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  1. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Yup, corporate sucks.
  2. gotbeer


    It's quite simple. The man was exploiting the woman in her place of work by making her do degrading things. The woman came by and said hey girl, don't be exploited all like that. The woman then said damn girl, you are right. But I need to keep the cheddar coming in. If you say it in your Michael Pena voice, it becomes crystal clear. In other words, it was the mans fault for putting her in that situation.
  3. gotbeer


    I'll just put it here. Man who only wanted a shot of whiskey trapped in awkward situation when bartender attacks woman who spanked her
  4. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Went to the Culver City In N Out. Holy smokes In N Out needs to move that one. Small parking lot, that I'm surprised the other tenants don't complain about. Small restaurant, seating for 38 according to the sign, but it seemed more like for 20. The drive through line snaked all the way through the single lane parking lot, and out onto the street. There was barely any room for anyone to pass the drive through line. And if you parked on the drive through line side, I can see it taking a good 10-15 minutes to get out, depending on the mood of the people waiting in line. But the burgers were the usual. Ordered them with extra chili's for the first time and it definitely made it worth it.
  5. Crazy Rich Asians. Yeah, I went to go see it, because you don't see an all Asian cast get great reviews very often. They say it's a Romcom. But more of a Romance movie than a comedy movie (I was hoping more on the comedy side.). It had it's moments of funny, but they were short moments, and seemed kind of forced. Overall, it's a pretty predictable chick flick, that the chicks will probably go gaga over. For guys, it's a definite pass movie. Let your chicks go see it with their chick friends, because the comedy was not enough to carry it for guys. Overall, guys pass. Chicks, even though it's an all Asian cast, it's kind of like those adult princess movies. And yes, I need to do something to renew my man card.
  6. Kase’s New Contract Great Value for Ducks
  7. Wish it would have been for longer. But that's not a bad deal at all. The good thing is, he's still a RFA at the end of that contract. But if he continues to improve like a certain Rakell, he'll be a steal. So hopefully between 43 and 51 points for Kase next season.
  8. Pacific Notes: Silfverberg, Czarnik, Hathaway, Oilers If that's the low end, trade his ass. No way would I go a AAV of $5 million per year on Silfverberg.
  9. If the Ducks don't make the playoffs. There is always this. Don't Trade 2019 First Rounders Looks like Buffalo with 3 first round picks already had a scout plan in place.
  10. For having a great core of young defensemen. The Ducks do not have one defensemen in the top 20 in the league. NHL News: Senators, Islanders, Devils, Potential NCAA UFAs, and Top 20 NHL Defensemen
  11. gotbeer

    Caption this photo

    Does this make me look fat?
  12. Just a funny thought. But if Silfverberg and Ritchie are involved in a trade involving Ryan. That would mean some 5 years later, they get swapped back with only Noesson missing in the equation.
  13. I'd like us to be so far out of it, that Perry, Silfverberg, Ritchie and anyone else that doesn't have a future on the team get traded. Then again, I wish they would be traded for some of the juicy one year rentals out here right now. Panarin would be the absolute tits. But re-signing him may be an issue. I think right now, Stone is my top choice. Consistent guy that can fit on the shutdown line to make it better. Ryan would probably be the expensive third wheel. But he could get a ressurection on the third line with some really skilled guys, or could find the magic again with Getz. But Max and Doosh wouldn't be bad, although for Max, re-signing him might be an issue. Because he isn't the player that he wants to be paid like. And Doosh also isn't the player he was a few years ago.
  14. gotbeer

    Anyone ever live in the Miami area?

    Do you like humidity, all the time?