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  1. They have the biggest fan base in the US (maybe in the world as well) and one of the strongest ones in the league (with Red Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Giants, and Dodgers) Angels fan base isn't as strong as theirs + Yankee is a good team shooting for a WS title while Angels have been failing to make PS 4 straight seasons and they are already pretty much out of race this season. When Angels become a contender, more fans will go to games and hopefully Angels fans can take over our home stadium
  2. David Fletcher 0.302 batting avg, 0.371 against RHPs, 0.313 with RISP, 0.333 in Late &Close games, and 0.500 in high leverage situations this season TLS 0.222 batting avg, 0.239 against RHPs, 0.158 with RISP, 0.143 in late & close games, and 0.091 in high leverage situations this season. Take Fletcher out to put in TLS just because he had a walk in 1 AB? or just because he hits left handed makes 0 sense idgaf about fanboy crush or whatever reason ppl love Fletcher I just know that pinch hit made no sense at all no matter how you look at it. There is no guarantee that Fletcher would have come through in the situation (and of course there's no such player you can guarantee a hit in any AB) but teams take the best chance you have in a given situation to win, not a brain-dead non sense decision like Ausmus
  3. jchalos89

    Do games count in April?

    Put Bour in there as well. When the league is getting smarter with advanced stats and sabermatrix, this team is getting dumber and dumber trying to push their feelings against numbers and statistics. Sign injury prones, has-beens, or players who had a low year that can't get any long term offer and just wish they outperform expectations. Of course it doesn't happen and you end up wasting money and roster spot (+Mike Trout's prime year) leading to 5 straight seasons with no Post Season Appearance and 0 wins in PS for 10th season this year. This team pushed Pujols in 3rd or 4th spot for years and years when it was obvious he is not a clean up guy anymore and wished for a bounce back, never happened. Rest in peace Valbuena but this team gave him a starting job for 2 seasons while he was batting .199 both seasons and never got anything going in Anaheim. Now they are pushing on Cozart, Bour, Bourjos, and Harvey as well and none of em are doing any good for this team.
  4. This must be a joke. You leave Bourjos with 0.103 avg in for bases loaded to get struck out and pinch hit Fletcher with La Shitella in the next inning? Consistently having 3-4 starters batting below .200 is already a joke but how Ausmus manages makes me think he is already losing games intentionally smh
  5. At least Hinske is gone. I'm good with it
  6. According to Fangraph, he is a Fastball, Slider 2 pitch right hander. 26 year old guy who's turning 27 next June, throws 94mph fastball and 83mph slider with 87mph changeup which he only throws at 2% of his total pitches. Pitched 37 innings for Reds, posted 5.79 ERA. He allowed 39 hits, in which 9 of them were HRs, walked 13 guys, plunked 3 guys, while striking out 32 batters. His K/9 number looks pretty decent but obviously he has problem with his command (allowing 16 free passes in 37 innings?) and he gets hit. I mean hit hard. 43% of his balls were hard hit balls (17.5% were softly hit), causing his BABIP skyrocket up to 0.286 and that clearly explains why his H/9 and HR/9 numbers are so awful. I don't know what this move is. Honestly. I knew this guy was not gonna be anywhere near being "good" since that doormat Reds let him go, but I tried to look up hoping that I can find at least some positive note about him. He pitched in hitters ballpark in Cincinnati and is coming to Angel stadium, which is one of the pitcher friendly ballparks in the league so his numbers could improve a bit if he had the right stuff. But that doesn't look like the case here. His numbers are way too awful no matter what ballparks he pitched in, and he is turning 27 next season so he won't have much space for improvement anymore. I'd say we just got a AAA pitcher who can come up in September for roster expansion and kill some garbage innings when the team is winning big or getting destroyed
  7. jchalos89

    How is Valbuena still in starting lineup?

    actually has been even worse than what was already very bad
  8. jchalos89

    How is Valbuena still in starting lineup?

    I hope they keep him out. Seriously
  9. He's playing 3B,1B,and DH primarily for the Angels now. 0.202avg, 0.250OBP, 0.339SLG, 9HRs and 31RBis, -0.7bWAR, -0.6fWAR horrible hitter, no place discipline, good power, bad base runner, low baseball IQ, average defender as a 3B, bad defender as a 1B. How is he still in starting lineup after batting 0.199 last season and is batting 0.202 this season? 2-2-3 slashline is unacceptable by any means. He's hitting .150 in June and July, walked 7 times while striking out 47 times. He doesn't belong to the Major League, and in any other team in the league he would have been DFA'd long ago. I don't understand how the Angels are still keeping him (I mean his salary is $8M but now only 1/3 of this season is left so you don't waste too much money dumping him anyways -and you waste money + roster spot by keeping him) and how they are still starting him regularly is just non sense to me. If he is just a below average guy, I would at least understand cuz Cozart is injured and we only have Marte at 1B so we are short of men power but his classic stats + saber stats + on field performance indicate that any AAA level minor league player is worth a chance over him. It's not like Valbuena is a young prospect that the Angels are trying to develop lol Is he holding something against this team or Scioscia or he has that "some sort of invisible presense" that us casual fans don't see but helps the team a lot somehow?
  10. His current numbers are too bad to afford no matter how good his defense is, especially when he is a corner outfielder (if he is a SS or CF, I'd say yes) But Kole has been fine as a hitter since he returned from DL with different batting stance. He's batting .270 since returning from DL and .293 with 7 HRs in July. He had his worst ML run in April and May but he is going back to his usual self pretty quickly so at this point, I would say Angels has to keep Kole in RF
  11. jchalos89

    Gameday Thread: 4/29 Angels @ Rangers

    Damn that Foul HR
  12. jchalos89

    Gameday Thread: 4/29 Angels @ Rangers

    So umpire made up for his mistake before and Trout cashed it in lol
  13. jchalos89

    Gameday Thread: 4/29 Angels @ Rangers

    And our offense has been plain dead after first couple of weeks. (except for Trout, of course) Little more offense plz
  14. jchalos89

    Gameday Thread: 4/29 Angels @ Rangers

    Our pitching has been incredibly great (except for Morin, Yates, and Pounders) after first couple of weeks of the season. I hope pitchers can keep this pace up