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  1. As the Wolf said in Pulp Fiction, "move out of the sticks, boys". This is Los Angeles we are talking about, not St. Louis. The Angels are ranked somewhere north of the LA Chargers in popularity, and it whatever popularity they have has nothing to do with an unlikable, broken down old man, whose only claim to fame his seven years being here is passing some dead guys on some lists.
  2. This implies a dead cat bounce. I'd love to get one dead cat bounce out of that old nag.
  3. We must have some other shitty players since Trout provides all this WAR and we can't sniff a division title.
  4. *This* is the guy who, according to one board member, is more popular in Los Angeles than Kyle Kuzma? He is detested by an overwhelming number of Angels fans, hell - even Troll Daddy couldn't keep up the facade - and absolutely ignored by the rest of LA.
  5. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    Machado can get a mansion overlooking the ocean in Del Mar for him and his family, and a condo for the whores in downtown SD.
  6. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    Can you just imagine the collective boner on 1090 that grew when they heard the Machado news? San Diego has strictly become a minor league town. Minor league hockey, minor league football, no basketball, not even MLS. And their MLB baseball team would be 30th out of 30 teams as far as recognition.
  7. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    On the other hand, the Padres team has been dead for decades, save an occasional dead cat bounce.
  8. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    That's how good Boras is.
  9. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    You can pretty much take the quotes from the Pujols signing and replace them with Machado's today. "This signing makes the Angels interesting!" - Colin Cowherd
  10. Well then when you see a thread with Pujols in the title, and something about health, or contract, you best sit it out. Because Pujols' horribleness has irritated a lot of fans.
  11. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    Well, if Tim Dierkes says it....
  12. yk9001

    Machado to Padres....

    Dude didn't even hustle in the World Series. What do you think he's going to do in mid-July when the Pads are 20 games out?
  13. He consistently has the least interesting, most defensive quotes. From season 1, when he didn't hit a hr the first month and a half, up to today.