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  1. Yeah, from what I'm reading. S8 to S9 is some minor improvements. But I can tell you, going from a S7 to a S9+. Huge difference. And considering Tmobile gave me $360 for my S7, it was a real no brainer.
  2. Finally got around to taking photos today. Man, going from the S7 to the S9+ what a difference. The photos of the mountains were taken right around sunrise to about 1 hour after sunrise. But the last pic of my buddy next to our miner camp. That really seemed to pop out to me. All of these pictures were with very overcast clouds. I didn't even use the flash on the picture of my buddy next to the camp. Low light, the camera sees better detail than I do.
  3. After last years playoffs. Who here thought that Edmonton would be one of the trash teams. We just have to take care of business. No excuses. And if we don't, heads better roll.
  4. Goal from each line. And 3 fights. But no hat tricks. Good overall game for the Ducks.
  5. How is that punch to the back of the head by Howard not a penalty?
  6. Kesler decides he isn't going to take shit either.
  7. Perry wants to get his own hat trick also.
  8. Good job on the penalty Cone #2.
  9. Ritchie is an assist away from the Hat Trick.
  10. WTF Ritchie. Acting like you know how to shoot the puck.
  11. He was a scar tissue on the ice. Wonder who they will call up, and if Cone #2 would be a healthy scratch. Oh god, looked it up. To replace Cone, the go with Cone #4. Holzer. /uggg this team will never learn.
  12. Toys R Us Closing

    I don't want to grow up. I was an overcharged kid. With plenty of toys that I could have played with. @Tank Do they even have an online store?
  13. What have you watched recently?

    Red Sparrow. Pros. Jennifer Lawrence nude saying fuck me. Cons. wasn't really an action flick. Kind of a spy novel. Too long of a movie. But the pros was good. Tomb Raider. Prequel sort of. Wasn't as action packed as I thought it would be. But this version of Laura Croft was a bit better than the invincible Jolle. Both probably best for home viewing.
  14. FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped underneath ABC is reporting at least 7 fatalities.