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  1. I fully agree with this. I want our minor league system to reach a point where we can count on a few steady contributors to reach the majors every year. Ideally, a roster can be constructed such that we have a healthy mix of veterans and robust youth. We do have some young pitching talent (Ohtani, Bridwell, Barria, Meyers [although he's injured this year]) available this year, with Canning coming a few years from now, but we're not at a point yet where we can reasonably fill various holes yearly. Billy has been working hard to reverse the damage DiPoto did, and it'll take a bit more time to get there. I look forward to seeing our various young OFers (Jones, Adell, maybe Marsh) progress and become strong contributors to our future team. I also look forward to hopefully seeing Maitan and Soto come up and be contributors on the right side of our infield, too. It takes time and patience, but as long as we keep adding to our farm, without significantly detracting from it for a "big splash," then I feel very comfortable with our future direction as a franchise.
  2. Lineup balance problem?

    Perhaps, but he truly would be the perfect fit for our team, offensively and defensively speaking: 1. LH power 2. Elite defensive catcher 3. Can capably play 1B 4. Great plate discipline He is streaky, but asides from that, he fits our team perfectly. I can't think of a better option who fills so many holes at once.
  3. Roster construction is never complete. It's an ongoing process. I will say that we have absolutely no need for a mid or back-end rotation starter, as we have a lot of guys who can fill that role. The one area that would be worthwhile to spend, IMO, is a top of the rotation starter. Is that Yu Darvish? I don't know, I feel mixed about him. He could still be a productive #2 starter, and would provide some insurance if/when Richards leaves next offseason. But at this point, I would not trade any of our prospects for one, as I want to see our farm system grow enough where we can start creating a pipeline of talent. So if we can secure Yu on a 15mil/year-ish type deal, then that could be okay. Other than him though, there's no one else I'd consider signing.
  4. Improving the Six-Man Rotation

    I agree with you about the dynamic part for sure. I don't think you see Bridwell in the pen, though. He has minor league options, so I think he'll be optioned and part of the AAA rotation, so he remains "stretched out" and ready to fill in as needed. Ramirez is out of options though, so it's possible he's in the pen, or he could still be part of our rotation right now. We'll see.
  5. Lineup balance problem?

    I've said this in a few threads now, but I'd really like us to see if we can somehow pry Grandal from the Dodgers. The Dodgers' aim this offseason, clearly, is to get under the luxury tax limit, so they can "reset" for next year's free agency group. They are below the limit now, but don't have a lot of wiggle room left. They are definitely not resigning Grandal next offseason, as they have a pipeline of young catchers coming up soon. He can be had for sure, and trading him will save them ~7-8mil next year of luxury tax payroll. Adding Grandal solves a lot of our problems, and while he'll come at a decent cost, he won't have an exorbitant cost because he has only one year of control left. Grandal is an elite defensive catcher and a LH power bat. We can have him share catching duties with Maldonado (4 starters per week for Maldonado, 3 per week for Grandal), and use him to play first 1-2 times per week as well. Valbuena will start 3-4 times per week at 1B, with Albert starting once, maybe twice a week at most. Valbuena can be flexed to 3B one or two times a week as well, while Cozart shifts to 2B or SS to provide rest as needed for Kinsler and Simmons. Thus, on a given day against a RHP, we could see Calhoun (RF), Ohtani (DH), Valbuena (1B), and Grandal (C) all in the same lineup, giving us potentially 4 significant lefty power bats at once. The question is, what would it take to get Grandal from the Dodgers? Honestly, the way the Dodgers operate, we don't even necessarily need to trade them guys who can help them now - I'm sure they'll take what they perceive as good prospect currency, who they can either develop down the line or trade to fill other needs they have.
  6. I think what happens is now that we are getting close to being a legitimate contender, some people get overly excited (understandably so) and want to make the "one last move" that's needed to get us to the promised land. It's a normal fan response, and it's also probably a Jerry DiPoto-type response, too. That said, a strong GM remains disciplined, and recognizes that their goal is to build a contender today, tomorrow, and five years from now all at once. It's extremely difficult to do and requires, in a number of instances, delayed gratification. I'm sure we could easily land a Chris Archer by gutting our farm system, but that would only help us a few years, and we'd have an empty team with no talent on the horizon in after those few years have passed. Discipline is key. So with that said, we're getting close, but we aren't quite there just yet. That is okay with me, because we are trending in the right direction for BOTH our major league roster and our minor league farm system. I say, for now, maybe find an aging mid-rotation-ish type starter (like CC would have been) who will come here on a one year deal. If one isn't available, that's okay, maybe pivot and try to sign a LH reliever (Watson?).
  7. I wouldn't trade for Archer right now. Not that he wouldn't be a tremendous asset to us, but I don't think we're a Chris Archer away from being a World Series team. Think we need to continue making incremental progress as we have been and not burn the farm system to go for it. We need to either have a stronger farm system first OR be in a strong position come July before i'd consider making that kind of move.
  8. Earlier in the day, I proposed trading for Grandal + McCarthy to help unload some of their excess salary, but that was quickly rendered moot after their big deal. Personally, I don't think they'd trade Grandal anyway, but since he only has one year left of control, I think he could be had for a reasonable price. Could always trade one of our younger starters (Skaggs?) and a lower tier prospect, who knows.
  9. Keep in mind the 25 man roster is fluid and constantly changing. I am guessing that for the majority of the season, you won't see more than 5 SP on the roster at once - someone will be on the DL, someone sent down to the minors, etc. It's easy enough to manipulate the roster to generate that kind of scenario. Thus, I do think we'll see a 4 man bench most of the time: 4th OF, backup catcher, corner IF, then a variable spot. I mentioned this earlier, but I would really like to go out and try to trade for Grandal from the Dodgers. We could flex him as our C/1B. Maldonado can start 4 games/week and Grandal 3 days/week to keep them both fresh, and have Grandal start 1-2 times a week at first base. He's a power lefty bat too, so he'd help further balance our lineup while providing positional versatility.
  10. Improving the Six-Man Rotation

