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  1. Apart from the lack of power, Marsh is having a great year. .380 on base in that league is really really solid.
  2. Time for Rengifo to step up big time. He's looked overmatched so far but definitely has the potential to be an Eckstein-like spark.
  3. That is absolutely devastating. Definitely out for months, probably out for the year, might affect his career.
  4. something in the air tonight boys
  5. Marsh has gone from .209 to .261 in 10 games.
  6. Scott34

    Trevor Cahill

    Suarez spent half of his year in Salt Lake last year...
  7. Scott34

    Trevor Cahill

    Joe Blanton 2.0. Get him off the team and bring up Suarez.
  8. what the F*ck was that
  9. Holy shit Rengifo can fly
  10. Scott34

    Jo Adell... All Day

    That Heyward anecdote was really great. Can't wait for Adell to arrive, he's a star through and through. Watching him and Trout roam the outfield in 2020/2021 is going to be very very special.
  11. Someone is showing signs of life...
  12. I could feel that HR coming
  13. I'm doing that thing where I make sure I'm free to watch when Canning is pitching.