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  1. More Thoughts & Prayers

    While it's great that nobody was killed I will wait until more details come out before making any conclusions. From what I read the shooter and the girl wounded knew each other so this could have been just a targeted shooting rather than a random "kill as many as you can" one that most mass school shootings are. I read that it took 45 seconds for the officer to get there and it was in a crowded hallway before classes started. I would imagine if the guy intended to kill as many as he wanted there would have been more wounded. Glad no one was killed though.
  2. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I agree with the premise of your post, that he should be resigned. I just wanted to point out that he really has been putting up similar numbers relative to his minutes this whole season, the numbers are higher each month because his minutes are also up.
  3. College Basketball 2017-18

    With the performance of the PAC12 in the tourney, looks like USC wasn't a snub after all.
  4. At least he was allowed to live
  5. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Turnovers, odd man rushes, and defensive breakdowns have been a problem for years, they will never get over the hump playing like that
  6. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    To me that was evident even before the trading deadline after they lost to the Coyotes and Oilers. That's why I didn't think they should have been buyers at the deadline. They do need a huge shake up.
  7. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Another turnover another goal
  8. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    They also need dmen that can make accurate passes
  9. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    They are showing a Caps local feed, it's very annoying
  10. More Thoughts & Prayers

    How many cops did you see on your drive? Maybe in Montana you got cops sitting at every mile marker looking for those breaking the law, that's not possible in CA.
  11. More Thoughts & Prayers

    Yes and military weapons were once legal too until they were not.There are plenty of "arms" that you can't own and some believe ARs should be one of those.
  12. More Thoughts & Prayers

    Well murder is enforced, but the key is to make laws to help prevent the murders or lessen the carnage. Also it's not a single piece of the puzzle, it's one piece of the puzzle and all pieces need to be addressed.
  13. More Thoughts & Prayers

    You also don't have the constitutional liberty to own any type of weapon, just like you can't say anything you want just because you have the freedom of speech.