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  1. Wait... no Astros dynasty? What? But... but... what? Wha-what?
  2. I think Long Beach has the highest taxes in the country. They're actually trying to increase them even more. Can't see LB as an option.
  3. True Grich

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    I give Eppler an incomplete because his work isn't done yet and I prefer to judge him over the life of his whole contract. This is a pivotal off season (obviously). I generally like what he's done so far, but he hasn't been perfect (what GM is?). I think he had a huge miss with Kinsler and Cozart wasn't anything close to what we expected prior to being injured. Those were huge holes. If he can sign Trout to an extension this off season, I'll give him a 10+. I just don't think that's likely because I would think (my own speculation), is that Trout is going to give the new manager a year before he considers extending. I can't see him extending, unless they sign an in-house guy he's familiar with.
  4. I don''t think Jeff Fletcher is actually advocating for Descalso, he's just throwing out realistic options. I think the Angels are likely to do something that isn't going to resonate with the fans, but makes sense from a practical point of view. I'm not expecting a "big splash" at all. Moustakes could be back with the Brewers if they exercise the mutual option. Marwin G. is more likely to return to Houston, I would think. His post season performance probably elevated his price for other teams... The Angels don't have the luxury of giving the young guys all the AB's they need to get comfortable. They either will sink or swim. Descalso "feels" more like an Eppler move. It doesn't get me excited at all, but it does seem realistic.
  5. True Grich

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    The guy in the grey shirt took his eyes off the ball. What a rookie. The guy in the jeans reaching over, isn't even wearing any Astros gear. What's up with that? The guy in orange is the only one who made a legitimate effort.
  6. Winning is hard. Winning it all is extremely hard.
  7. True Grich

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    We need umpires that understand that every close call should go against the Red Sox. The fans in that section should have caught Betts, pulled him into the stands and made him disappear. I mean what's the point in having home field advantage if you can't do things like that? Joe West, Angel Hernandez and C.B. Buckner all need to go. Throw Doug Eddings in there too. C'mon AW moderators - get it done.
  8. Miley will start game 6... .this was all part of their plan for today. Start the LHer and bring in the RHer.
  9. True Grich

    peeing on the toilet seat pros
  10. I had no idea you were that "Tank"
  11. True Grich

    The Official MLB .Gifs & Video thread

    We could all use a little more Tim Dillard in our lives...
  12. John Creese doesn't understand the outrage over Manny Machado's actions...