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  1. gotbeer

    Camping and Hiking Thread

    There is definitely something wrong with me. Went on another long hike. This was 3 miles up the river. Then 1 mile of rock hopping up a gulch. Then about 2000 up the side of a mountain. Surprisingly, I felt good when we got to the mines. The first time I did it at the beginning of the year, I was totally spent by the time I got to the mines, and didn't have the strength to explore at all. So I must be getting better at torturing myself.
  2. Just to be clear. Spanking adults is still ok right?
  3. WTF is going on with the Ducks. These nothing pickups are like Murray is crapping diamonds.
  4. gotbeer


    California court blocks governor's pardon of Cambodian refugee who killed woman when he was 14 Moonbeam was perfect for Calolfornia.
  5. gotbeer


    Jerry Brown Leaves California With $100B Train Debt, As Texas Pursues Its Own Rail Boondoggle But but the budget surplus.
  6. gotbeer

    The Official Vegas Golden Knights thread

    @Vegas Halo Fan So what is going on? Three Theories On What’s Happening With Max Pacioretty And Why Gallant/VGK Offered Contrasting Messages
  7. gotbeer

    Obamacare/Trumpcare Horror Stories

    Houston, we got a problem. Obamacare Thrown Out by Judge, Raising Insurance Uncertainty
  8. gotbeer


    He means hair of the dog. But really Bloody Mary or Momosa's. BTW. All beer diets are great. Until you get to blackout drunk posting. Then it's just entertainment for all.
  9. gotbeer

    ISIS delenda est

    I mean, what's to see. He served jail time in France, Germany and Switzerland. It's good that criminals like him get to travel anywhere in the EU he wants.
  10. gotbeer

    Aviation Fans

    New Delta rocket launch date announced after previous attempt scrubbed This one might be pretty spectacular now. With the sun setting in the background.
  11. I don't think I've seen a goalie as snakebit as Bishop is right now. You could just see the indecision in his movement.
  12. Kase with the hatty! Who are these guys?
  13. gotbeer

    Camping and Hiking Thread

    This one was before the 3 peaks. But I finally got the video done. This one was terrifying for me, since I'm totally terrified of heights. There were two class 3 rock scrambles. Pretty much with death a few feet away.
  14. Dog says F U, I do all the work. You just lie there.