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  1. Fish Oil

    Kevan Smith

    Not a math major I see,
  2. Fish Oil

    Can Cody Bellinger hold off Mike Trout?

    Trout being Trout. GOAT
  3. Oops. I hadn't seen it so I though it was a safe topic .
  4. I like this:
  5. The bottom video you showed raises some doubt, enough to justify only giving him a two game suspension, but I firmly believe that when he stepped into a direct collision path the intention was there.
  6. One must also lower their shoulder to knock the ball loose, no?
  7. Very well then. His big first step and his lowered shoulder tells me otherwise, but there is now room for doubt. Thank you for the perspective.
  8. The top video: In which world was this "A very normal, direct, and unaltered path to home plate"? Not the one I live in. The bottom video: Okay, now I see what you're referring to. I hadn't seen this before. This looks like an accident. On a side note, why did the text turn green?
  9. To me it looks like he steps two feet to his left, lowers his shoulder, and intends to knock the ball loose.
  10. The Umpires own words. Understand that even the umpire admits the computer was right and he would have called it wrong. It wasn't a blunder or mistake. The ball entered the strike zone. What else needs to be said about this?
  11. I won't. It will be an absolute pleasure to stop seeing games decided by idiotic calls. The players skill should determine who wins, not the umpires sight.
  12. Well, let's hope they don't start vaporizing people for disagreeing, lol.
  13. I don't know. It looked like a strike to me too.
  14. John Means is a young pitcher on the O's we might want to consider in a trade.