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  1. Couldn't find the original one. /shrug. In-N-Out closes all Texas restaurants due to bun quality
  2. Close out 2018-2019. We still have the two boat anchors in Perry (10 pts, 31 games, -16) and Kesler (8 pts, 60 games, -19). Hopefully Kesler can figure out what is wrong with him. Then there is Eaves with whatever disease he came down with. And in case you were wondering, that is $17.575 million out of a current cap of $79.5 million. 22% dead money. Also of note. Record of the Ducks with Carlyle. 21-26-9. 51 pts, or 75 point pace. Record with no coach. 14-9-1. 29 pts So it doesn't look all dim. That's actually a 100 point season pace. So with a little, ok a lot of luck on Tuesday, this team should hopefully be competitive next season. Regardless of how the pingpong balls fall.
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    LOL Angeles

    Group Demands Recall Of Mayor Garcetti Over ‘Failed Leadership’ On LA Homeless Crisis
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    LOL Angeles

    A $10-million fund will help immigrants fight deportations. But should it help those with violent criminal convictions? A panel of 50 must suggest how to spend millions for L.A. County's homeless. So far, they can't agree. Nothing like being a Libotard and passing a god damn stupid .25% tax increase, and being a fucking moron and not even have a plan on how to spend it.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospect Profiles: Podkolzin, Soderstrom
  6. Apparently, Puljujarvi has asked for a trade. This is an interesting one. #4 overall pick. Really hasn't done much. His high was 2 seasons ago, 20 points. He's a RFA, but probably won't get much due to those low numbers. He's also just turned 21. And he's Swedish. Looks like the Oilers are asking for a third line winger. Not sure his style of play, but he's a big boy. 6'4", 201. Could it be worth one of our minor players, and see if Team Sweden, I mean the Ducks, can straighten him out?
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    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    The sad thing is. While people have no desire to go public or sell. Sometimes they are forced to due to the gubernment and their laws. Good for her if she can keep it in the family forever. But with the way the Socialists are going. If she dies, the gubernment could come out and say, so In N Out is worth $5 billion eh. You owe $4.5 billion in death taxes.
  8. More made up trade porn. Nylander and Kadri for #29 pick Ceci for #39 pick and the cap hit of Perry Ceci would be a RH defenseman to pair with LH Fowler. Kadri is a LH shot, to go with Silfverberg RH shot, and Nylander in the middle. Nylander $6.9 million + Kadri $4.5 million + Ceci (RFA made $4.3 million last season, probably around that area, say $5). Total $16.9 million. Minus Perry $2.6, so $14.3 million. We currently have $15.1 million. might even be able to dump one of our small contracts (Rowney or Shore) on either Toronto or Ottawa.
  9. Modification to the above scenario. Granted I'd rather have the double bonus above. But Nylander ($6.9/4 years) + Nazim ($4.5/3 years) for 2nd round pick and Perry's cap hit ($2.6/$6.6/$2.6/$2.6). They'd clear off $8.8 this year, $4.8 next, $8.8, $4.3. But they'd still have their two younger players in Johnsson/Kapanen. For the Ducks We'd still have some 6-7 million in cap space. It would fill out all four lines. Also would fill in the Perry dirty player role.
  10. Change of thought for some trade porn. Would they? William Nylander (Tor) for 2nd round pick Maple Leafs have $8.79 million in cap space. Marner, Johnsson, and Kapanen are RFA's. Johnsson and Kapanen both had 40+ points last season. As a comparison, Kase had 38 points and got a 3/$2.6 per out of it. So that's probably about $5.2 million just on Johnsson and Kapanen. Nylander is $6.9 million for another 4 years. The second round pick is valuable since it's an early second round, pick #39. Bonus would be if you could include some of Perry's buyout, especially year 2 when the Leafs will have a bit more space. Double bonus would be dealing the late first round. And getting Nylander and one of Johnsson or Kapanen. That would free up $15.69 million with only Marner and $2.6 of Johnsson/Kapanen.
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    California Democrats want a 'sanctuary state' for immigrants here illegally. But those who are felons should be sent packing
  12. Why is anything in Flolrida cheaper than anything in Calolfornia? Taxes and bureaucracy. For instance. Minimum wage Calolfornia $12. Minimum wage Flolrida $8.46. Actually, I think Anaheim was stupid enough to pass the $15 minimum wage requirement. So expect ticket prices to go up even more.
  13. I forgot about the second guy. Man that was a rough time.
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    New California gas tax kicking in on July 1 I like how the media is now bringing up the repeal effort.
  15. I agree. It was really well done and entertaining. Probably a strong contender for some Oscars.
  16. Might as well get this thread started also. In case you are wondering. Listing of all free agents this offseason. And to make is simpler, I have pared it down to all free agents that scored more than 40 points, and is under 30 years of age. PLAYER (243) TEAM TYPE AGE POS. SHOOTS GP G A P W GAA SV% 2018-2019 CAP HIT Artemi Panarin CBJ UFA 27 LW R 79 28 59 87 $6,000,000 Matt Duchene CBJ UFA 28 C L 73 31 39 70 $6,000,000 Jeff Skinner BUF UFA 27 LW L 82 40 23 63 $5,725,000 Ryan Dzingel CBJ UFA 27 C L 78 26 30 56 $1,800,000 Kevin Hayes WPG UFA 27 C L 71 19 35 54 $5,175,000 Brock Nelson NYI UFA 27 C L 82 25 28 53 $4,250,000 Anders Lee NYI UFA 29 C L 82 28 23 51 $3,750,000 Brett Connolly WAS UFA 27 RW R 81 22 24 46 $1,500,000 Erik Karlsson SJS UFA 29 D R 53 3 42 45 $6,500,000 Micheal Ferland CAR UFA 27 LW L 71 17 23 40
  17. Not any Asians I know. They all think they can play basketball, and wear blue with glitter all over them. And I won't even tell you about the girls.
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    General NHL Talk 2019-2020

