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  1. He has to get called up right?? Next year he has to be in the mix for the rotation but I wonder if they'll watch his innings since he's at 112 this year & only threw 70 last year.
  2. I'd be ecstatic if that ever happened. I think they have like 3 impact prospects after that it's all depth. Shit, now that I think about it, they would probably take valbuena over romine who's their utility guy. Someone tweet dipoto.
  3. Wishful thinking imo but I'd be cool with anybody's top 30 prospect (except the Mariners lol) maybe an NL team would like him as a pinch hitter? His walk rate this year is uncharacteristic for him. & he's only playing because a little piece of sosh dies when he benches a vet.
  4. How does maitan look at short? I thought he'd be at 3rd by the way he looks.
  5. Declined

    The Seattle Mariners

    I watch a lot of mariners games when the Angels don't play (the hate runs deep ever since Dipoto & Servias ran away) & I gotta say they have a good offense. Cano & Cruz still have it although they seem to dog often to prevent injury. Whether or not they are a part of the wildcard race depends on their thin pitching staff. They've been on a good run but I don't expect it to last long. Either way...F*ck the mariners!
  6. I heard it was Ben Rever-esque during spring training but they metioned he was still working his way back from an arm injury. Hopefully someone has some more recent news.