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  1. Warfarin

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    I would be hesitant to sign Machado. He has been good with the Dodgers, but not a superstar. There are definite concerns about his ability to hit outside of Baltimore. If he is indeed a low 800 OPS-type hitter, I don't think he's worth the contract he's going to demand.
  2. Warfarin

    Where is the interest in Hosmer?

    I think we go out and get a catcher for sure. I’d love Grandal, but I’d also kick the tires on Realmuto to see what his trade acquisition cost would be. As for a SP, I agree, we certainly need someone who will provide some innings. I actually don’t think we really need anyone for the pen. As for 1B, I’d give JMF or Thaiss a shot at some playing time to see how they pan out.
  3. Warfarin

    Where is the interest in Hosmer?

    From all accounts, Machado keeps saying he wants to play somewhere that he’ll be a SS. That is clearly not here, as we have the best defensive SS of his generation playing here. Yes, money will be a huge factor, but I’m guessing there’ll at least be one other big market team (Phillies? Yankees?) who will pay him a lot AND allow him to play SS. The Yankees, if they want, can simply trade the last year of Gregorious to create the space if they want. Machado will not end up here.
  4. Warfarin

    He’s better offensively

    Because we'll force him to shave his sideburns
  5. Warfarin

    He’s better offensively

    With a new manager next year, and with Ohtani being a huge draw for us and our second best hitter, I feel very confident that Ohtani will be our full-time DH next year. Conversations will be had this offseason, and I think Pujols will be made to accept the fact that he will play to the extent that he can field - perhaps 3-4 times a week as the starting 1B, and once every 1-2 weeks at DH when Ohtani is given a day off. We can promote Thaiss, give him some reps at 1B and somewhat platoon with Pujols, then pave the way for us to move on from Pujols after 2019 and give Thaiss the full-time job (provided he shows he is capable).
  6. I certainly like the potential of Renfigo's game. That said, Fletcher's performance (in particular his defense) has been fantastic. He's at 1.8 fWAR for the season, which is actually just a little bit behind Torres and Andujar despite playing way, way less. With Fletcher occupying 2B, and with Renfigo and Jones in the minors, and I'd say we have 2B very well covered for the foreseeable future.
  7. Warfarin

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    I would be very leery of signing Corbin. He is having a career year this year, which means he'll command significant $$. He will cost a draft pick as well. Entering next season, we have Ohtani, Skaggs, Heaney, Barria, and Tropeano, and in terms of depth, we have Canning, Suarez, and Pena who will all likely get a significant amount of starts next year as well. Shoemaker might be on the club, but obviously we can't really count on him for much of anything. Meyer could be an option as well, same with JC Ramirez by mid-year, etc. I do think we could use another starter, but I would aim for more of a modest acquisition than someone like Corbin or Keuchal, perhaps someone who we could sign to something like a 2-year deal. FA SPs often don't return well, so at least if you sign someone who ends up flaming out, it's just a small financial hit.
  8. I think Ward is more of a spray hitter from my understanding. Goes the other way a lot. If he can do that, hit a number of doubles, draw a good amount of walks, steal 10-15 bases and provide solid defense at 3B (a work in progress admittedly), then we hit gold with Ward's conversion.
  9. Warfarin

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    In the end, Ward is getting the majority of the starts at 3B from hereon out. Even if he happens to sit today for some reason, he'll be getting the majority of the starts and the experience that comes with it. He'll be fine.
  10. Meyer had enough control problems such that even before his injury, he seemed like more of a bullpen candidate than a SP candidate. Especially as he recovers from shoulder surgery, it'd seem ideal to slot him in the bullpen to help manage his innings. As for Ramirez, I'm not so sure. He's likely out until the middle of the year, then we'll see what happens.
  11. Warfarin

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    Harper won't be signed, but yeah, you can dream about that for a bit. Having Trout and Harper hit back to back would be pretty ridiculous.
  12. For what it's worth, so far in AAA, Buttrey has posted: 4IP, 2H, 1ER, 1BB, 7Ks. He's got a double plus fastball to go with a plus changeup. Looks like he could be a late inning reliever for us. The trade of Kinsler for Jerez (second lefty in the pen) + Buttrey might end being a huge one for our pen overall. Who knows - maybe Buttrey could even emerge to be a closer? Just looking at the relievers, but next year we appear to have Parker, Anderson, Alvarez, Jerez, Bedrosian, Ramirez, Buttrey, with Middleton likely due back by mid-year and, possibly, Meyer being converted to a reliever. We are gradually building bullpen depth. This is great to see.
  13. I agree. Cozart’s signing, currently, does not look very good at all either. Next year, perhaps we can try him at 2B and see how he turns out, with Fletcher maybe being a super utility guy and Ward at 3B. Alternatively, if Cozart doesn’t regain form and looks subpar at 2B, he can be the super utility and Fletcher (or Renfigo) can be installed as our 2B. This is the beauty of our emerging prospect depth - we have a number of options now.
  14. Sometimes, things just don't pan out. Valbuena was a worthwhile gamble IMO that just turned out poorly. Every FO has signings that turn out this way. That it was only a 2 year mistake vs, say, a 10-year mistake ::coughPujolscough::, makes it much easier to deal with. The only mistake we made was continuously playing him when he clearly just wasn't going to produce any kind of return at all.
  15. I included the Astros as more of a "new" entry into the blue bloods of baseball. Their CBT entering the season was actually 4th highest of all MLB teams, so I'd say they are certainly spending money. They have the second best team in baseball AND a top 10 farm system. They will be a team to be reckoned with for awhile.