    So, how long till San Jose regrets this contract? Erik Karlsson, Sharks Agree on 8-Year Contract Reportedly Worth More Than $88M I say 2 years. Karlsson seems to not be able to stay healthy lately.
  19. I'm fine with the hiring as well. At least Murray looked at other candidates. It was probably more as a show than anything, since Eakins seemed destined to be the coach. Again, he's proven himself in the AHL for the Gulls, so he's paid his dues, and he's familiar with the team. There is nothing wrong with promoting from within. Hopefully the contract is a short one, like 2 years. Just in case his style isn't right. But seeing how the Gulls were going, it should at least make the team much more entertaining on the offensive side. Now, Murray needs to get to work and get us a bit of help. Just my opinion. Getzlaf/Rakell/???? Jones maybe? He'd be a big in the crease pest. ?????????/Silfverberg/?????? I really think this is something that will be addressed. Not real comfortable throwing two new guys on the second line. Now if Murray could trade that late 1st and Perry's cap hit to Ottawa and get us Tierney. (like you guys have never heard that from me before) Henrique/Kase/Ritchie As a third line I think they work well. Kid line. Steel/Terry/Sprong/Sherwood/Ludestrom/Contois I think Eakins will have his choice here. Defense. I still think we need to add someone. Rumor is Subban is being shopped. Lindholm/Manson Fowler/??????? Subban Guhle/Larsson/Mahura/Dotchin So in summary. I think Murray needs to get a 2nd line center and a top 4 Dman. With Tierney and Subban being my trade porn.
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    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Well, there goes the comparison between Whataburger and In N Out. Since when has a family place not gone to shit after selling out. Texas burger chain Whataburger sells majority stake to Chicago investment bank
  21. I guess they had to do their due dilligence and interview a number of people? Ducks to name Dallas Eakins head coach
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    Three favorite movies?

    Blazzing Saddles Casino Saving Private Ryan But there are so many others.
  23. By land, air, or sea. Freedom is coming for you @nate
  24. 2019 Draft Prospect Profiles: Boldy, Krebs