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  1. WeaverFever

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Not that I think that any of the guys available are the answer but it seems to me like especially the least couple of years we have solved our problems with duct tape. I hope this doesn’t continue this year.
  2. No idea why, but I’m hoping for Joe Kelly.
  3. WeaverFever

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Seeing a couple articles of a “possibility” of Bryce coming to Anaheim. Could it happen?
  4. Joe Maddon... let’s go!!
  5. Odds that the Cubs lose and the Angels snag Maddon?
  6. I don’t see Upton being in the Angels outfield plans in the future anyways. I would imagine he will be the full time DH after Albert leaves. All things considered.
  7. WeaverFever

    "HE GONE"

    I think there was a rumour going around that Willis was the reason the Angels didn’t get Miguel Cabrera. Something about Arte not wanting to pick up his contract?
  8. WeaverFever

    Is Scioscia gone after this season?

    I think that’s fair on both sides. He’s done a lot of good for the organization. Let him take a back seat. I hope this could be the case with Albert too.
  9. WeaverFever

    Off-season wishlist

    I would too. Dallas isn’t the same pitcher he used to be from my eyes.
  10. Odds Harper gets moved?
  11. WeaverFever

    What the Maldy trade tells us

    Nothing against you but this ridiculous. You can buy a 8 oz no name brand of chips for $.75 or a 8 oz Lays bag for $2. By far the No name brand is the “better value” But it’s a no brainer on the quality of the chip. Besides we aren’t the Athletics. We can afford the Lays bag of chips. Or in David Justice’s case Pop. LOL.
  12. WeaverFever

    Because science demands it: A Justin Upton poll

    I think he’s exactly what was expected with worse defence. He is what he is, and better then what we had. Im okay with both the trade and the contract.
  13. WeaverFever

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    Kimbrel. Arenado 2020.
  14. WeaverFever

    Would you make a move for deGrom?

    The only thing is are we going to compete for a wild card? Or the division? For a wild card game we NEED an elite pitcher to go with the Sale’s, Sevirino’s and Paxton’s.