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  1. gotbeer


    Was his other car in the shop?
  2. gotbeer

    Fostering Kittens

    You're doing it wrong. -Calscuf
  3. gotbeer

    Cops are great

    If this happened to any of us, we would have been arrested for animal cruelty, but it's just a oops our bad, please respect our authoritay if a cop does it. Long Beach K-9 dies from being left in hot patrol car
  4. gotbeer


    Yup opened fire. Pellet gun seized near scene of Lancaster deputy shooting, undergoing lab testing
  5. @Chuckster70 Geeze. If you bothered to read the third post in Chinese, it says specifically to ice it and wrap it up. BTW, I've always wondered if you could order from Amazon on vacation and have it sent same day to your hotel. So you are my guinea pig, give it a try. And I can tell you from experience after hearing the pop of a hamstring, that those neoprene wraps help.
  6. gotbeer

    2020 Democratic Field

    Since he's on the DL, that makes room for Hillary to get called up and put on the 25 man roster right?
  7. Netflix: Mission of Honor Docu movie about Polish fighter pilots who fight for the Brits in WW2. Flowed pretty well. And the Poles got screwed in the end by the Brits. If you like historical stuff, especially about the war in the air. It's not a bad one.
  8. gotbeer


    So was watching the news today. Guess there was a shooting in Lancaster. Police officer shot by a sniper from a mental hospital or residence or something. So the Lancaster or whatever mayor is on. He is adamant on closing the mental hospital now. Yes, just what Calolfornia needs is to close mental hospitals. That's show em.
  9. gotbeer

    2020 Democratic Field

    Shut your filthy whore mouth.
  10. gotbeer

    XFL Question

    Biggest mistake the XFL did was not go international right away. Should have done 4 teams in the US, 4 teams in Europe. If you are going to take a chance at this thing, don't copy, go where they aren't.
  11. gotbeer


    No sense in Trump doing anything but tweeting about Baltimo....Calolfornia. Eventually people will wake up and realize that Calolfornia is becoming a sty like he says with medieval diseases. But right now, the people of Calolfornia will continue to put their heads in the sands and chant all is good, while the gubernment cleans out their pockets.
  12. gotbeer

    2020 Democratic Field

    So what you are saying is that the race is made up of maiden claimer 2k, that never won in 10 races.
  13. gotbeer


    Makes me wonder though. That At&t Directtv merger did seem to happen easily. The Tmobile Sprint seems to be in legal hell now. Also some food for thought. When a justice has any little bit of association with a case, whether monetarily or that he has association with a lower case, he recuses himself. But anyone on the legistlative branch, it's like payday season for their votes.
  14. gotbeer


    @Jason Looks like the realtors and who would've guessed At&t are the only ones hedging their bets.
  15. gotbeer

    The dark web

    TenOchoReconScout Ten Ocho Recon Scout First word use only consonants, second word use only vowels, third word use only consonants, fourth word use only vowels. Capitalize if it's the first letter in a word. TnOoRcnou You could also just use the consonants and come up with TnchRcnSct