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  1. I like our chances. Lets takes the series from a great team!
  2. NeverOver

    What if (starting pitching version)

    Sure, we have a lot of depth at SP. However, many of the pieces in the depth chart have proven time and time again to be unreliable. Heaney, Skaggs most notably. This team absolutely can not go into next season hanging its hat on Heaney and Skaggs to lead the rotation, especially with Ohtani on an innings limit returning from TJ, with the expectations of better results than we have seen the last 3-4 years. I believe it is imperative that the Angels make a big play for Gerrit Cole next off season. The time has come to push the chips in the pot. I would also love to see a trade for Marcus Stroman this year. Give me Cole Stroman Ohtani Heaney Skaggs Canning The offense has proven to be capable, even without Ohtani and Upton for most of the season and Cozart and Bour getting at too many at bats. Spend the resources where they are needed, SP.
  3. NeverOver

    All Star Ballots are out

    I just hate that you can vote so many times.
  4. NeverOver

    Cozart to the IL, Puello called up

    Fletcher wont be needed to play much OF now.
  5. NeverOver

    We're gonna take the 2nd wild card

    I'm not sure I would move either of those two for a Bumgarner rental. However, I can see a bigger package being created for Marcus Stroman who still has 1 more year of Arbitration. Stroman could be our horse for the 2nd half of the season for a Playoff push. Then next year, if we can land Gerrit Cole, the rotation would be looking really really nice. Cole, Ohtani, Stroman, Skaggs, Heaney, Canning, makes for a solid 6 man rotation with several guys ready to fill in for injuries and Ohtani, who will certainly be on an innings limit coming back from TJ.
  6. NeverOver

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    9 of the Mariners 13 wins have been against the 2-10 Royals the 3-8 White Sox and the 4-9 Red Sox. FWIW.
  7. NeverOver

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    I think Victor and Gubi make a great team. Gubi can be a little repetitive but he has a good personality. Terry Smith on the other hand is really starting to annoy me. It seems like he is constantly behind the play and he takes way too long to say what happened, even on balls and strikes.
  8. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Bummer, it is a great title though
  9. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    My guess is that Trout will play in minor league games the rest of the week away from the media. He will then head home to Anaheim on Friday to finalize the deal. It will then be officially announced with a press conference Sunday before the Dodger game.
  10. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    I never bought the newspaper before but I had to get this one. ANGEL FOR LIFE!
  11. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Who's going to the presser?!
  12. NeverOver

    The Way This Incredible News Broke

    I can see the statue outside the stadium now!
  13. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Today is the second greatest day in Angels history! Rejoice Halo fans! Thank you Arte Moreno and thank you Mike Trout!!!