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  1. I forgot about the second guy. Man that was a rough time.
  2. gotbeer


    New California gas tax kicking in on July 1 I like how the media is now bringing up the repeal effort.
  3. I agree. It was really well done and entertaining. Probably a strong contender for some Oscars.
  4. Not any Asians I know. They all think they can play basketball, and wear blue with glitter all over them. And I won't even tell you about the girls.
  5. gotbeer

    General NHL Talk 2019-2020

    So, how long till San Jose regrets this contract? Erik Karlsson, Sharks Agree on 8-Year Contract Reportedly Worth More Than $88M I say 2 years. Karlsson seems to not be able to stay healthy lately.
  6. I'm fine with the hiring as well. At least Murray looked at other candidates. It was probably more as a show than anything, since Eakins seemed destined to be the coach. Again, he's proven himself in the AHL for the Gulls, so he's paid his dues, and he's familiar with the team. There is nothing wrong with promoting from within. Hopefully the contract is a short one, like 2 years. Just in case his style isn't right. But seeing how the Gulls were going, it should at least make the team much more entertaining on the offensive side. Now, Murray needs to get to work and get us a bit of help. Just my opinion. Getzlaf/Rakell/???? Jones maybe? He'd be a big in the crease pest. ?????????/Silfverberg/?????? I really think this is something that will be addressed. Not real comfortable throwing two new guys on the second line. Now if Murray could trade that late 1st and Perry's cap hit to Ottawa and get us Tierney. (like you guys have never heard that from me before) Henrique/Kase/Ritchie As a third line I think they work well. Kid line. Steel/Terry/Sprong/Sherwood/Ludestrom/Contois I think Eakins will have his choice here. Defense. I still think we need to add someone. Rumor is Subban is being shopped. Lindholm/Manson Fowler/??????? Subban Guhle/Larsson/Mahura/Dotchin So in summary. I think Murray needs to get a 2nd line center and a top 4 Dman. With Tierney and Subban being my trade porn.
  7. gotbeer

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Well, there goes the comparison between Whataburger and In N Out. Since when has a family place not gone to shit after selling out. Texas burger chain Whataburger sells majority stake to Chicago investment bank
  8. I guess they had to do their due dilligence and interview a number of people? Ducks to name Dallas Eakins head coach
  9. gotbeer

    Three favorite movies?

    Blazzing Saddles Casino Saving Private Ryan But there are so many others.
  10. By land, air, or sea. Freedom is coming for you @nate
  11. 2019 Draft Prospect Profiles: Boldy, Krebs
  12. gotbeer

    Random Links Thread

    One dead after poop transplant gone wrong, FDA warns Just in case anyone is thinking of doing a poop transplant.
  13. He was actually there for 6 LOL'worthy months.
  14. Remember the train wreck she replaced? That was some brutal times for the press.
  15. gotbeer


    Ohtani vs Trout. Special match race home run derby. Oh, who am I kidding. We see that home run derby every game.