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  1. Scott34

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    How does this affect his hitting availability in 2019?
  2. Anyone have a scouting report on D'Shawn Knowles?
  3. lol that was hilarious
  4. .....and Valbuena f**king sucks. EOM.
  5. Scott34

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    I'm gonna pop some champagne if Singer falls to us.
  6. Scott34

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Hoping for Pilkington just so Karl's legacy lives on.
  7. Leonardo Rivas and it's not particularly close. Dude is gonna be a legit lead off guy. On base 40% of the time, good glove, stealing bases.
  8. Scott34

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    I haven't posted much here lately but let me just say: HOLY FUCKING SHIT
  9. Scott34

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    Ohtani has me excited again, what can I say!
  10. Scott34

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    That's extremely underwhelming. We're getting Ohtani.
  11. Scott34

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    Eppler wouldn't deal Pearson if he didn't think we have a damn good shot at Ohtani.
  12. Bummer to see Jahmai end his season 0-9 but he more than held his own this year. I hope they give him a full year in the minors next year (IE to start and Mobile at the break if he is still producing) and then give him a look in Spring '19. For me it's 1. Adell 2. Jones 3. Barria 4. Marsh 5. Rivas I feel like people are sleeping on Rivas. .430 on base with a ~127 wRC+ as a 19 year old? If dude puts on some weight he could be dangerous. Even if he can't, slide him over to 2B and let him focus on his hitting.
  13. Scott34

    Official 2017 MLB Trade Deadline Thread

    Hey Chuck. Everything is great thanks for asking. Hope everything is good with you as well!
  14. Scott34

    Official 2017 MLB Trade Deadline Thread

    That's quite a good deal for Arizona.