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  1. Blowtani

    Exactly. Literally the worst case scenario with Ohtani is he is never any good and we wasted a posting fee on him. Bsaically like having a highly drafted prospect not pan out. It would suck, but it would not nearly hurt as much as, say, signing a Josh Hamilton or an Albert Pujols.
  2. Blowtani

    I don't think that's a question. We all support him. If he does start in the majors to start the season, then we will all be rooting like hell for him to succeed. Just because some of us would prefer to be cautious and have him iron out some issues in the minors doesn't mean we want him to fail - it just means we're okay with delaying his debut for a few weeks or so for the sake of his own development. That said, once the decision is made, then we'll support him 100% and hope it all works out for the best.
  3. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Okay I admit, I had to google this one haha. El Camino College of Torrance?
  4. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Ah cool, right on. They have really built that campus up nicely. I remember there still wasn't a lot going on there in the early/mid 00s, but when I went back a few years ago, it looked really nice. Definitely a LOT more places to eat now, too.
  5. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Because he said "go Eaters!", lol. I did not know he was Asian.
  6. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Zot zot! Going to take a leap of faith here and assume you're a fellow Anteater as well?
  7. Ichiro and Bartolo

  8. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Lol, I went to UCI for college. Considering I had no real job of any kind, I basically lived off of a steady diet of In n Out and Del Taco, and I could only afford bleacher seats at the time. Still, that has been the most memorable in-person game I had ever been to up until now. Looking forward to attending a WS clinching game sometime in the next year or two
  9. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Yeah no worries man, I had to look back to see if I posted in this thread, lol. It's all good For reference, I was in college when the Angels won the WS. I was in the right field pavilion when Adam Freakin' Kennedy blasted 3 HRs to send the Angels to the WS!
  10. Ichiro and Bartolo

    It appears you know at least one now
  11. Ichiro and Bartolo

    What makes you say that?
  12. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    lol, well played.
  13. Gameday: 3/18 Angels vs Rangers

    What are we thinking the rotation will be at the onset of the season? Clearly Richards is #1, but who follows him in the rotation?
  14. Gameday: 3/18 Angels vs Rangers

    Great outing for Tropeano. We certainly have a lot of pitching depth. Granted a lot are more of the mid-bottom rotation type starters, but we do have quite a few options. I'm sure various guys will get hurt, but I definitely feel more confident about this group than I did last year at this time.
  15. Jorge Polanco suspended 80 games

    With the way the Twins have been able to make all sorts of savvy steals in this market, I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow landed Machado for a bag of peanuts, lol. That said, you're right, that's a tough blow for them. I don't think there is anything we can offer them, though.