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  1. Don’t fans do this everyday? All Harper said was if it gets to 2020 he will be trying to convince Mike to be teammates. I have no problem with it. If that sways Mike Trout away, that is on the Angels.
  2. WeaverFever

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Only a quarter of the teams do make the playoffs every year. I’m not disagreeing with you, you guys do have a point. We are just one of the teams “weary” of spending and hiding behind the rebuilding mantra.
  3. WeaverFever

    Dallas Keuchel

    As well as Skaggs and Heaney. Not a bad four if you ask me.
  4. WeaverFever

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Not that I’m hoping for this praticularly or think this is praticularly going to happen BUT I don’t think we will have a “budget” for the “right” player. Like the old saying “you need to spend money to make money.”
  5. WeaverFever


    “I heard there was also a fued.” - 61*
  6. WeaverFever

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    What is with everyone’s fascination with money? Just because they made some good money in their lives does not mean they are immune to personal struggles etc.
  7. WeaverFever

    Are we cutting Eppler too much slack?

    That’s the thing here boys. What would be the greater plan?
  8. WeaverFever

    Dallas Keuchel

    I am not saying I want to sign this guy, nor do I think it is a good idea. I’m just wondering about the significance of a “top 5 farm?” Once we reach D a “top 5 farm” is that when we are able to trade off assets? Does a “top 5 farm” guarantee wins at the big league level? Maybe I am well off. I just don’t see the significance in a big retirement savings plan when a person doesn’t plan on using the savings in the first place. So I don’t see a point in the necessity in a “top 5 farm” if that means passing on the right fits IF that happens in free agency or through trades.
  9. WeaverFever

    Wake up, Eppler

    How many of us expected us to make the playoffs last season? We were considered by many as the “winners of the offseason” That wasn’t the case. But you know who were the Oakland Athletics. Time will tell guys. It’s baseball. It’s unpreditible.
  10. WeaverFever

    Wake up, Eppler

    Somewhat yes. The Ducks do a really good job of drafting. They have great goaltending (Maybe the best in the league) and a solid young d core. (Could the Angels are following a more hockey model than Billy’s love of football one built on defence?) Both are similar in terms of prospects (Steel, Terry etc) vs the Angels (Adell, Canning etc.) The only difference is in hockey prospects and development are more of a sure thing. There is a salary cap. So it easier for “smaller markets” to compete. But I wouldn’t mind the Ducks and Angels being similar in that they are a near shoe-in to make the playoffs every year that is for sure.
  11. WeaverFever

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    Cameron Maybin comes to mind.
  12. WeaverFever

    2018 Hot Stove League

    time will tell
  13. At what time do we begin to worry? All offseason we have heard we are trying to improve. But at what time do you pull the trigger. You don’t want to wait for things to go south, and something irrational.... or risk not improving at all.
  14. WeaverFever

    Yusei Kikuchi

    He’s a quality pitcher. It’s silly not to think he’d help out our team. You mention pitchers on the disabled list. I mention bringing up a pitcher to help fill the rotation.