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  1. Live TV sports has already crossed the line with the amount of commercials during games, I can't imagine how many ads/promos will get shoved down our throat with the increasing fees these networks dole out to the leagues. "This visit to the mound by the Angels medical staff to check on Richards is brought to you by Vagicream.....when your pussy itches, apply the riches. Vagicream, recommended by 4 out of 5 Angels starting pitchers"
  2. true. i went to a ton of games in my youth with friends and enjoyed it. but, without hesitation, i can tell you if i had access to pornhub on my home computer as a teen i wouldve seen more of johnny sins' splitter than chuck finleys or bryan harveys.
  3. Lamb looks like he bums cigarettes in the beach parking lot
  4. it won't be his last tonight.
  5. artesmustache

    Statements concerning Mike Trout & Tyler Skaggs

    Albert is like the Cal Ripken of this years team
  6. no doubt...we can ask Jose Guillen also.
  7. Eppler needs to swallow his pride and DFA Malbuena already. He brings nothing to the field.
  8. Malbuena in 5 hole is frustrating when the easy answer is Fletch at 3B and Simmons in 5 hole. Guy can't hit regardless of what arm it's being thrown from, stop the dumbness. If Eppler had any balls he stops this from happening
  9. I think it's complete opposite - they can't beat the shift thus they try and hit over it and k rates skyrocket.
  10. artesmustache

    Harper hitting .213 in his free agent walk year

    It also says something that the Nats don't want him long-term anyways. Curious, what's out there for him: Mets - nope, won't pay Yankees - nope, corners already taken care of Cubs - possibly, that Heyward disaster could give them pause Dodgers - maybe Angels - a lefty in RF that can hit...hmm...but they won't pay him with Albert still on books and Trout/Simmons deals approaching Boras might shit the bed again this offseason
  11. Yes - and that's paid attendance. It's even a greater dropoff if they counted actual gate attendance instead. Once the brokers dry up from fronting these teams so much money (and they will very soon), it's a freefall. Plus, teams aren't going to be able to sustain season ticket numbers - just no value in it - plus new tax laws making it so corps can't write off live entertainment will hurt premium sales.
  12. I'm starting to feel this way too...2 guys on each side of base. It's crazy to hear myself say that because batters should adjust, but they just don't. They sit up there and swing for fences and are fine with a k. Makes for a bad game.
  13. the game is slipping. it's becoming stale. too many k's, less action, taking away hard slides, no blocking the plate, constant pitching changes, fewer "characters" in the game, no good brawls, fake manufactured rivalries, starting playoff games so damn late on east coast kids can't watch, season so long the most important games are played in cold weather. i'm bitter.
  14. the 9% drop in attendance is a problem MLB seems to be blind too as well. Attendance will only get worse. They need to pick up the pace of play, cut back on the k's, electronic strike zone, form one league with same rules and restructure divisions geographically. A division with Angels, Dodgers, Padres, A's and Giants would be a bonanza for attendance and cut back travel costs tremendously. Even swapping out A's and Giants for Dbacks if need be would still work.