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  1. NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs And Nylander With A Little Ducks And Hurricanes
  2. The thing is, this isn't his first concussion. And they've been so secretive about this one. It just doesn't feel right.
  3. gotbeer


    Again Nate. When your bonds are one step above junk status. It's not the tariffs that are causing it's downfall. Every car maker in the US is facing the same tariffs. And yet only Ford is laying off people. This is a Ford problem, not a Trump problem.
  4. I can continue to dream. Rakell/Getzlaf/Eaves Silfverberg/Rico/Kase Cogs/Kesler/Stone Comtois/Steel/Terry/Rowney/Gibbons/ But I think one of Comtois/Steel/Terry, goes to the Cogs/Kesler line. Although of the injuries, Kase has that Despres feel to it.
  5. gotbeer

    Aviation Fans

    Astronauts crash land to Earth after major rocket malfunction on way to ISS
  6. Oh well, at least we still got a point. We didn't look great. But we didn't look horrible also. Kesler didn't look bad though.
  7. Welcome back Kes. Man, he made that goal an adventure.
  8. Kesler in the lineup tonight. Hopefully he is 100% and not pushing it.
  9. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    It makes me wonder what the plan is post Snyder. I'm sure there are plans in place, but with taxes being what they are. I wonder what they would be to keep it private 100 years from now.
  10. William Nylander article. While the Ducks are mentioned, I doubt that the Ducks would trade one of Lindholm, Montour, Manson for Nylander, especially when he's asking for $8 million a year. But there was this. LOL Poor Ritchie. Could The Toronto Maple Leafs Trade William Nylander? Hopefully Murray is trying to trade him.
  11. Terry more than Comtois, just because of the age. But Terry, Comtois and Steel all look good. Ludestrom did have that nice move and shot. But when all is said and done, I don't think that Terry is a first line winger. When Eaves gets back, I think he gets shuffled down. Also, when Kase comes back, I think Comtois gets shuffled down. I think the third line will be Kesler, Cogs and one of the three. With the fourth line being two of the three and either Rowney or Gibbons. Poor Ritchie. LOL. But we could have four solid lines. Per the draft. I think it'll be Larsson. There just does not seem to be any room for him anyways. He'll be 23 by the time the draft comes around. Although it would also not surprise me if the Ducks let the Seattle team take Montour. He may be in for a big raise, long term. And depending on how Mahura develops, which so far looks really good, Mahura would be a good cheap alternative. With Larsson on the bottom pair.
  12. OMG this is just so epic. I forgot about the Iceman. Haha. PHT Time Machine: The Mighty Ducks and the most insane pregame intro ever
  13. Climate change? That's a you problem. I'll be dead soon.
  14. Take the win and run. But man, the young were allowed to play in OT and the shootout. Terry seems like money in the shootout though.