's hoping they don't pitch to Gallo.
  7. Brian Goodwin certainly opened my eyes. I like his attitude and that he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if he displaces Calhoun once Upton is healthy... time will tell. I like his versatility.
  8. True Grich

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    I cheated and looked it up... so I won't give an answer. Very interesting though. Great story. What a great photo. The dude looks intense.
  9. That would be Andrew McCutchen
  10. True Grich

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Yeah, but can he afford parking at The Big A?
  11. True Grich

    Ohtani update

    Yo Taylor... Let me help you out: 笑平、ラインナップに戻ってきて嬉しく思います。 明日はどうですか? Shōhei, rain'nappu ni modotte kite ureshiku omoimasu. Ashita wa dōdesu ka?
  12. True Grich

    Highway Bribery

    Yeah, but I have Benji Gil's autograph on a baseball. Bet you can't top that.