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  1. Fish Oil

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    About 6 inches from the ribcage.
  2. Fish Oil

    Angels the "Mystery Team" in on Machado?

    Before the offseason started he probably had fantasies of 10/400 dancing in his head. Welcome to reality Manny.
  3. Fish Oil

    Angels the "Mystery Team" in on Machado?

    One thing that always seems to get ignored in these Machado discussions is his knees. He has had surgery on both knees for the same issue, and this particular issue has a 30% chance of recurrence. Maybe that is one reason he doesn't hustle around the bases? He certainly does hustle on defense.
  4. Fish Oil

    No Participation

    They both apply
  5. Fish Oil

    No Participation

    Early on in this thread would have been a pretty good spot for "your and idiot", but nobody posted it.
  6. Fish Oil

    One Bold Idea....

    At first I was thinking "blah blah blah", but after reading it I like it. I agree that the Pads would likely want more, but generally, it seems reasonable for both sides.
  7. I agree with this except one point. Ottavino's 2017 season wasn't mediocre. A WHIP north of 1.6 is horrible for a reliever. Color me unenthusiastic about this guy.
  8. Fish Oil

    Are we cutting Eppler too much slack?

    It's difficult to argue with this. At some point, it is the results that will determine success.
  9. Fish Oil

    AL West Standings since 2013

    If they had a Party Pooper icon you would have got one of those too.
  10. Last year's Orioles are deserving of a mention in the list of worst teams ever.
  11. Fish Oil

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I can see him being worth that contract, but I can also see his shoulder blowing out. With the injury risk, it wouldn't have made sense for us, but for a low payroll rebuilding team I like it.
  12. There is a lot of potential upside in the team as assembled. I doubt that anyone is entirely satisfied, including Eppler, but there is enough to have me excited for the upcoming season.
  13. Fish Oil

    David Robertson

    Well, Britton was coming on stronger as the season progressed. Maybe he is a candidate for a one year contract to reestablish value as a closer?
  14. Fish Oil

    David Robertson

    I guess that depends on how much faith one has in Cozart and Calhoun returning to form, so I'd probably go with Robertson and Briceno.
  15. Fish Oil

    David Robertson

    Adding this guy would ensure that we enter the season with a very good pen, but who would they be pitching to? Without an increase in budget, we will be going with who we have.