    I agree. I think if we are in good shape come the July trading deadline, we could go after a #2-type starter via trade as needed. But for now, I think we roll with what we have, or try to find a mid-rotation starter pitcher on a one-year deal (like CC, although he is off the table now). Essentially, we need SPs to total around 900-950 IP for the year (assuming between 5-6 IP per start and 162 games). I think we can safely assume that we'll hit that mark with the 9 guys we have now.
  11. What if Cron kills it in ST?

    Yeah I mean, that'd be ideal, right? That'd truthfully be a perfect fit, but zero percent chance it's happening.
  12. Improving the Six-Man Rotation

    Of note, JC Ramirez has no options left, so he's on the MLB roster in some capacity. Bridwell, Tropeano, and Barria get optioned and shuttled back and forth, depending on needs. It think it's probable you might even see Heaney or Shoemaker optioned at some point in a roster-crunch type move, or DL'd briefly. If you want to see good roster manipulation, the Dodgers did a great job of that last year in effectively employing a 6-man rotation themselves. I don't know about Darvish. If his price falls enough, I'd be okay with him, but I see him as a health-risk, and I would not at all give him anything more than 4 years. And, truthfully, a 4 year deal for a 32 yo pitcher makes me very nervous, too. I'd be okay going with who we have, then seeing how our season unfolds and making a mid-season trade as needed.
  13. Can Angels win World Series?

    I think this is a good take. It's good to try to objectively analyze the team, as that helps us set realistic expectations and likewise see room to improve. We're definitely quite a bit better today than we were at the end of the season. We finished 80-82. Are we 10 wins better? I'm not so sure, but we're a solid 5-7 wins better for sure, I'd say. With some luck, then yeah, we can be 10 wins better. It also depends on further moves, as I likewise suspect we aren't quite finished just yet.
  14. What if Cron kills it in ST?

    I'd hang onto Valbuena for this season, no need to trade him. He's entering a potential free agency year, I'm betting on him rebounding a bit and putting up a WAR of around 1.5-2. I think Cowart opens the year in AAA, and perhaps gets reps all around the diamond (2B/3B/SS/OF), with the hopes of developing him into an uber utility player. If he can prove himself to be a competent fielder in all of those positions, then he'll definitely have utility for us moving forward. For now, we have Cozart serving as both our 3B AND our utility infielder.
  15. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    I don't see the Dodgers signing Darvish. Think he was just a rental for them, nothing more. I imagine they'll make a smaller-scale move and save the money for next year's FA class.