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  1. Fregosi

    Kole Calhoun

    WHOA! Thanks for pointing out the OPS. Made me look. Koles is behind Trout, Goodwin.La Stella, and Kevin Smith (though he has significantly less AB's) in OPS.
  2. Fregosi

    Worst Halos decade

    Fan since the 60's. Knew nothing of the Angels till my fathers work associate in Los Angeles sent my brother and I Angel Jackets for Christmas. For me EVERY decade has been a struggle. But there was always hope that a better season was soon to happen. This has kept me going as an Angel Fan. Trades for Alex Johnson, Bill Singer, Ken McMullen. Free Agents like Baylor, Grich, Rudi, and later Carew, DeCinces, Boone, and Reggie. Yeah we haven't won as much as we should. But I still love this Team.
  3. Fregosi

    Brad Ausmus

    Living in Seattle does make one cynical.
  4. Well at least he didn't hit into a triple play.
  5. Can La Stella play 1B?
  6. Nice catch Tommy. Way to make that play.
  7. Jeezus. Put a handle on the ball.
  8. La Stella is just a buffoon on the field.
  9. Love it. With two strikes on Ford, Ottavino and Voit grab their gloves.
  10. Fregosi


    Damn! Can I work for you Strad?
  11. Fregosi

    David Fletcher

    Fletcher has done everything asked of him and more. He's played good defense at whatever position he's been asked to play. He doesn't give runs away. His average is hovering just below .300. While he doesn't walk or hit for power, he does put pressure on the opposition with his bat. La Stella has had his offensive moments. However, the net results of La Stella's overall offense and below average defense, I believe has cost us outs, innings, and perhaps games. La Stella should be relegated to a part time pinch hitter/spot starter role. Not a platoon player. Fletcher needs to get the lions share of AB's as he has proven his role on the team. At the very least, Fletcher doesn't hurt you when he's on the field. Let him play.
  12. Nice. Need Kole to have some of those hard hit balls fall in. Need runners in front of Trout.
  13. Whoa. Like it. Hope this works.
  14. Nice to see Cozart get a little momentum going.