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  1. Netflix: Movie 43. Kind of like a Kentucky Fried Movie. Just little clips of weird stuff. Overall, not bad if you are looking for an hour and a half to kill. Edit: Just realized that after the credits, there is one last clip. It's pretty much how I picture Rallymo's cats.
  2. gotbeer

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Drunk on smoke: Notre Dame’s bees survive cathedral blaze
  3. gotbeer

    General NHL Talk 2019-2020

    Well, it's about time. AP Sources: Red Wings to name Steve Yzerman general manager
  4. You guys know what this means. U.S. refiners planning major plant overhauls in second quarter
  5. gotbeer

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Is This Photograph of Notre Dame Burning with the Eiffel Tower Directly in the Background Real? Something @red321 could probably explain better.
  6. gotbeer

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Damn. Calgary on the brink. Colorado doing a Ducks on them.
  7. Netflix: Roman Empire. One of those historical documentaries. 3 seasons, and they go over the reigns of Commodus, Caesar, and Caligula. I thought it was interesting to hear how they rose, and really their impact. If you are a history buff, I'd recommend it.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I still think we trade the 23 pick to Ottawa to take on Kesler and Perry's contracts though.
  9. I think you might be right. Looking at a wiki page. So I think the finish order looks like this according to Tankathon. With Tampa Bay moving up to 26 ATM, since they won their division. 16-23. Pittsburgh 17-31. Tampa Bay 16. Colorado 17. Vegas 18. Dallas 19. Columbus 20. St Louis 21. Carolina 22. Winnipeg 24. Toronto 25. San Jose 26. Islanders 27. Bruins 28. Predators 29. Washington 30. Calgary Bold is those that won their Division. Crossed out did not make it to the Conference Finals
  10. gotbeer


    I used to do the Yahoo news also. But yeah, for the last few years, they have been closer to the Weekly World News than actual factual non biased news. And it's too bad too. Because I love the WWN. And like Florida's Finest and such threads have suffered because of it.
  11. gotbeer


    Considering it's from Yahoo.......
  12. gotbeer


    /sigh. ‘Mystery surcharge’ boosts California gas taxes to $1.26 per gallon But hey, no big deal right? It's only $11 million a day, $4 billion a year of unaccounted taxes, and $20 billion paid into it since 2015. With accounting like this, man even I could have a budget surplus in Calolfornia.
  13. I think, with Columbus rolling over the Lightning. That St. Louis pick drops to 19th if they lose their series. But, if Vegas wins their series like it's almost certainly going to do. Winnipeg and St Louis would be a wash I believe (no matter who wins/loses, San Jose drops a pick). And depending on what the Leafs do in their series. I think that means the San Jose pick would be either 21 or 22. Of course if the Avalanche can do an upset. I think that drops the San Jose pick another slot.
  14. gotbeer

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    One of the most dominant regular seasons in NHL history, gets swept out. Got to love NHL playoff hockey. Oh and the Islanders.
  15. gotbeer

    Camping and Hiking Thread

    It was really nice. No bear, but there was a deer. The forest is really lush right now because of AO's curse. I was actually getting cold at the peak, and overnight it was really chilly at the lodge. Good thing I was really drunk and had the mules haul up my sleeping bag. But parking was a piece of shit like usual with all the flatlanders wanting to see the pretty waterfall. Got to the lower gates at 5:30 AM, they are supposed to open at 6 AM but was open when I got there, and there were two other cars in the upper parking lot. By 5:45, all the parking spaces were taken. By 6:30, I heard that parking was a mile down the road.