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  1. Fish Oil


    Exchange out Rengoofy for Simmons so we can add minor league depth? Doesn't strike me as a good way to enter our window of contention.
  2. Fish Oil

    Let's bring Eddie Bane back!!

    With the entire baseball world turning to advanced stats, I can see Billy Beane's next overlooked and undervalued asset becoming the old scouting methods.
  3. Fish Oil

    Trout having surgery

    Maybe this is the last hurrah from the injury god. Let's get all this crap out of the way and head into 2020 with an elite pitching staff and healthy player chomping at the bit. Screw Houston.
  4. This argument is not without merit.
  5. I disagree that everyone should be tested. Perhaps some laws should be reconstructed to more effectively deal with the respective issues but there are privacy considerations at stake when it comes to government oversight of personal lives. Certainly those of us with a high level of public responsibility need to be (and are) routinely subject to testing, but for the overall public privacy should be the primary concern.
  6. Seems like a pointless illustration more indicative of a publication like the National Enquirer than the LA Times.
  7. Fish Oil

    Looking back at underrated players

    I always liked Willie Davis. It seems like when he retired everyone forgot about him.
  8. Fish Oil

    Open Position

    Given the thread title, I thought this was going to be something about TDawg.
  9. Fish Oil

    Blaze Jordan and the dynasty Angels of the 2020's

    He hit two 500+ homers when he was 13, and another at 14. None at 15. None at 16. Sounds like he is regressing. 17 and over the hill?
  10. Watching an Angels game without Trout is like taking a dump and finding the roll empty.
  11. Yepper. I agree with you both. Kauffman is one of the best stadiums out there.
  12. Done a lot of traveling for work (flying) and catch a game when I can, but when I was younger I traveled with my motorcycle and camping gear. I never specifically planned a trip to see baseball, but rarely missed the opportunity when it presented itself,
  13. Fish Oil

    At this point....

    Some jackass on ESPN said LeMahieu is "unquestionably" the best hitter in baseball.
  14. Fish Oil

    Upcoming free agency, pitcher's value

    If Boras plays his waiting game with Cole, I can see the Angels going in another direction. They want him and Anaheim is a logical place for him to land, but given the critical nature of pitching for this team in the upcoming season, I don't see them putting all of their eggs in the Cole basket and waiting for the last minute to see what he decides.