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  1. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Washington and 10th. Supermarket went belly up. Old run down strip mall with plenty of parking. Fairly close to the 10 Fwy/Crenshaw offramp.
  2. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Any in west side of LA? Outside of Hollywood, It's a dead zone from Culver City through the city.
  3. So what will the NFL do? Precedence has been set. Jerry Richardson, Facing Misconduct Allegations, Will Sell Panthers And considering that Human Trafficking is a huge issue with the NFL/Superbowl. Man, this is going to get lol worthy.
  4. gotbeer

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Give the guy a break. He just wanted his balls deflated.
  5. The only good thing about Duchene being traded to the Blue Jackets. Might mean Panarin is off the trade table. And might make the Penguins, Hurricanes, and Canadiens want to make a bigger move. Canadiens were interested in some of our players. Think the rumor was Fowler. If we could get their 1st rounder and one of their three really good forward prospects, we should be running for the phone.
  6. They really are trying to lose for Hughes for Colorado. Vitaly Abrams 20 year old. 40 games with OHL with 78 points a year ago. AHL 22 points in 52 games. A first, and a conditional first. Duchene 58 points in 50 games 28 YO. And Bergman 23 YO defenseman. I guess Abrams has potential. But at least the pieces are falling now.
  8. gotbeer

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    That's a weird way to order a steak.
  9. Why signing Jakob Silfverberg now is a mistake
  10. Is the American Autobahn next? How states are pushing highway speeds past the limit
  11. gotbeer

    Cops are great

    I'll just put it in here. Because if it ain't cops being great. It's the courts being great. Denver pair executed robbery witness after court system mistakenly released his identity
  12. gotbeer

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    I believe, and might be wrong, but one of the new CA laws this year was that dogs for sale at places like Petsmart and such have to come from shelters. You can also look at classifieds like Craigslist. Just make sure they don't have any peanut allergies. @calscuf
  13. NHL Trade Deadline: Nine Biggest Needs Around the League So many teams need top 6 to 9 forwards and top 6 dmen. And here we are sitting on our thumbs.
  14. gotbeer

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    $1k for the S10+. As I said, will wait. Unless they give me an unbelievable trade in offer, which I doubt. And here is the kicker. S10, S10+, whatever the other S10 cheapo is. They have 5G, but it's a first generation 5G that is already eclipsed by the second generation 5G chip that has already come out.