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  1. 2014 vs 2018 Angels

    2018 Angels haven't even play a single regular season game, yet. But I don't see them being better than the 2014 team, even though they got swept by the Royals in the postseason. The 2014 team had a good starting rotation (Richards, Weaver, and Shoemaker) to go along with a great bullpen (Street, Smith, Rasmus, Jepsen, etc.). I don't think the 2018 team will have as good of a pitching staff as the 2014 team.
  2. One Writer Predicts Scioscia Wont Last The Season

    I think MS did a good job last season, considering all the injuries the Angels had and the amount of players that were underperforming (especially Pujols). But if he doesn't get the Angels to the postseason this year, he will be fired.
  3. We need a true lead-off hitter...

    Just bat Trout at leadoff. He can steal at least 30 bases if he wanted to and gets on base at an elite clip. With Upton coming back, he can take Trout's spot in the batting order the last few years.
  4. AngelsWin Mount Scioscia

    Replace Abreu with Steve Finley. I know, it was a long time ago when Finley played for the Angels (2005) and he had a nice career but as an Angel, he was worse than Pujols this season.
  5. Let’s go get Arrieta

    I might have to change my mind about wanting the Angels giving Arrieta a big deal that is worth $100 million or even more since Boras is trying to convince teams that Arrieta should get at least $200 million. Let Arrieta sign with some team like the Rangers or even the Astros, bomb him by hitting him hard if one of those teams sign him, and let the team that signs him pay for giving him a big contract.
  6. What if Cron kills it in ST?

    Cron hits better against righties than against lefties in his career, though.
  7. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    I don't know why but I kind of feel this could be a re-run of 2011. As we remember, the Angels got Pujols and Wilson on the same day that offseason and I felt really confident that both guys were going to be studs with the team. Pujols had a great career with the Cardinals and Wilson was great the last 2 years with the Rangers and that is despite pitching in a little league ballpark. This offseason is filled with guys trying to prove themselves that they can either 1) bounce back from a below average offensive season (Kinsler's case) 2) prove that his only good year, which was also his walk year wasn't a fluke (Cozart) 3) prove that he can perform in the major leagues (Otani). You didn't have those concerns with either Pujols or Wilson.
  8. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    I thought the Angels had a great offseason in 2011 when they signed Pujols and Wilson to big deals on the same day. We'll have to wait how they perform when it counts.
  9. Damn, wanted Howie. Kinsler's performance this year was not too good while Howie was hitting the ball well.
  10. Joe Smith...

    Apparently, just found that he just signed a two year deal with the Astros, pending a physical.
  11. Ian Desmond...

    Another thread that is talking about whether the Angels should trade for a struggling former All Star. My answer to this thread is also a "no". And btw, wasn't Desmond's only season numbers with the Rangers boosted by only one good month? I thought I heard of something like that somewhere. Nope, I was wrong. Boosted by one good first half. Other than that, he hasn't exactly hit well since 2013.
  12. Chris Archer

    This past season was the second straight year that Archer has disappointed. Second year in a row that his ERA was over 4. Before that, he was a really good pitcher from 2013-2015. I wouldn't give up a a lot for Archer right now unless he can pitch like he did prior to 2016. He has great stuff but I need to see the results back to being good, not average.
  13. I think the Angels could use another star pitcher, like an Arrieta. I just don't trust anyone else right now that is in the starting rotation that has pitched for the Angels to be an ace. Richards gets injured too much. Shoemaker is a nice #3 or #4, and Ramirez is a nice #4 if he pitches like he did this past year.
  14. Angels in discussions with CC Sabathia

    Is this 2006-2012 Sabathia? No but it's worth a shot. He should benefit from pitching at Angels Stadium and behind a great defense.
  15. Chris Sale?

    Why would the Red Sox be afraid of Sale facing Stanton? Stanton's like the most overrated player in the league. People act like he's great. He is a very good hitter but streaky. In fact, he is an all or nothing hitter. He's never even hit .300 in a season. Lets not act like he's prime Miggy or Pujols, or even Trout. Sale owned Judge last season. 0-12 with 10 strikeouts. He'll own Stanton as well.