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  1. Fish Oil

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I worded that very badly, haha. Trust me, no history there in any sort of similarity (shudder)
  2. Fish Oil

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    If we can beat the Baltimore Dismals today we will pass the Mariners into second place in the division. I understand that touting us in second place while we're still sub .500 is a bit like shoveling makeup onto Rosie McDonald, it still feels good.
  3. I have a life long habit of taking night/evening courses at local CCs in whichever subject currently holds my interest. Anywho, I saw a young classmate from an economics course in the library one day and decided to ask him about an opinion he had expressed in class. When I respectfully disagreed with him, he claimed this spot to be his "safe place." Bad mistake, haha. When I left approximately two minutes later he was actually sobbing. I prefer to think that I had provided him with a valuable life lesson. Welcome to reality, haha.
  4. Fish Oil

    Make a Wish

    I lost my wife to cancer. I know what it feels like to watch someone you love go through this. The Best of luck to your cousin and thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention.
  5. Which begs the question: Even if authenticated, how much is it worth now?
  6. If I would have caught it, I would have negotiated for a signed Trout jersey for everyone at AngelsWin. I do stuff like that.
  7. Fish Oil

    MIke Trout is in regression

    This wasn't serious? Jeebers, thanks for the headsup. I was about to gouge my eyes out with a spork from Taco Bell
  8. I don't know about his D, but he certainly has entertainment value as a base runner.
  9. Fish Oil

    Bumgarner...potential trades

    I'm not disagreeing. dude would look great in an Angels uni.
  10. Fish Oil

    Bumgarner...potential trades

    His salary may be low, but he would have taken a pocketful of assets to obtain.
  11. Fish Oil

    Game of Thrones

    I’m probably wrong. I think it’s a coin flip as to whether Sansa or Cersei ends up on the throne. Danny looks like she is about to flip the switch and get evil, John doesn’t seem to have the intelligence of a good leader, and no one else is stepping up. Ill give the nod to Sansa because Hollywood always has the good guy come out on top.
  12. Some guy in Nebraska accidentally shot himself in the nuts today. Does that count?
  13. Fish Oil

    Simmons a trade candidate?

    I agree with the "no way do you trade this guy" crowd, but what about San Diego? They seem like they are on the cusp, have a lot of prospects, and imagine his D playing next to Machado.
  14. Sometimes I think Vlad would decide while in the on deck circle to swing at every pitch. Easily my all-time favorite player to watch.
  15. After that "sprint" from first to home last night Pujols is probably in needs-a-rest mode now.