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  1. Syria

    been a while since we updated this thread. So might as well continue it with this doozy. Erdogan: we will 'strangle' U.S.-backed force in Syria "before it's even born"
  2. This day keeps getting better. Ducks claim forward J.T. Brown, only player to protest during anthem
  3. Stupid suspension. He should appeal
  4. I don't get this move. They waive Shaw, 6'3", 203, 8 pts, -2 over 42 games. And pick up Brown 5'10", 169, 4 pts, -1 over 24 games. With the way the Ducks play, Brown is going to get demolished.
  5. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    best guy to run for the Dems.
  6. I don't see it. Cogs cut in front of Kempe. Didn't try and hit Kempe. Looked more like embeleshment than anythng.
  7. Well that sucked

    The Russians hacked the system.
  8. It's policy. Seems to always happen that way. Sounds like it was a good game for us. We need to take 5 day breaks more often. We seem to be one of the few teams that seem to come out of the break really well.
  9. Kill all the senators, so that there is nothing to hack?
  10. Camping and Hiking Thread

    Yeah, not sure how to send alerts over FM either. I don't see that option. Only to receive. But yeah, a personal locator beacon or sat phone would be ideal. I hear Joshua Tree is especially dangerous off trail.
  11. Just IMO, but I don't think we need a skill winger. IMO Maroon would be a perfect fit, and he won't cost much of anything. Getz/Rak/Maroon Kess/Cogs/Silf Henrique/Kase/Perry Wagner/Ritchie/Shaw I really think Maroon would spell Eaves 2.0. Although I do think Eaves has a much better game, and hands. Maroon will do something the team is allergic too, since Eaves went down. Park in front of the goalie and take a beating while doing it.
  12. Probably similar to my hate towards Vermette. Hopefully I get my wish.
  13. #metoo

    This one shouldn't shock anyone. Steven Seagal Accused of Rape Following Multiple Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
  14. Trumped

    Since Trump is getting his first physical as president. Does anyone think it will turn up anything? People like to say something is wrong with Trump. But what if there is something wrong with him. Just thinking of what he may have. What do you guys think?
  15. Random pics for no reason

    @Blarg You wouldn't even have to wait if you had the app. My buddy uses it every day, even early in the morning when we go hiking. He just walks in and walks out. But I feel your pain. Large hot chocolate is hard to remember without the menu.