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    Appreciation for Eppler

    Good point there.Epp needs to show more though,like getting into the postseason...
  2. I'm not legally insane,so hear me out. 2017 The fact that we're not DONE by the injuries of our SP so far is nothing ,but GOOD karma. This season there's no clear favorite like 2015 Royals,2012 Giants,2011 Rangers/they almost won,but Nelson Cruz dropped a ball in OF with 2 outs in game 6 of WS/,2007 BoSox.. Another plus is Heaney coming back by September.Not only can we make the 2nd WC,but get deeper,as long as we don't face AL Central team too soon.Rangers have no pitching aside Hamels and Andrew Cashner nor do they have a good BP. The Astros are on a slide.When we make the 2nd WC,I wanna face NYY and then Boston in ALDS. Not even Central teams are good as the Royals 2 years back. 2018 For a first time in a long time the Angels are on the verge of something BIG. 1.We have over 60M coming off the books,plus FO needs to trade a few pieces that appear prone to slumps and short periods of getting hot.I already mentioned a few names in my other thred- Adding and subtracting.We also have 3 individuals on the DL that need to be moved,due to their predisposition to getting hurt Richards,Shoemaker,Street. 2.All in all,FO can clear 105-108M by late July 2018.Once Arte gets that we can start BUYING/offseason/ and trading boys for men.FO can easily spend 75-80M this offseason and still have 10-15M less payroll in 2018 than now.Plus Halos are prone to back load contracts of new additions.Lets say we sign Hosmer 1B,Moustakas 3B,Lorenzo Cain RF or LF for say....5y/100M each.Angels start low the first 2 years/10M each in 2018/ and then payroll escalates the last 3 years.This is only an example...we can get'em for less..80-85M per player.Its up to Arte n Eppler. 3.Based on that we can sign Arrieta or another kick ass SP and 3 relievers. 4.With that much firepower getting to the WS 2018 is getting easier n easier.Winning all is another animal. 5.Angels will start winning again and Arte will get his wish - FULL ATTENDANCE day in and out...ka-ching ka-ching.