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  1. Fregosi

    Trout press conference question

    If I could, would love to say I attended/watched Mike Trout's Press Conference. He will be the GOAT.
  2. Fregosi

    Nightingale on Trout

    Great article from USA Today by Bob Nightingale on Trout - Brings into perspective that Mike can play the game he loves for a ton of money, yet being an Angel, will still give him the personal privacy he can enjoy. Less pressure from friends, family, and media, on requests for his time and probably fortune if he isn't in the Philly or even East Coast area. I recall the Talking Heads complaining over the years that Trout is the greatest athlete that many sports fans would not recognize if he was walking down the street. That Baseball, the Angels, and Trout should better market Mike as the Face of Baseball in order to grow the game. Perhaps they should be resigned to the fact that Mike prefers his "anonymity" more than the Spotlight and that staying an Angel gets him the best of both worlds.
  3. Wow. Nice to see the lack of belief that Bourjos worked hard to change his approach.
  4. Nice to see Bourjos doing well. Interesting that coaches had him hitting “down.”
  5. I can see this also forcing young pitchers with options to become more valuable than veterans who may not be able to go 3 full batters multiple times per week.
  6. Horrible. Jeez what's next? Have the hitters come to the plate with the count already at 1-1?
  7. Fregosi

    The Angels rotation

    Think it's way too early to be worried. Except for Cahil no one has 3 starts. Everyone looks like they're healthy. I view this as the Staff is working on pitches with little regard to winning games. Nothing more than that.
  8. This is a total waste of time.
  9. Nice to see a good outing from Harvey. Sounds like he's working hard to reestablish himself. Like the fact that he seems to want to take a leadership role.
  10. Wish Cozart the best in getting back to health. We're gonna need him.
  11. Nice if Simmons does add some more power. He’s been improving offensively every year. He needs to make the All-Star Game As far as Fletcher goes, I thought he looked more comfortable at 3B than Cozart. Think the better D would have Fletcher at 3B. Though looking forward to the battle he will have with Ward and Rengifo. It’s gonna be fun to see how that plays out this Spring
  12. Fregosi

    Angels in on Moose

    Good point Mr. Fletcher. As much as Moose would be a great story coming home to play, we need to figure out how the Trifecta fits in the long range plans. Signing Moose just delays the inevitable. If the Trifecta totally screw up, then we can look at options for 2020.
  13. I like it a lefty that can get lefties out with a crazy walks/9 of .6. Jennings seems to be a bargain. Not sure who gets bumped from the 25.
  14. This is cool. Like the idea of versatility on our roster.