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  1. Vlad27Trout27

    The next big Sensation....

    Yusei Kikuchi, The next big Japanese import. More than likely will be posted next off-season. My question is that do you guys think ohtani will be fine with us signing an another Japaneses player ( a pitcher) Especially with the uncertainty surrounding his arm. Scouting report: Fb- 92-96 Devastating slider a solid change 4 pitch repertoire Quote via Jon Heyman
  2. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday: 8/12. A’s @ Angels

    at this point why not just sign Nolasco and Lackey? they'll give him 5-7 runs but they'll get us thru 5-6 inning.
  3. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    Jerez has an live arm, hides the ball well but the control needs some work.
  4. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    Hopefully they put Skaggs on the Dl and keep him their until he's fully heal.
  5. Vlad27Trout27

    How is this team going to be better in 2019?

    I think it would be unwise for us to sign Machado, instead of paying one guy around 30 mill a year we can choose to pay 30 combined to two guys that can help our roster multiple ways. What we needed to add to this line-up are multiple guys that can get own base, both in front of trout and behind him. For example: Grandal is a perfect fit to me, he can play 1st while being the primary catcher, while he's a streaky hitter, when he;s own he can carry a team and with us he doesn't have to be the main guy hitting in the 6th or 7th spot. Price 4yrs 48 mil Famillia can help us with our issues of blown saves, fits perfectly in as our Closer for 5 yrs 50 mil So in total two guys that may cost us around 22 mil next year have combine for an 4.3 war, while Machado who singly is going to cost around 25-30 mil and has an war of 4.3 war. With this example we save an extra 8 mil dollar to what we have already left and can be used to sign other needs We are set in the Of, with Marsh and Adell close to being ready 1st and Dh are set, allow flecther/Ward/Rengifo and Cozart fight foe 3rd/2nd and we will have Jones in the minors hopefully ready Starting rotation: Top of the rotation is going to be: Skaggs, heaney, Ohtani ( I think he'll be ready to start at the beginning of the, but can he stat healthy for the rest of the year? followed by : Barria, Trop, Shoemaker, Canning and Suarez waiting. I think canning can be added to the front tier by the end of the season
  6. Vlad27Trout27

    The shift has ruined Pujols

    well he just needs to hit an slow dribbles to right fight and he'll get singles for day. It's is inability to go to right field that has ruined albert.
  7. Personally i would like Anderson to become the closer and see how he does. He's been on a role, only has allowed one run that last 10 appearances. I think he can succeed in that role.
  8. Vlad27Trout27

    How long before Marte and Cowart are DFA'd too?

    I can see Cowart becoming an late inning replacement and also a guy that can be used to mop up inning next year.
  9. Cole has done a really good job the few times he's been up. Could be an option for next year
  10. Vlad27Trout27

    Game Day Thread 8/4/18 - Here We Go Again

    Just Noticed that encarnacion has pretty similar numbers to Pujol's. Only difference is the BB.
  11. Dam! Where were Fletcher and Jr at, when we needed them?
  12. Vlad27Trout27

    Tropeano is not in the Angels future

    let's wait this out, he's still coming back from TJ, It tools Skaggs almost 2 years to breakout while heaney is having an solid year. We have to be patient, it's an lost season anyways.
  13. Vlad27Trout27

    Is Scioscia gone after this season?

    Hopefully!! We need a change at helm.
  14. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday: 8/2 Angels @ Rays; No Trout, No Ohtani

    I see that Valbuena is still in the line-up.... and he's hitting 6th
  15. Vlad27Trout27

    Off-season wishlist

    i personally think our off-season starts when September call ups occur. By calling up the following guys Ward and Rengifo and allowing them to show case there skills will play an key roll in the off-season; Along with these guys i would call up Luis Pena and put him into the Bp and see what how he translate into his new role. Offseason: 1. first up has to be an closer, I'm also intrigued by the idea of having Anderson pitch as our closer for the rest of season, it seems like he figuring our how to use his stuff in the past few appearance, Therefore if Anderson succeeds in this new role, i'd thing it would be wise to get an set-up reliever that has had closing appearance, here's a list of few: 1. Britton- His stuff looks as if its returning, still has that dominating sinker and the velocity is back, The BB rate is a worry but that GO rate is something to consider 2. Herrera - he's been pretty dominate throughout his career, but the decline in K rate is a worry i personally do not believe we have an chance to sign Kimbel, I would like to what do not see him leaving boston and if he does only place i can see him going to is Atlanta. 2. Next up is getting an Catcher, and this choice goes to Grandal 3. With Skaggs, Heaney Trop and Barria slotted into next years rotation, while also with the uncertainty surrounding Ohtani and Shoe. I still do not think we need to add an extra starter and should wait until the next free agency and go after one of the big pitchers available. For the Fifth spot i expect Ohtani to be in that spot to start the season and Shoemaker, fighting for a starting rotation spot.