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  1. Sam Sanchez

    I'm sick of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I'm indifferent. I don't hate them but not one of them are among favorites of any given year. As comic movies go, I actually thinking something like Logan has been better than anything from the MCU.
  2. Sam Sanchez

    RIP Rutger Hauer

    I actually remember liking The Hitcher haha. Though I haven't seen it in like 10 years but it's reputation is actually very positive especially compared to something like Nothing But Trouble. But yeah, Rutger Hauer was also good in Nighthawks as well as a lot of the early Paul Verhoeven movies like Soldier of Orange, Spetters and Flesh & Blood.
  3. Sam Sanchez

    So I met Ernesto Frieri today...

    I've worked there before but I'm currently in Santa Ana.
  4. Sam Sanchez

    So I met Ernesto Frieri today...

    Haha. Thats exactly what my brother asked me to when I told him about it. I missed my opportunity.
  5. He and his family came into my work today (AT&T). - Seems to be doing well. - His wife was surprised that I knew who he was, which I actually didn't realize it until after I asked for his ID. - He was surprised I knew that he had been traded to us by the Padres and that he ended up with the Rangers. - He said he's done with baseball. - He agreed with me when I mentioned that I thought he should have made the All-Star game when he had 0.00 ERA at the All-Star break that season, but he commented that he knew he had no chance since managers select the pitchers and that Ron Washington would never pick him. - He brought up the Skaggs tragedy and was saddened by it like all of us. - He mentioned he's not keeping with baseball as much as he'd like to and was interested to know how Pujols was doing, and seemed genuinely happy when I told him he was having a bit of an up year. - He was curious what happened with Garrett Richards and took a little bit of a jab at the Padres when I told him he's currently signed with the Padres. - He asked about Ohtani and whether he was pitching again already. - He saw on iPhone case that said "long hair don't care" and commented that Jered Weaver would always say that. - Asked for my card and said he'd ask for me if he ever stops by. All in all was pretty random but cool to encounter an ex-Angel at work.
  6. Sam Sanchez

    Can Cody Bellinger hold off Mike Trout?

    What does gWAR say though?
  7. Sam Sanchez

    Three favorite movies?

    Jackie Brown is my favorite Taratino movie. As far as City of God goes, have you guys ever checked out Elite Squad 1 & 2? Written by the same guy who wrote City of God. Takes place in the slums of Rio de Janiero and follows the police force that have to patrol the area. Solid drama with some action and thriller elements. Both Elite Squad and its sequel are worth checking out if you like City of God.
  8. He could maybe still. Immediately after being announced as LaStella's replacement, Brandon Lowe got injured and is also on the IL as well.
  9. I don't. I also don't have a crystal ball.
  10. Sam Sanchez

    Finnish Baseball

    The podcast Effectively Wild I listen had a full episode interview with a guy that covers this sport not too long ago. Not as entertaining as the video here but was still a interesting listen and sounded equally confusing.
  11. Sam Sanchez

    Three favorite movies?

  12. Sam Sanchez

    Three favorite movies?

    I also love The Player but I love Robert Altman in general. I had The Long Goodbye as one of my three, so we both got Altman in common. Short Cuts and Nashville wouldn't be too far down on my list either as favorites go. Actually, we both had an Altman and a Coen Brothers movie as two of our three, though I went with a Carpenter for my other and you with Cimino. I do love Deer Hunter too though.
  13. Sam Sanchez

    Three favorite movies?

    Could change on a daily basis really The Thing The Long Goodbye Barton Fink
  14. Sam Sanchez

    Using an opener to start debate

    The opener also makes sense in that some starters often start to pitch worse on the third time through the order. If the "starter" is pitching to the 4-6 or 5-7 spots in the line-up in the 2nd inning to start his outing, if he pitches well, he wouldn't face the toughest part of the line-up for the 3rd time until like the final two innings of the game.
  15. Sam Sanchez

    Fantasy Advice

    So my draft is now tomorrow and have been doing some more of my own projections. It hasn't made my life any easier than Harper could potential be injured now and Lindor has been injured for awhile now. But still, Harper and Lindor are still sure-things for me, and still keep debating between Bauer, Votto, and Sanchez. And after going through tons of pre-draft rankings and see who I'd believe would still be available after the keepers are taken, I think I might go with Votto as my keeper. All three guys would still project to be available come my 1st (4th) pick of the draft. I'm picking 8th out of 12 (snake) If I choose Votto, I wind up in a scenario where I could wind up with Votto, Syndergaard/Carrasco, and JT Realmuto If I choose Bauer, I could wind up with Bauer, Bellinger/Votto, and Realmuto If I choose Sanchez, could wind up with Sanchez, Bellinger/Votto, and Bauer. Of course, this is only if I'm looking go with a combination of SP/C/1B in my 3-5 options. I could always expand to other positions where players like Lorenzo Cain, Edwin Diaz, Vlad Jr. Eugenio Suarez, and Ozzie Albies should be available in that range as well. Yes, a lot has to break a certain way for this, but am I right in thinking the potential combination of having Votto, Syndergaard/Carrasco, and J.T. Realmuto looks the strongest, or does anyone have another opinion. My draft is tomorrow and have set my keeper in a little over an hour. Looking at other teams, I'm kind already hating last year's last place team. It's a new owner of that team this year since the last guy was a shitty player so we booted him. So not only should it be better managed, but he's starting off with J.D. Martinez, Andrew Benintendi, and Nolan Arenando but will also get the first pick. Best players available should be Javier Baez and Gerrit Cole. Either way, pretty solid first 4 picks.