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  1. Scott34

    Send the Guru Packing!

    Maybe its because our rotation is ass?
  2. Isaac Mattson is having a hell of a year. Might be a factor in the Angels pen soon.
  3. Scott34

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    Not a huge fan. Think he would be a really good trade piece for a starter in the offseason.
  4. Thaiss is out. Hug watch?
  5. Scott34


    1.197 OPS since coming back...
  6. Year after year it was "The Angels are not expected to make any big international signings". Now we are signing 2 top 30 guys and a bunch more from all around the world. I love Eppler.
  7. Scott34

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Everyone chill the F*ck out with the speculation.
  8. Scott34

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Oh my god.
  9. Scott34

    The Official All-Things Ohtani Thread

    I didn't think he would be a great hitter 18 months ago. I didn't think he'd be able to follow up on his great 2018 6 months ago. I was wrong both times. He's a superstar in every sense of the word.
  10. The Marlins have a ton of young pitching and need offense. The Angels have a ton of position player prospects and need pitching. I'd love to see Pablo Lopez or Jordan Yamamoto on the Angels. Lopez reminds me of Griffin Canning a little bit, super young but knows how to pitch. I'd definitely consider moving someone like Thaiss for either.