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  1. Fish Oil

    Angels runs scored contest

    Hold on here. How did I get booted from the list? I had 775 runs and now Heavenly Halos is there?
  2. Fish Oil

    Mathis Validation

    All of the boosts Lucroy received in these charts were from 2010 through 2013. The latest year he received mention was 2017 when his WAR from dropped 2.2.
  3. Fish Oil

    Angels runs scored contest

    I call dibs on Stradling's fries if he wins
  4. Fish Oil

    Angels runs scored contest

    811 - Hubs 810 - HaloJustinBieber 809 - Slegnaac 805-Eligrba 801- jordan 792 - Angelsjunky 789-Biergott 786 - Dick Enberg 785-AF84 777-INVISIBLE MAN 775 - Fish Oil  772 - Angel Oracle 766 - Ray McKigney 764 - dochalo 759 - True Grich 757 - AngelsLakersFan 755 - Bobster7587 752- Kody Mac 750 - Flop  748 - BackUpTheTruck 730 - Angel dog and beer
  5. Fish Oil

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    I don't know, yep, and yep.
  6. Fish Oil

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Baseball or no baseball, I'll find a way out of work.
  7. Fish Oil

    Tony Reagins

    The sarcasm with which my post reads was unintentional. I really mean it when I say "well done."
  8. Fish Oil

    Tony Reagins

    Even a blind squirrel can find it's nuts, but yeah, Reagins deserves credit for drafting Trout. Well done Tony
  9. Agreed. I've always liked him and it would be really nice to see him have a good year. Resurrect what was once a very promising career. With the wave of young talent we have coming up his future here is likely limited, but I'll continue pulling for him wherever he may land.
  10. What an absolute thrill it is to hear Trout and the Angels got this done. It's literally a dream come true. That said, I just got off a plane coming from flood ravaged Nebraska so my enthusiasm is tempered by perspective.
  11. Fish Oil

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    Yeah, or it will turn them into multi-year projects. Let them mop up blowouts this year, then next year they can carry the "two-way player" designation. On another note, will this carry into free agency? If a player earns the two-way designation this year then enters free agency with that designation, it would likely greatly increase his value, no?
  12. Fish Oil

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    I can see the argument from both sides and won't complain regardless of which direction the Angels go on this. What I question is whether we will be able to get a minor leaguer comparable to a second round pick. If Keuchel is putting up a WHIP in line with last year we would be lucky to make a salary dump. Signing him to a multi-year deal to justify losing the draft pick is a risk that shouldn't be overlooked. If his decline continues, this signing could haunt us for some time.
  13. Fish Oil

    Jose Mota's English is in the best shape of its life

    I hope he doesn't change a thing. Mota is lovably hilarious.
  14. Fish Oil

    When does Eppler get an extension?

    Eppler has created a lot of positive change throughout the organization and I really like his overall approach. That said, the results are not there. I understand there are plenty of mitigating factors, but the bottom line is the bottom line. I don't extend him yet. Wait and see...