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  1. Declined

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    Angels win, Mariners are down 18-4 & this video actually exist. What a time to be alive.
  2. Declined

    If you were to trade Adell.....

    If Tampa offered Tyler glasnow, I'd might be intrigued. I was impressed when he faced us last year & he's really coming into his own now. He doesn't have a lot of service time which is big. Bauer is too close to free agency so unless you're trying absolutely trying to win now, it wouldn't make too much sense. Having said that, I wouldn't wanna trade Adell. It's awesome to see players grow through your system. This week has been fun to see renifgo & I'm super excited about watching canning this year.
  3. Declined

    Brandon Marsh with a cryptic Tweet.. hmmm

    Guys, apparently it's a Drake song. We can all chill tf out
  4. Declined

    The ball is juiced

    Heard on a fangraphs podcast that there was an independent study that said a new ball is being used this year in the majors & triple A. With strikeout rates up & homeruns going up we're getting less ball in play I'd imagine. Personally, I'd like to see the mound pushed back a little.
  5. Declined

    Matt Harvey deal

    I'm hoping that the farther he is from his TJ & thoracic outlet syndrome injuries, the better chance he has of getting closer to his old form. I agree we sort of overpaid for him but we probably had to in order to get him to sign for a year. & usually I'm not one to get amped over pitching coaches but Doug White legitimately seems to bring out the best in his guys. So if the Dark Knight actually returns then he'll easily be worth it. But I probably have my rose colored glasses on right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. My first reaction to this was hell no but Troy can still be a good player (I think??) when healthy ( which is when?? ). Signing him means Ward & Flech start the year in the minors. Would hate to see Fletcher sent down but he won't be there too long. & while Ward wasnt as bad as he looked (.214 babip), we can't risk having holes in the lineup like that. If Troy is still good then this will raise the floor (damn I hate using that term, screw you dipoto)
  7. Declined

    Yanks pick up Bridwell.

    Sort of funny & sad that for a while he was our most consistent pitcher but I enjoyed a lot of his starts because he was very efficient & got to the 6th, 7th inning with like 70 pitches.
  8. He has to get called up right?? Next year he has to be in the mix for the rotation but I wonder if they'll watch his innings since he's at 112 this year & only threw 70 last year.
  9. I'd be ecstatic if that ever happened. I think they have like 3 impact prospects after that it's all depth. Shit, now that I think about it, they would probably take valbuena over romine who's their utility guy. Someone tweet dipoto.
  10. Wishful thinking imo but I'd be cool with anybody's top 30 prospect (except the Mariners lol) maybe an NL team would like him as a pinch hitter? His walk rate this year is uncharacteristic for him. & he's only playing because a little piece of sosh dies when he benches a vet.
  11. How does maitan look at short? I thought he'd be at 3rd by the way he looks.
  12. Declined

    The Seattle Mariners

    I watch a lot of mariners games when the Angels don't play (the hate runs deep ever since Dipoto & Servias ran away) & I gotta say they have a good offense. Cano & Cruz still have it although they seem to dog often to prevent injury. Whether or not they are a part of the wildcard race depends on their thin pitching staff. They've been on a good run but I don't expect it to last long. Either way...F*ck the mariners!
  13. I heard it was Ben Rever-esque during spring training but they metioned he was still working his way back from an arm injury. Hopefully someone has some more recent news.