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    Kole Calhoun trade value

    I'd like to see that data. I never said the data suggests the Angels have a good chance of making the play-offs. My whole point is that winning (in my opinion) this season and this season alone is secondary to seeing this team deal with the loss of their friend and brother. Again - you continue to miss my point.
  2. True Grich

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Semantics. Basically - it's the same thing. Lots of things are "possible" - but the data suggests Calhoun is the best option in RF right now over those two. It remains to be seen if Adell will start in RF next year. I don't know. You don't know. We can speculate - but we just don't know. I'm hopeful that he can, but I don't know. Like I said in my original post - Skaggs' death changed things. My perspective is that it's more important to keep Calhoun in the clubhouse this season than it is to see what they can get for him in a trade. Winning is secondary in my opinion for this season at this point in time. I think you missed my point.
  3. True Grich

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    I understand that baseball is a business and at the end of the day the Angels are going to make decisions that are going to impact their ability to compete on the field. However.... Tyler Skaggs' tragic death changed things this year. This season isn't as much about winning this year as it is about the people in the Angels organization dealing with the loss of Skaggs. It's bigger than winning and losing. That being said - I can't imagine Kole Calhoun being traded. I believe trading Calhoun could be devastating to the morale of the team. These guys openly talk about the bond they have with one another and the importance of that bond during this time of grief. Losing Calhoun could be devastating, IMO. I believe this team is marching forward with a purpose. They're going to compete for a play-off birth THIS year and Kole Calhoun is an instrumental part of that effort both on and off the field. I don't think you can place a "value" on what he would mean in a trade. His value is standing and competing along side of his teammates.
  4. True Grich

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels 7/16/2019

    I could get used to this
  5. True Grich

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    After today.... first ballot Hall of Famer
  6. True Grich

    Game Day thread 7/14 M's at Angels No Simba

    With Trout out, the Angels should start selling now. They should complete all their deals by the end of the game.
  7. True Grich

    That was for Tyler

    The last combined no-hitter in California was thrown by four Baltimore pitchers on July 13, 1991 — the day that Tyler Skaggs was born.
  8. True Grich

    Showing Up Matters

    Tyler Skaggs is gone. Unfortunately for Angels fans, this is an all-too-familiar place. We’ve been here before. It’s not a comfortable place. It’s a very sad and very confusing place and we will never, ever get used to it. We Angels fans, like every other fan base often use terms like “us” and “we” when discussing our favorite team. That speaks to the level of connection we have with our team. We experience the emotional highs and lows that go along with winning and losing. Even though it may be a bit silly, we feel that the team’s victories are also our victories. So when I say “we lost Tyler Skaggs” – that “we” is real. It’s tangible. It’s meaningful. But… this loss is not about us. This time is about Tyler’s family and those that were close to him. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to them as they try to manage their grief, their sorrow and their pain. I don’t know how the Angels move forward from this. I really don’t. Baseball is hard enough as it is. Perhaps we fans can play a role in helping the team move forward by simply showing up. It’s time to show how much we care and that when we say “we” and “us” we really mean it. It is my hope that on July 12 when the Angels return home for their first home game since Tyler’s passing, Angels fans show up in huge numbers. We need to show up even if it's hard. We need to show up even if we don't want to because again - it's not about us and showing up matters. We also show up by telling stories. It’s important to tell the stories that speak to a time when we might have had an interaction with Tyler that meant something special to us. We share the good things we’ve read or heard about Tyler too. We recount those stories to others and in doing so we all remember. We remember that Tyler Skaggs was one of us. We remember that Tyler Skaggs competed at the highest level and he sought out victories so that we could experience joy. We are thankful for having had the opportunity to be connected to him in some small way. He may not have known our names, but he definitely felt our presence every time he stepped on a baseball field. Tyler showed up for us and now it's time for us to do the same. We will all miss Tyler Skaggs, but more importantly – we will never forget him.
  9. True Grich

    I've got a strange feeling...

    Last night was special and I think it's ok to just acknowledge that and move forward. Whatever happens next won't take away from the incredible game the Angels played last night. While we hope this is the start of something amazing - last night will be a great memory regardless.
  10. True Grich

    Showing Up Matters

    We must bring salvation backWhere there is love, I'll be there
  11. True Grich

    Showing Up Matters

    I hope those who are able, make the every effort to be at the ball park tonight to show their support for the Angels' players and the organization as a whole. This is our opportunity to pay our respects and show the team that we stand beside them as they move forward this season. If you only get to one regular season game this year, my hope is that it is this one.
  12. It's funny to me that instead of Verlander and Manfred talking to each other directly - MLB used Torre and Leyland to talk to Verlander. They were also each interviewed on camera separately. They were both at the stadium - why not have an open and direct conversation with each other?
  13. True Grich

    Rapsodo Devices & Doug White

    The data should obviously reveal one thing... Angels pitchers suck.
  14. True Grich

    better angeles

    Welcome to AW, Marco. This can be a tough room for anyone making their first post. You've just walked into a room where people have been carrying on conversations for a long time. You're asking about something that is a constant conversation here and that's why you're getting the various snarky responses you see. Don't give up - jump into an existing thread and soon you'll start to feel like a part of the group....
  15. True Grich

    Performance Grades at the Break

    The thing that stands out the most to me at this point in the season is that the Angels are 18-27 vs. the AL West. They have to do a better job against teams in their own division. All the other stuff is valuable to look at, but they need to take care of business in the AL West.
  16. That's a no-brainer when presented that way... money for 5 years of Cole.
  17. True Grich

    Brad Ausmus on the collision at homeplate

    He didn't slide... he went in head first leading with his shoulders... I doubt his intention was to "hurt" Lucroy - but it seems to me that a collision was definitely his intent. His intent was to make sure Lucroy couldn't tag him out if the throw beat him, IMO.
  18. I'm positive some of you are not from this planet. You know who you are.
  19. True Grich

    A difficult decision coming on Ohtani

    Again... this isn't a pending decision... the Angels are clear on what they plan to do with him. He's going to do both. It's a non-issue.