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  1. 12/416 is a hell of an offer. Glad Arte recognizes this opportunity.
  2. Scott34

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    I hate this offseason
  3. Bour is Cron but he knows how to take a walk. I'm down.
  4. Scott34

    Why not Keuchel?

    Seems to me to be the best value on the market right now. Still a relatively fresh arm (1200 career IP), not projected to get more than 3-5 years, lefty, great defender, Cy Young potential. Keuchel on a 4/80 deal or so would be a really solid pickup IMO. Put him in Angels stadium and the small amount of fly balls he produces turn into even more outs. I think this is a no-brainer.
  5. Scott34

    Alvarez to Philly

    what the hell is this?
  6. Scott34

    Two little birdies

    lurking and drinking
  7. Scott34

    Two little birdies

    I'm cool with this if: 1. He only plays 3B 2. It's not some insane 10 year deal 3. Albert punches him during Spring Training and puts him in his place. He's a Facking great player.
  8. Scott34

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    How does this affect his hitting availability in 2019?
  9. Anyone have a scouting report on D'Shawn Knowles?
  10. lol that was hilarious
  11. .....and Valbuena f**king sucks. EOM.
  12. Scott34

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    I'm gonna pop some champagne if Singer falls to us.
  13. Scott34

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Hoping for Pilkington just so Karl's legacy lives on.
  14. Leonardo Rivas and it's not particularly close. Dude is gonna be a legit lead off guy. On base 40% of the time, good glove, stealing bases.
  15. Scott34

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    I haven't posted much here lately but let me just say: HOLY FUCKING SHIT