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  1. Kesler reminds me of Bo Jackson. After that hip injury, not the same. I wonder if he has a degenerative hip and needs a replacement like Bo.
  2. No reason to buy him out now since he's stashed on the Gulls. But the cap hit wouldn't be much. Capfriendly say if we buy him out in the offseason it would be $1.15 next season and $1 million after that. Kesler is a different story. Buyout would be $2.425 million for the next 3 years and $2.225 million over the 3 years after that. LTIRetired might be the best course. Only bad thing is you can't take the cap off till the first game. So we'd be $6.875 down in the offseason.
  3. gotbeer

    And in Crazy Train news.

    It just won't die. Two GOP bills seek to redirect federal funds from California high-speed rail project
  4. So you are the one that is still watching the games.
  5. gotbeer

    Tony Reagins

    Thanks Bane.
  6. Back on track to that losing feeling. I can live with 5.
  7. So back to Ducks news. Tonight is Getzlaf Bobble Head night. This can't be it can it? It's so bad that it's freaking amazing.
  8. gotbeer

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Well, of course Germany can't spend as much on the military. They have to worry about giving out free handouts to the rest of the EU.
  9. Netflix: Turn up Charlie. Fun little series. Quick 30 minute episodes. Nothing too spectacular about it. But a good time killer.
  10. The Chelsea/Ivanka ticket in 2040. It's never too early to get rid of skeletons.
  11. gotbeer

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Is that the swipe left or right on the screen to move it? It's a setting on the dead end. Not sure how to do it on the Samsung UI. But if you have Nova loaded as your UI, it's under the home screen/scroll/infinite scroll.
  12. Trump’s 2 Supreme Court picks on opposite sides in 2 cases
  13. U.S. Supreme Court hands Trump a victory on immigration detention
  14. I admit. I was skeptical. To the point I was distancing myself to brace for the impending doom. So now just go out and bring back the Angels Win.