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  1. Moreover, in some ways, it's almost an audition to see if he's a fit there in future years. While not likely, I could see the possibility they re-sign him if things click. Seager could shift to 3B, Turner to 1B, etc..
  2. This actually looks like a pretty good trade for both teams. The Orioles acquire 5 guys who seem to have pretty high floors but low ceilings - guys who could be average or somewhat above average (Diaz in RF, Kremer as a backend starter, Bannon at 3B), but likely no stud players. The Dodgers acquire another RH power bat, which they need with Puig out and Turner struggling to return to form after his wrist injury. The Orioles desperately need some decent players as they try to climb back to respectability. It appears they got some guys who'll help them achieve that. For the Dodgers, they have a ton of depth, so while they gave up some pretty decent prospects, it likely won't "hurt" them in the long-term.
  3. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    Right - exactly. We wouldn't trade Skaggs/Heaney for single A prospects. We'd need guys in AAA who are already "ready" or guys already in the MLB. I will gladly take Gleyber Torres, for example
  4. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    While he may not know the prospects as well as he did previously, I'm sure he has a strong relationship with their scouting department as well, and has probably talked to them throughout the years, even as he's been with the Angels. Probably has helped him gain some insight into those guys beyond what most other FOs have.
  5. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    If the Yankees trade for Machado (I doubt the Orioles would trade with their rivals, but hey, you never know), it's likely they intend to re-sign him at season's end, which means Andujar is probably expendable.
  6. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    It's not so much that they need to, but rather, it's the possibility that they could have the most valuable SP available in a trade at a time when some contending teams desperately need pitching. If we can find a desperate buyer, then it's certainly worth considering, no?
  7. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    Absolutely. There really aren't many good SP options available for trade. JA Happ seems like the headliner. If Skaggs becomes available (and deGrom/Syndergaard do not), it's quite possible we'd have the best SP on the market. Many contenders need a good LH SP; we could get a tremendous deal.
  8. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    Oh we certainly don't have to, and if not, that's cool, because they help us win next year. But if a team, like the Yankees, becomes desperate for another starter, then it makes sense to see how much they are willing to give up to get that starter. If we can get Sheffield as part of a strong package from them, then we effectively have a replacement for Skaggs (or Heaney) who we can slot in next year. Yes, he's unproven (hence a prospect), but he's very promising, and he would just be one piece of a package we'd get.
  9. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    True, but this year is basically lost. If we got Sheffield as part of the package for Skaggs, we'd be getting a guy who likely can step in Skaggs' place and pitch well in 2019. And, of course, we'd have more years of control at a cheaper cost, etc.
  10. Warfarin

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    Yes, exactly. There are very few SP options on the market, which means the leverage is with the seller, not the buyer. We can absolutely hold out for a home run-type of deal with Skaggs/Heaney. If the Yanks or some other contender is willing to trade multiple top-end, near-ready prospects to us, then I'd say we might as well go for it, as we wouldn't be so much rebuilding as we would be reloading for 2019.
  11. https://www.mlb.com/news/yankees-angels-trade-deadline-partners/c-285791058 There is nothing specific here, and it's merely just Morosi making a suggestion, but it's obvious that the Yankees and Angels could be good trading partners, given Cashman and Eppler's history together, as well as Eppler's likely familiarity with Yankees prospects. While I would be very reluctant to trade either Skaggs or Heaney, it'd be interesting to speculate as to the return we could get for them. Given the dearth of available legitimate SP, we could possibly hit a home run by trading one of the two.
  12. Warfarin

    Trade Target: Tyler Glasnow

    Right now, we sit 10 games behind the second wild card. Unless we make up at least 3-4 games in the standings between now and July 31st (doesn't seem terribly likely, given that we have 4 days off for the ASB), I am guessing we will be sellers, which is fine. We don't have a lot of pieces to really sell now that GRich is KO'd, but maybe we can trade for some lotto ticket type players and, more importantly, give some of our young guys (Fletcher, JMF, Ward, Thaiss) some time in the MLB to acclimate, so that we can hit the ground running next year.
  13. Ah my bad man, missed your other post. Mods, please delete this thread.
  14. By Baseball Prospectus: https://www.baseballprospectus.com/prospects/article/41327/2018-prospects-the-midseason-top-50/ Also of note, Canning checks in at #44.
  15. Warfarin

    This upcoming Trade Deadline

    I give you credit for thinking outside the box and trading Simba for a haul, but the truth is, I don't think any teams that are hunting for talent right now truly need a long-term SS like Simba. We are in the golden era of shortstops - a lot of the legit contenders have a very solid one. The only team I can think of who legitimately needs one is Arizona, and they don't have the prospect capital that we'd want.