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  1. Dick Enberg

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Less painful that way
  2. Dick Enberg

    Jhoulys Chacin

    Looks like a two year deal at 20m going to Chacin from Eppy
  3. Dick Enberg

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Didn`t take long for the air to be let out of that ballon..
  4. Dick Enberg

    Players weekend uniforms

    And what is up with "Greinke"? That's his real name and Trouts is weak... "Kiiiiiid". Come on now
  5. Dick Enberg

    Players weekend uniforms

    Flat. Do all home pitchers wear a black hat? That pure white shit for the home team is terrible!
  6. Dick Enberg

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    Cole as already mentioned that about CA when weighting the pros and cons of signing here
  7. Dick Enberg

    Gameday Thread: 8/21 Angels @ Rangers : DH Trout

    I keep hearing that Benny Hill theme song!
  8. Dick Enberg

    Gameday Thread: 8/21 Angels @ Rangers : DH Trout

    Sandoval looks a little gray today...
  9. Dick Enberg

    Trout slump

    would not surprise me one bit if they made an announcement in the next few months. if its a boy, when do you think the scouts will starting following around the kid? 7th, 8th grade!
  10. Dick Enberg

    Trout slump

    LOL! got me thinking about what Melvin meant on the elementary school playground....LOL
  11. Dick Enberg


    I could see him getting 7 years at 220m. so risky, but never know, he could be the next Verlander and pitch well into his late 30's
  12. Dick Enberg


    and will eventually have to start paying for Springer, Bergman, Correa, etc. personally, I'd rather pay a position player big bucks over a pitcher.
  13. Thought this was pretty cool. Not a big Stat guy, but I like the video option for many of the players at bats.
  14. Dick Enberg

    Could Arte afford both Cole and MadBum?

    Could Arte afford? Probably could. The question should be, will Arte spend what it takes to get Cole and madbum? I do like the idea of getting Cole and Cole better. If I was was to break the bank some, those two would be my targets. 7 years 220m to get Gerrit Cole? 3 years 54m to get Cole Hamels? 48m a year for these two would put us over the top