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  2. The guy he struck out is named Bryce Harper.
  3. True Grich

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    Is this really a concern? Crappy umpires are a concern. Teams reporting attendance figures that look like out and out fake news, isn't in my book.
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    I took your comment to mean it's bold for a kid to go to another country to start his baseball career - given all the challenges that come with it... Maybe you just meant it's bold for him to go to Japan to by-pass the draft. All you have to do is clarify it for me... instead of getting bent out of shape.
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    Kid goes to Japan... doesn't speak the language and faces a different culture. Same thing when kids from other countries come to the U.S to play baseball. Both are "bold" moves... maybe you mean something else and I misunderstood you.
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    Is his spin rate as elite as Josh Bard's?
  7. True Grich

    Recipe of the Day: Memphis-Style Pork Ribs

    He wasn't acting.
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    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    and I'm the guy on the left... slightly off screen.
  9. Saw this on Twitter... thought I'd post it here too. Names six concerts you've been to in your life - with one of them being a lie. 1. Eagles 2. Bee Gees 3. Cher 4. U2 5. Martha Davis and the Motels 6. tobyMac
  10. True Grich

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Billy Preston? I don't even know who Anthony Newley is... so I will guess him.
  11. I doubt @Chuckster70 actually shoots himself. Don't worry.
  12. It's all about perspective. When you're 12 years old - all those guys seem old.
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    Players from central and south American countries come here as kids all the time.
  14. True Grich


    Leave it to Scott Boras... it's an interesting plan for sure.
  15. Angel games are being moved to the Cartoon channel
  16. Billy and Brad are surfing buddies... it's all good, bro
  17. I smell a comeback... Or my dog farted. Wait.... I don't own a dog.