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  1. Dick Enberg


    are you that dude that was under the bleachers in a long coat?
  2. Dick Enberg


    he's in the line up!
  3. Dick Enberg


    how much you want to bet Ohtani gets a "scheduled" day off today? MLB should offer a cool 1 mill to ohtani so he'll participant in the derby. MLB would make a bundle, why not? call it a Sho-contract.
  4. Dick Enberg


    You mean "all-look-a-like"
  5. Dick Enberg

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    I heard Trump and Jose Mota talking to each other and it sounded like they developed there own language!
  6. Dick Enberg

    Tampa Bay

    Chuck, top of the 1st, right after the 1st out, yell "ANGELSWIN.COM"...we'll probably be able to hear you
  7. Dick Enberg

    Alex Curry

    You want to look at her? or Mad Dog from MLB Network? Nuff said.
  8. Dick Enberg

    Last Night Was Fun

    this was the first Dodger / Angel game I have gone to in years. I sworn them off like others here. I decided to go, with all people a Dodger fan. he picked up tickets paid through the nose and invited me to come along. It was a great crowd, nothing like the past. even when I rousted dodger fans, they would laugh right with me and give me a high five. not to long ago, that would have never happened. fights, swearing and spitting on each other was the norm.
  9. Dick Enberg

    Last Night Was Fun

    One of the best games I've been to in YEARS! Go RED!
  10. Not counting Trout, where are all the dudes that make 20 million a year or more?
  11. The first AL All-Star voting update has been released and two Angels are the top vote getters at their positions, Mike Trout and Tommy La Stella.
  12. Dick Enberg

    The Dodgers

    Funny you mention that. My friend did get the tickets from a season ticket holder who can't make it.
  13. Dick Enberg

    The Dodgers

    I'm going to the game tonight. wondering if I should wear a batting helmet, thoughts? Stadium probably be 70% Dodger fans..;.
  14. Dick Enberg

    Gameday:Jun 7th Mariners 6 vs Angels 2

    Sweep gets us to .500.lets think BIG and just get it done, starting TONIGHT!!!!!