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  1. Angels Game Times Announced

    why are you waiting until after church to pound beers? Isn't the church parking lot for tailgating?
  2. Wally Joyner

  3. Wally Joyner

    he missed what was one of the greatest games in mlb history, and it's unfortunate. i will never forget being at stadium that day, the loss doesn't sting anymore and i fully appreciate what an epic game that was. the environment was amazing.
  4. Angels current Mt. Rushmore

    Autry, Ryan, Trout, Polonia
  5. 2018 Fearless Angels Predictions Contest

    Pujols hits under 50 total 2-hoppers to 3b this year.
  6. Stadium Journey - Angel Stadium Review

    I wish they'd take the mentality that the stadium is old and have a little fun with it since change is interesting and you don't need to spend crazy money to do it and create interest. too many obstructed view seats in RF wasted room with area behind left center fence and rock pile paint stadium red create some character with outfield dimensions
  7. You didn't hear?? Pujols is switch hitting next year, says the extra step from left side will make it tougher for the shortstop to throw him out from the warning track in left field
  8. Cozart would fill out the infield beautifully.
  9. Forget Moustakas/Hernandez, let's get Frazier/Walker

    anyone clamoring for Frazier wasn't around for Gaetti
  10. Forget Moustakas/Hernandez, let's get Frazier/Walker

    machado or donaldson sure would be nice with the motivation of a huge contract waiting driving them all year they can have skaggs and a signed ohtani bat
  11. Forget Moustakas/Hernandez, let's get Frazier/Walker

    cozart and howie. a lot of flexibility with these two. valbuena is fine at 3rd against righties.
  12. Angels in discussions with CC Sabathia

    For as much as I hate to say it, I hope we hang on to the pitching depth and just grab Kinsler for some fringe prospects on a 1 year contract. Keep Skaggs and Heaney, we need 6 starters.
  13. Angels in discussions with CC Sabathia

    i think he'd be more like 1/14. If you want him on a 1 year deal it will be an overpay.
  14. Today: Thank You Arte

    Arte is here to compete and win, can't ask for anything more from an owner as a fan. The dude trys and I like that.
  15. Time for sick lineups

    i think a 6 man rotation is almost gauranteed. probably part of the sales pitch to ohtani to keep him on same schedule. 3 days in lineup, 2 off days surrounding his pitching day