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  1. yk9001

    Keep bunting at the shift

    So this was one and only time in 2019 there were no infielders on the left side?
  2. yk9001

    Keep bunting at the shift

    Matt Carpenter must have some extraordinary skills to bunt to the left side like that.
  3. yk9001

    Keep bunting at the shift

    It can work https://deadspin.com/matt-carpenter-beats-a-marlins-shift-with-a-standup-bun-1835599167
  4. yk9001

    First Angels game last night -- I'm a fan

    1 post 22 likes. The only way someone could have better stats is if a neo-nazi joined the Angelswin political board.
  5. I don't believe it unless it is coming from a listicle written by a guy making $.000001 per click.
  6. yk9001

    Alex Curry

    I have watched a lot of the women's world cup. There are some fantastic shotmakers in the world. The header by Ertz yesterday was fantastic. As was the diving header by the Netherlands woman off a long cross on Saturday. I've seen some bullet shots on goal. But a lot of the first touches are lacking. Some odd/weird defending. I saw a throw in the other day go 20 feet in the air and 15 feet horizontally. That shouldn't happen in a U 14 game. But the lack of flopping is a huge plus for the game. (it isn't nonexistent, but it is minimal). Young, athletic, attractive women doing their thing. Only on Angelswin will it be met with derision.
  7. Do they adjust the strike box on tv based on the height of the players?
  8. yk9001

    Alex Curry

    She is gorgeous
  9. The nutswingers protect that stupid name here more vociferously than a mama bear protecting her cubs.
  10. This has been argued since day one, and in the old board, the nutswingers practically guaranteed that the controversy would blow over in a year or two. Yet here we are. The best "for" arguments I've seen in these four pages is that Arte signed a huge deal with Fox Sports West, and slapping an LA on the team MUST have been why the team got so much money. The other great argument is that people in Sweden now know about the Angels. Those Swedish people must be part of the 10,000 or so who buy a ticket to every non Dodger home game, but don't show up. You people are such hypocrites. Imagine if our team was LA for 60 years, in LA, and another team from, say Riverside suddenly changed their name to LA. We would never let them forget it. And, as mentioned here, the contractually obligated *of Anaheim" was a particularly odorous shit cherry on an already shit sundae. And it spawned super lame jokes that haven't stopped to this day.
  11. yk9001

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    This guy who wrote it probably has to crack out three listicles a day, and gets a nickel for every 10,000 clicks. He pulls shit out of his ass at the same rate the posters here do. https://bleacherreport.com/users/108702 JoelReuter
  12. yk9001

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    13 pages not good enough for a win?
  13. yk9001

    Alex Curry

  14. yk9001

    Alex Curry