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  1. yk9001

    Highway Bribery

    An autographed Trout jersey loses 40% of its value the second you drive it off the lot.
  2. yk9001

    Highway Bribery

  3. yk9001

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    "People are saying that Touchdown Jesus was saved."
  4. yk9001

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    "Why did they use such old wood and stone?" /Trump
  5. yk9001

    Players not forgotten that you miss

    He had that one good series in Puerto Rico.
  6. yk9001

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    The roof collapsed. The flying water tankers must not have gotten there in time. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/04/15/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris.html
  7. yk9001

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    Stu Lantz has been doing Laker broadcasts for over 30 years. Anyone have a list of the top five interesting things that Lantz has said in 30 years??
  8. yk9001

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    I specifically exempted Mota for the malaprop factor. But if waiting for malaprops isn't your thing, then unfortunately Mota isn't any better. Likeable guy, but speaks in bland generalities.
  9. yk9001

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    I just can't understand why there isn't a more rigorous review of the job performance of on air personalities. It is just not possible that someone can listen critically to Gubicza or Smith, and say, "Yes! Yes! This is exactly the sound I want to reflect this franchise!" It just blows my mind! People may like Dick Vitale. Or Bill Walton. Or Rex Hudler. Or, hate them. But they are at least putting out an effort, and their performance is unique, whether you like or dislike them. There is nobody who hasn't had a lobotomy who can listen to Gubicza or Smith and say, "I like these guys." It's impossible. Fact.
  10. Yeah, I screwed the pooch on this one. My bad.
  11. yk9001

    Mark and Brian Reunion Show

    Honestly, those guys sucked. Good god. That they lasted 20 years in the second most competitive radio market in the country was one of the all time mysteries. The tall one was mediocre. The other one, with the yuck-yuck/cigarette laugh, had zero and I mean zero discernible talent. AND THEY GOT A TV SHOW ON NBC!!!!
  12. Don't worry about @Lou, Fish Oil. He's our own little enigma wrapped up in a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle. He claims to be mexican, loves white people things more than the folks at a Phish concert, loves Trump and all the magas, yet will turn around and rip on whites on the next page. He's a self-hating white mexican dude, as far as anyone can tell.