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  1. So anyone Know if something was wrong with Castillo this year? he missed a lot of time and his Velo was down (84-88), K number's were way down.
  2. Vlad27Trout27

    Cozart for Gray?

    Cozart's making about 12 mil next Two years and gray is Arb 3 this year
  3. Vlad27Trout27

    Cozart for Gray?

    Why the Yankee's would make this trade 1. They need a SS 2. Away from Angels stadium, Cozart did hit .278, with a .344 OBP and .805 OPS Us 1. We need Sp 2. Gray had a 3.17 ERA away from Yankee stadium
  4. Vlad27Trout27

    What do you guys think of Hyun-Jin Ryu?

    I think Eovaldi is the best choice in the market! than trade for Gray, Billy and Brian could easily purpose an trade. I said Cozart for Gray. bith guys guys coming of bad years and switching ball parks could help both guys. Gray in Anaheim should help him, While Cozart in New york won't have to deal with the marine layer and the ball park should help. Gray Skaggs Eovaldi Heaney Shoe/ Barria
  5. Don't know if its the video quality, but the bakls is exploding when he throws.
  6. Looks like Sunny Gray is on the Market How about Cozart for Gray? Both guys coming off struggling years, Gray pitching in Anaheim could be benefactor for him, While playing in the east and Yankee stadium could help Cozart and the yanks need a SS.
  7. Vlad27Trout27

    Angels sign Cuban IFer Roberto Baldoquin

    The Sad thing about this is that we could Have signed Vlad Jr image the roster with Trout, Ohtani and Vlad Jr........................ Only Dipshit would ruin this.
  8. Yeah, watching Donaldson facing these Astros pitchers, he can't catch up to those fastballs, we already have enough issues with high fastball.
  9. question about Canning So far it looks like the concern with him is his Size, and how it may limit his potential. But, i'm wondering is height a major difference between players? Greinke is 6'2, while Bauer is 6'1, it did take Bauer longer to figure it out, but where would you guys place canning with these guys? We know that his stuff has improved, so whats is new potential? a number 2.
  10. That's why i said to structure a deal similar to Verlander's. No teams will try to eat that contract, looking at the Verlander trade Detroit sent 16 mil along in the deal. I don't get where you get the 42 mil per year, it should 37 mil next year, than 35 the following to years. The thing to consider is that Washington will need to eat at least half of the salary to get a decent return, like you've that a lot of money. Total for next 3 years is 106 mil and lets say that the nets agreed to eat half of the contract, we are looking at 16-18 mil the next three years. He could be that Verlander piece for us! Best pitcher at the moment, Velocity is still solid, wipe-out change , strike pitcher and most importantly an true Ace, that if need can match up in a wildcard game. Image 2020 Scherezer Ohtani Skaggs Heaney Canning. Two aces in Ohtani and Scherezer, followed by guys with number 2 stuff.
  11. another name to consider in the trade market, depending on how his team does is Max Scherzer! Making a deal similar to the one for Verlander
  12. Vlad27Trout27

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    is the dogs vs braves game only on Mlbtv?
  13. But we loose an Sp and that's the last thing we need . There are other options available in which we don't need to give him up. For example, Franco is piece that we could acquire, Ceaser Hernandez is another.
  14. I did, But just trading Skagg's would be stupid of us. I think he's has enough value that he's worth all lot more. He young and has two more years of control, prior to his hamstring injury he was pitching like an ace.