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  1. Also Eaves down to the Gulls for conditioning. So he's probably up in a week.
  2. Hopefully this one will finish better than last year.
  3. Also, taking the first step to LTIRetired.
  4. Aberg was a good player. Was a really good waiver claim. But he is 25, so a year or two away from FA'cy. I don't even know how you approach him this offseason. He's a RFA. Do you try and sign him long term? What stats do you use on him, since this is by far the best he's done in the NHL. So this is one headache the Ducks don't have to deal with. Kloos. Surprisingly, watching that video, I thought he was a young player. But looking at his bio, he's also 25. RFA after this season, but a lot easier to sign I would think. Looking at his minor league stats, second full season in the AHL. 50 points in 76 games , and 30 points in 34 games this season. Doesn't look like he got drafted. Just seems like MInnesota got the better of this trade. By quite a bit. For what we got, I would have thought there was a draft pick of some kind included.
  5. Cogs wasnt the problem. The fat guy was the problem. Hopefully the other fat guy gives us a bakers dozen, while laughing like Santa Claus.
  6. Ducks' Kesler has no plans to waive NMC Soo. This is the buyout scenarios. Not as bad as Perry's. $2.4 for the first 3 years. $2.2 for the last 3 years. Oh, and just in case you forgot. Perry's. $2.6, $6.6, $2, $2
  7. Dude must be wicked smart.
  8. If you are going to lose. Lose for Hughes. Not that we have any chance of winning.
  9. gotbeer


    California Democrats want a 'sanctuary state' for immigrants here illegally. But those who are felons should be sent packing
  10. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. I really enjoyed this movie. It's defnitely for me, top 3 in the superhero movie category. It was a very diferrent animated film. Like a hybrid between a comic book and anime. Even the animation had that old time comic book pixelation feel to it. The story also wasn't the tried and true generic storyline. This was really different than any other superhero movie, and yet it was all about superheroes. I think the one thing that may turn people off is the pixelation feel. It did kind of made me feel at times that I walked into a 3d movie without the glasses. But that was one thing that made this movie so unique. Overall, worth seeing in the theaters.
  11. This team has absolutely quit on Carlyle. Dozen broken duck eggs. Fire Carlyle.
  12. I know what the solution is. 49 out of 50 states would probably agree. Tear down the wall at the CA/Mexico border. Put a wall up on the CA/AZ, CA/NV, and CA/OR border.
  13. What do people think about this line? Getzlaf/Rakell/Kesler Now hear me out. I know Kesler skus right now. But then again, flanked by Cogs and Silfverberg can do that. But what Kesler still does better than any duck. He will go to the dirty places, and be an absolute pest in front of the crease. As you know, I like the playmaker/shooter/rock in front of the net line combination. Which is why I'm liking more and more the Rico line with Ritchie finally getting it. As we've seen in the past, Kase, Aberg, Sprong just doesn't fit the Getzlaf/Rakell pairing as well as Eaves and a much younger Perry did. And both Eaves and Perry have the common aspect of being front of the net presences. I mean we are stuck with Kesler. Might as well put him to use max possible right? Isn't it worth a try? Which brings me to the other point. Carlyle is too stupid to try it. So Fire Carlyle.
  14. A suspicious number of iPhones are breaking right before an iPhone launch Kind of on the same subject. But my LG G4 did break, 4 times in a span of 3 months, on 4 different phones since I got a warranty replacement with the same problem. Just when the LG G5 came out.
  15. gotbeer

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    @Angel Oracle right now.
  16. gotbeer

    Obamacare/Trumpcare Horror Stories

    How dare you insult the DMV by comparing it to the VA. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. That's how bad the VA and our medical future is.
  17. gotbeer

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Samsung’s 5G-Ready S10 ‘X’ Sounds Like a Powerhouse That Will Wreck Your Wallet Holy Guacamole. The more news coming out about this phone. The more I think my S9+ will last me till the S11. More than likely will wait till just before the S12 comes out with how the prices are looking.
  18. @deepdrive Lose for Hughes! While riding out Carlyle is possible. I'm worried about morale, and any long term effects/health his philosophy/lack of going speed to resorting to brute force can have on a desperate coach. Case in point Kesler. He's a direct result of smash and bang hockey. This team is already injury prone. And smash and bang is probably a big contributing factor to that.
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    Damn, I didn't realize how correct I was. Edumication, even LAUSD, is controlled by the state. Those dumbshits protesting in the streets of LA should really be protesting in Sacramento. Where California's Public School Funds Come From BTW, I think the only reasonable place for these additional funds to come from is the gas tax. Probably same with how to pay for water.
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    Can't tax soda. But can tax water. Only in Calolfornia.
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    Royole foldable phone

  22. gotbeer

    Obamacare/Trumpcare Horror Stories

    Lol at people even comparing what a rich person does as even in the realm of possiblity for health care. Might as well cry for Kimmel's kid for being saved and showing that healthcare works. When he has A+ insurance for him and his family and went to more than likely Cedar Sinai and could go to any top doctor in the country.
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    It's just too bad LAUSD can't say, sorry we can't afford that. Impass, insolvency. You are all fired. But to @Geoff's original question. You bullet points are easier like this. State is controlled by Dems, who think if it's broke, spend a higher more obscene amount of money on it, and hope it get's better.
  24. @nate Yeah, I can see Silfverberg gone next easy. Really, the Rico line should be #2/close to #1 in minutes. Kesler actually with his play is better suited for a #4 line center. Shore as the #3/#4 line center. Probably #3, and surround him with Aberg/Sprong and probably Perry when he gets back. /ugh But really, it never helps that the GM and the Coach blames the players. When the system is broke, nothing will help, and may turn the clubhouse sour. How Petersson goes from barely a third line to a complete steal. Murray has to really look in the mirror. Did he make a mistake in evaluation of Petersson? Looks like that's a no. Was he not ready for the NHL? Again, looks like a no. So was it the coaches fault? Sure does look that way.