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  1. Buttercup

    Crisis in Baseball

    At least some players are trying. It’s a long season “Major League Baseball has a Cocaine Problem” https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_597b505ae4b02a4ebb75150b
  2. Buttercup

    Crisis in Baseball

    Youth is where it’s at in terms of production and value since steroid use went down. If they’d allow steroids you’d see bigger contracts as players wouldn’t degrade once they hit their early thirties.
  3. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/12/mlb-working-toward-new-system-for-cuban-amateur-players.html It’ll be interesting to see how Eppler and Company employ this new possible stream of talent.
  4. It’s a left handed bat with potential for a good OBP
  5. Buttercup

    Phillies sign Cutch, 3yr, 50 mil

    I picture the negotiating going like this Klentak - “we’ll give you $40 million over three years” McCutcheon’s agent “even Mike Scioscia got 50 million...”
  6. If this happens Eppler better watch his back for future Angels GM Jeff Mathis. I hear he can really handle a roster
  7. Can’t. That would mean giving up a draft pick. Same goes for Keuchel and Grandal. Machado and Kikuchi are clear though I’m not sure where the sarcasm meets reality in what I said
  8. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    I’m not saying he would. I’m saying not everyone loves it in Southern California. I did a phone interview with Trout once. I totally froze. He definitely doesn’t want my opinion.
  9. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    I married a Jersey Girl. I’ve been under a lot of pressure to move... I guess I just see it as Trout has made a lot of money and is essentially guaranteed to make ludicrous money and get to choose where he wants to pay his taxes . I see only two reasons he absolutely stays. 1. He gets offered the largest contract in sports history and likes it here. 2. He gets offered the largest contract in sports history and is afraid of injury. Im not yet convinced he likes it that much here. I left SoCal because I found I liked NorCal better. And I was offered less money
  10. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    At those odds you can’t trade him. Coming from you Mr. Fletcher, that makes me sleep better. I’ll yield from signing a big two and suggest signing two starters and trading Skaggs.
  11. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    Just so you guys know my name is Larry Dipoto. We’re third cousins. Is everyone really that convinced we are going to keep Trout past 2020?
  12. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    I am somewhat honored at the thought of having the worst idea this forum has ever produced. I am getting increasingly worried that Arte will not spend $500 million and Trout will find that somewhere else. That’s the worst outcome and idea. If the 350 (maybe its 400) million Dollar player we got now produced 6 WAR (Machado’s average) and we could get virtually any young MLB rookie (Acuna, vlad jr etc.)who could very likely produce 4 WAR with possibly higher upside. Plus several top prospects ready to be called up soon. That likely exceeds Trouts production and does so at very nearly the same annual salary as Trout makes now leaving us with another 20 million to spend. Multiple good to all star players protects from injury to one player as well I feel emotion is clouding your responses. I understand, it would be hard to fap to Trout porn in a Phillies uni. How many playoff games has Trout helped us win again? Babe Ruth had murderers row Walter Johnson had nobody. I’m just saying something needs to be done and if Arte doesn’t increase payroll to help win this year, Trout is likely gone and we end up needing to replace Trouts production in much thinner free agent markets
  13. Buttercup

    Best way to improve team

    That is my point however. You spend money on Machado per se and by trading Trout you fill every other hole without spending any money. I would give it 0% chance of ever happening. Just an interesting way of improving our team for the future. Or If Arte wants to go balls deep and sign one of the big stars this season, approach Trout about an extension and if Trout said no you can trade him next off-season. Number one priority should be extending Trout but if they get the sense he doesn’t want to do it this could be the way to make the team of the future.
  14. Unfortunately, to be a winner in life and baseball it hurts to make the big decisions. The quickest way to become a contender and the way to sustain a winner longest term would be to sign Machado or Harper and then trade Trout. We would have a star and Ohtani a potential long-term second star. We would also suddenly have the best farm system in baseball and immediate pitching help or whatever Eppler deems best return for Trout. And either Machado or Harper are going to be cheaper than trout and actually save us money in the long term. Plus Harper is younger. It would hurt but think of how good our Angels would be.
  15. Buttercup

    Vicente Campos and Mike Morin DFA'd

    Thank you. I appreciate all you do here. I misunderstood the rule as you had to have been on the 25 man roster at some point before sept 1st. Thank you for the clarification.