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  1. Early in the season, i believe he was using his Fastball much more than his slider and he looked dominat
  2. As stated above, do you agree with this or not or should he be using his fastball to setup that slider.
  3. Vlad27Trout27

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    Ha! did you really Think we had a chance of winning tonight with Valbuena in the 4-hole. he has left 6 or so guys on base with less than 2 outs.
  4. Looks like he starting to develop power.
  5. Vlad27Trout27

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    His upside is tremendous, he can possibly be a top 10 prospects by the end of this year. I think the game has changed to the point where strike-outs are part of the game, wouldn't really worry about his BB rate as of yet, they'll improve once he moves up. Look at Marsh and Jone's BB rate, for both guys they are career best.
  6. Vlad27Trout27

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    Ouch saw that, If in the next few weeks he can show dominance, than take a chance.
  7. Vlad27Trout27

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    Good he gave up a GS!! his value is decreasing making him easier for us to get!!!
  8. Vlad27Trout27

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    Wheeler looking filthy today against the Dodgers. fastball mid to up 90s, filthy cutter/slider at 90-94.
  9. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday Thread: 6/22 Blue Jays @ Angels

    well it's 6-5.
  10. Vlad27Trout27

    Gameday Thread: 6/22 Blue Jays @ Angels

    Wow!! Buddy, let's slow down a bit. I be happy if he can get a single.
  11. F*ck this bullshit with Valbuena........ enough is enough. Flecther goes 3/4, while JMF has show he can play, Yet valubena is in. That's it Both Mike Scioscia and Valbuena need to go!!!!!!
  12. Vlad27Trout27

    Four More Moves: 2018 Midseason Edition

    1. I would rather trade for Wheeler than Urena. Wheeler has had his injury issues but personally i think he's a better pitcher than Urena, His FIP suggest that he's pitching much better than but the numbers show. 2. I do thing we need an control-able Rp at this moment. 3. A Closer, personally i thing we should acquire familia from the mets and britton from the orioles. 4. Yes DFA Valbuena, but keep Marte since he has shown the ability to hit Lefties and can play 3rd.
  13. Vlad27Trout27

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    The asking price for Degrom is really high, We could easily get wheeler and Famillia for a lesser price.