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  1. The nondescript white guy have a stat on the post game show, turns to Mota,and Mota just says, "keep going". Awesomely awkward.
  2. This is the one I've been waiting for all year.
  3. yk9001

    Anyone ever live in the Miami area?

    Buy wading boots. That city is going to be under water in a few years.
  4. yk9001

    A's Acquire Khris Davis

    When pujols sh*ts the bed and people here complain, we are constantly reminded by the nutswingers, "whaddaya gonna do? Pujols is the best we have? Who else are we going to play?" The club never goes to get a good DH, because it interferes with Pujols' number of at bats.
  5. yk9001

    Opportunity of a Lifetime

    Those look great!
  6. yk9001

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    Don't many high level leagues have a home run limit, whereas after you hit X amount of home runs, any other home runs are called out?
  7. yk9001

    Gameday: 8/12. A’s @ Angels

    The Pan Pacific swimming championships are on channel 4.
  8. Jesus, you guys are terrible. I hate the red sox but Betts has been fantastic for years now. PEDs? Our quarter billion dollar HOF statue checks off practically every box of the PED sterotype, and people here go crazy if its written.
  9. yk9001

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    Werth is sure as hell lucky he got that contract before the nerds took over.
  10. yk9001

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    The stat nerds have dominated for what, 10 years? Go back to the World Series ratings - they peaked in the early 1980s and have been sliding down the toilet since before Billy Beane jacked off to his first Playboy magazine.
  11. yk9001

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    Do fans of good teams complain about this?
  12. And I took it off my phone. But my wife, who is going to save the world, had it on her phone.
  13. Because I am an old man who works (and exercises) early, I am well asleep by 11:30. LOVED the Amber Alert last night. If you don't know the circumstances of this particular one, and you've been on angelswin for a while, just close your eyes and try to imagine the circumstances behind this one. Did you imagine the scenario? Guess what? YOU WERE RIGHT!!! https://abc7.com/lapd-amber-alert-canceled-after-non-custodial-father-takes-son/3919978/
  14. yk9001

    The shift has ruined Pujols

    Pujols has gotten thrown out FROM left field. By the SS. It happened last year.