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  1. DJJoyce22


    He'll probably injury his other knee lol
  2. DJJoyce22

    ESPN WORST 10 MLB Ballparks Listing

    I wouldn't rank Angels Stadium in the top worst. Every game I went to I really enjoyed. Granted, there could be some upgrades, which seems to be a focus this year.
  3. Thanks for the tips Living in Ireland for many years, you have to develop a thick skin to survive so I'm all good on that front. I enjoy Doc's posts I must say.
  4. Thanks Lou, I plan too! spent too long not being able to talk and watch baseball again. I really enjoy reading the topics that are discussed here so I'm looking forward to the 2017 season
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself to Angelswin. I've been following this site since the MLB site shut down. I never really commented on topics as much as because (until recently) I lived in Ireland and watching games was quite difficult due to the time difference. Now I've moved back to California and look forward to talking Angels Baseball with all of you. Looking forward to 2017 season. Regards, DJ