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  1. Dick Enberg

    I miss Sosh so much it hurts

    Must have been before the pre game meal. usually he has to put on a pullover or windbreaker to cover the pasta stains.
  2. Dick Enberg

    When Ohtani arrives...

    Ohtani first game we'll be monumental. He'll hit 3, 4 homers, team, fans, go nuts. we ride that wave into a long winning streak and grab the second WC.
  3. Dick Enberg

    Are Yankee fans always louder than Angel fans?

    I'll be at the game tonight. I'll post my findings in the morning. Yankee fans be extra loud and obnoxious tonight, since they'll be going for the 4 game sweep. Ass-bites!
  4. If you took Trout of of the line up, then compared it to the Salt lake Bees line up, they look pretty even!
  5. Dick Enberg

    Walking off in style...

    I've seen Justin Bour do that at Sea World once!
  6. Dick Enberg


    They look terrible. Yankees AAA team handling us. when I watch the Halos play, I keep hearing Benny Hill theme song music in my head.
  7. Dick Enberg


    Everything will be fine! just drink more beer!
  8. Dick Enberg

    Any word on the type of injury Cozart sustained?

    He suffered Nipple taruma. Be out 6-8 weeks
  9. Well said. Dude is a joke right now.
  10. I had a boss, who had season tickets to all Staples sport events (Clippers. Lakers and Kings) from 2004 top 2010. He would go to one or two games a month. Gave tickets to me and a few others. but many would end up in the trash. hard to believe, but its true. Rich people do stupid things, that we could never dream on doing.
  11. Dick Enberg

    Cody Allen

    LOL! ok, fine, but really?
  12. Let's get this one! Go Halos!!!!!!
  13. Is this the real game day thread?
  14. Dick Enberg

    Fan attendance

    This is all about to change as the Yankees hit town next week. weather going to be around 75 degrees too. I'll be there Thursday, wishing it was only 15K