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    he sucks!
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    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

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    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    i don't know if he's going to be there at 15 but Bryson scott would be a nice pick.
  4. Another interesting fact about bradish. In 38 innings he has only allowed 5 xbh in that league. Pretty impressive of what he's done.
  5. I think they'll go with a 6 man rotation. WIth Canning probably being sent down a few times to control his innings.
  6. I would say Bradish has higher ceiling than Long. during the draft I remember one of the analysis saying that the 3 and 4th pick were a steal for us and that both guys had upside. Aaron Hernandez is still a question mark but bradish has shown the upside! now its depends on that 3rd pitch and command.
  7. New Coach New Players New coaching staff Still the same results.. (ok maybe a bit worst)
  8. Bradish so far with 4 no hit inning, and 8ks. He's easily making it look like there more upside than initially thought. It's only single A but the ways he's pitching has been a delight! it's only a matter of time before he hits AA and i can see him being a 3/4 in the Major, or even more depending on how he does in AA.
  9. 8 - 12 week is the amount of time that Simmons may miss. But still have to wait until his meeting with a specialist.
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    What's your best lineup with Simmons out?

    Fletch La Stella Trout Ohtani Pujols Calhoun Lucroy Goodwin/ Ward... platoon with Goodwin struggling against lefties. Rengifo
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    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    Biggest worry i have is that he's getting overworked. He's at 24 inning thru our 47 games, at this pace he's looking at 80 inning in a full season.
  12. Can't believe I'm going to say this. But put Albert back in the lineup! this offense is garbage without him.
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    Gameday Thread:Royals @ Angels 5/19/2019

    70+ pitches thru 3 innings... Skaggs you fricken blow.
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    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I think it's safe to change the title to the Mariners suck...again.
  15. Looking at both Jones and Marsh, part of me believe that they may not be ready for AA yet, but another part believe that there still working on a few parts of their games and improving. One of the things i feel like both guys are working on is their plate discipline, hence leading to the high K rates and struggles. Both Marsh and Jones have had an increase in there BB rate these past few years. Marsh has triple in walk rate from 2017 and Jones has a solid 9.6 % rate this season,