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  1. This is the direction where I thought the Angels would go this season. The Twins are a fun team to watch.
  2. WeaverFever

    A note of gratitude to Eppler

    You are absolutely right. I ask when is the time in your opinion where we NEED to start winning?
  3. WeaverFever

    A note of gratitude to Eppler

    I like Eppler. I liked most of his moves. I scratched my head on some others. He has rebuilt the farm yes, but let’s remember the farm isn’t a sure thing.
  4. “When Derek Jeter knocked his 3,000th career hit out of the park in 2011, the ball landed in the hands of a 23-year-old cellphone salesman Christian Lopez. Lopez gave the ball, estimated to be worth between $250,000 and $300,000, back to the Yankees shortstop.” Not insane enough. You should watch Zach Hample’s videos on YouTube sometime. He has made a living off of catching baseballs.
  5. It’s silly that he didn’t get it authenticated, no matter what he wants to with it. With contracts what they are these days I see no reason why the Angels couldn’t or wouldn’t give the fan at least 100 thousand. Heck that might only get you one inning out of Harvey or Cahill. .
  6. Lots of injuries, some players playing less then they are capable of. I know it’s early. But what is up with this team? Wasn’t this the year we we were supposed to get better? Is it still realistic to expect us to contend for 2220? 2014 is not a year I would call recent....
  7. WeaverFever

    Eppler's Signings This Year

    Mickey Mantle made $85,000 in 1961. That is equivalent to $716,604 in today’s dollars. 4 years later he was on the cover of Life Magazine. So no, I don’t believe a guy with a 6.95 ERA should be earning $9,000,000 in a year.
  8. WeaverFever

    Eppler's Signings This Year

    I didn’t mind the Cahill signing when it happened. I thought he would help with a rotation of Skaggs, Heaney, and Harvey. But how disheartening is it for the Average Joe to see this guy get 9 million dollars a year? Over 99% of the worlds population won’t see that in their entire life.
  9. He doesn’t need too. Obviously he is going to have a higher ERA of .096 throughout the rest of the year. Yet, he is a quality guy. With him in there, it would have added to an even deeper pen.
  10. WeaverFever

    I miss good Mike Trout

    Not for 426 million....
  11. WeaverFever

    Game day 4/25/19 - Luis Rengifo debut

    What do you consider the last 5 years? I don’t want to piss on your parade but this is a year I expected us to take a step forward. No, not a World Series ring. But win more then you lose? Maybe get in a wild card game? Absolutely.
  12. I love hearing this. In trying to be positive. But even if we are it would be nice to at-least be competitive.
  13. Does it matter? The front office is calling the shots.
  14. Henderson was before my time.... I know he was a speedster so why did he get walked so much?
  15. WeaverFever

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Could be worse I guess...