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  1. Vlad27Trout27

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    I rather wait and same that money for next year, just go with what we have.
  2. Vlad27Trout27

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Wow, this really isn't a bad contract at all, about 36 mil per year. Plus overall payrolls are increasing yearly, the other biggest benefit is that this was signed right when we are getting a surplus of talent into the major's from the minors, so these guys will be cheap for the next 4-6 years!
  3. Vlad27Trout27

    Here's why Matt Harvey could rise again in 2019

    nice write-up. But i still have to see a bit more from him before i can make my judgement. Last start his velocity looks down, maybe he was taking it easy. Today he gets another starts, and i believe it will be a big one for him.
  4. how many pass ball have we allowed this spring?
  5. lol to our defense.....
  6. Luis Pena quietly has had a strong spring training, could be another option in Bp down the season.
  7. It could have been a lot worst, but i'll take this. So unless he needs surgery, it's the 10th of march and opening day starts on the 4th of April, that's just under a month. So if it does take him the full 10-12 weeks to recover without setbacks, he should miss at most another month and half , and if it heals quicker, it's less. The way he just looked in spring training, i doubt his time-line gets altered.
  8. already in mid season form with our offense, A lead off double and we can't score.
  9. So how serious is the ankle stain? any dangerous of acl torn?
  10. It's only spring training, but for me T. Cole has gotten a Bp job. Dude has been solid last year and this spring. On the other side, Ward's had had a good spring, but his Strike-out's worry me and personally to me looks like Roja is out playing him. Anyone know if Roja's projects to be a regular? or a Calhoun type of player
  11. Did not catch the game, but how did Harvey look?
  12. I would say Ward is the starting 3rd baseman, but 2nd base is open between Fletcher and La Stella. I would say that 3rd base is Ward to loose, if he does good, this may move Cozart to 2nd.
  13. Vlad27Trout27

    2018 Hot Stove League

    No thank You to Keuchel, save the money for next year and go after Cole or Verlander. Let the phillies waste their money on him.
  14. It going to come down to just how well we do these next two seasons, if we are a playoff team and our system continues to improve , this increases our chances! also don't forget that both team finished with the same record as last year, and that's with us loosing Richards, Ohtani and Skagg. One other thing, Trout wants to win, and phillies have added a few nice pieces to their line-up in Segura, McCuthen, Harper and Realmuto. Their rotation is a question mark to me, outside of Nola, they have a bunch of 3/4, Arrieta has decline, than what about the Bp? Next mostly importantly, their farm system, it does not have no where near the tell tell it had....and personally i have to say that there rebuild was a bust, out of the past few years, they only had 3 solid prospects that have actually done something.
  15. I'm just not expecting much out Cozart's bat this season, hopefully Ward is ready.