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  1. loved those blues fences with the logos on weren't guys dropping 30 bombs a year regularly with those dimensions in that enclosed stadium
  2. oops my bad, i was thinking st louis albert, not anaheim 2-hopper to 3b albert
  3. the stadium sucks the way it's currently configured and we are stuck with it for a minimum of 12 more years. the right field seating is some of the worse value in mlb. ALL of right field is obstructed you get the excitement of having a ball hit off the wall you can't see in the first place and now can stare at the lard ass ump to see if its an hr or double (or 9-3 put out if pujols is hitting).
  4. lol, it's sad in this market and with the revenue this team generates that we have to compare the big A to these sh@tholes
  5. Bryce, the guy who will be hitting behind Trout and in front of Machado next year
  6. yes, i look forward to scioscia walking out to the second base umpire 20 times this season to argue this.
  7. such a half-assed way for a major league park to handle this...i cant believe MLB agreed to a yellow line that stretches that far knowing the reviews this will cause. infuriating.
  8. ugh, the yellow line is so bush league. now sitting in right field is even worse than before.
  9. glad theyre doing this, the big a is (was) a graveyard for lefties. anyone know how they're differentiating the wall? please tell me the painted yellow line was a joke. this is going to cause more replays if so. i hope they have a way to separate whats in play and whats a home run. the stadium is already cheesy enough.
  10. Make or Break Years

    if richards only pitches 77 innings this year it won't matter if pujols hits .241 or .330, we're toast.
  11. Report: MLBPA rejects pace of play changes

    it's because theyre babies and couldve negotiated this last offseason when Manfred approached them. Instead, they blow it off out of arrogance and then for some reason give MLB unilateral rights to make the changes. MLB out of good faith approaches them again to negotiate and from what I read, the players come up with such great ideas like bringing back the bullpen carts so they can be even more coddled instead of jogging in. It's no wonder Manfred doesn't want to waste any more of his time trying to work with them on improving the pace of play. All they do is whine, complain and think people in the stands should sit around for 4 hours. You know why they don't care? It's because they got theirs. They don't care for the next generation of players and the need to create new fans. Today's teenagers are the next generations of players bread and butter. If they don't attend or tune out the TV, baseball is in for a shock when the TV contracts are up and the money is reeled in.
  12. Report: MLBPA rejects pace of play changes

    The players are nothing but selfish to fight this. The reason the pitch clock is being implemented is because they walk around the mound acting all tough with the fake intensity putting on an act. Just pitch the damn ball already. If your stuff sucks youre going to get lit sooner or later. Watch a game from the 80's, holy cow, what a great game baseball was. Quick pace, seldom pitching changes, characters, nicknames, brawls, aggressive slides to breakup dp, blocking the plate like a man. It was a far superior viewing experience. Players today are chicks. If a batter wants to step out every pitch to scratch his vagina and adjust his gloves then pitchers need to put a fastball under his chin. Its nothing but an act these batters put on by doing it. If I were a pitcher I wouldn't tolerate it. Bob Gibson didnt tolerate it and he seemed to do just fine pitching quickly and aggressively. As for the pitching changes, something has to be done about it late in games. What should be the best part of the game should not be the slowest part of game. I understand you want the matchups, ok fine, then heres the deal...relievers get no warmups on mound if brought in in middle of inning. Be ready to go. God this game can be so much greater than it is if the pace picked up...remember, this game is for the fans, not players stalling because they want attention or are scared.
  13. Pitch clock will put more pressure on pitchers

    The pitch clock is getting all the headlines, but really 20 seconds is plenty and should never be an issue. What I'm happy about is them saying mound visits will be limited. There is nothing that kills the game more than that. I think this is a much more relevant change than a pitch clock with the bases empty. Now if they would get rid of relievers getting warm ups on the mound when coming in maybe the games won't come to a screeching halt in the late innings.
  14. Angels Game Times Announced

    why are you waiting until after church to pound beers? Isn't the church parking lot for tailgating?
  15. Wally Joyner