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  1. makepeac

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    My son works at a grocery store in this neighborhood and has assisted both Mike and Kobe over the past few months along with other minor celebs. So the Trouts have been in this neighborhood for awhile now or they just finally made the sale public.
  2. makepeac

    Amber Alert!!!

    I believe it was their swing guy in the rotation Daryl Patterson but my 10 year old little leaguer brain could be mistaken. I do distinctly remember that when Detroit native and local homegrown idol Willie Horton took his place in left field I remember the fans in the stands behind him began banging the wooden chairs in unison and chanting his name. This was less than a year after the '67 riots when Willie took to the city streets in uniform with a megaphone to try and quell the locals. Only a couple of months before Willie would throw out Lou Brock on a close play at the plate to help seal a WS win over the Cards.
  3. makepeac

    Amber Alert!!!

    Same here but at Tiger Stadium. Then 1973 for first visit to Anaheim Stadium.
  4. Me neither. I was a Titan.
  5. In before AO can post that he's a LB State Dirtbag...
  6. Listen to the Astros radio broadcasts on Sirius XM, he's their color guy.
  7. Another prominent Villa Park High Spartan athlete back in the ‘70s was their point guard Harry Heineken. At THS we had a bored upper classman who used to appear in our yearbook posing as freshman “Bud Wiser” but I believe Harry’s to be his real birth name.
  8. The menu at The Change Up rotates every few weeks around different themes, food from players’ hometowns, Philly cheesesteaks for Trout, sushi for Ohtani. Last night it was surprisingly good, no promises next time.
  9. The Change Up. Just ate there tonight. Had a nice Italian beef sandwich, not as good as Portillo’s but better than the one I had in Wrigleyville a couple of years ago. Best ballpark food I’ve had at Angel Stadium since before the remodel back in the ‘80s when they had the carved roast beef sandwiches next to the Aisle 124 entrance.
  10. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Is it any more ironic than Is it any more ironic than the answer to whom was the Oriole 3B that stopped Downing's ground ball? Larry Harlow (traded by the Orioles to the Angels in the middle of that season) and Doug DeCinces (to be traded to the Angels in a couple of years) come on down! # Go Tillers
  11. makepeac

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    We went to Wrigley the first weekend in May last year. Temperature at first pitch for a 1 pm game was 45 degrees and sunny. I love day baseball but prefer it a tad warmer.
  12. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    A quick Wikipedia check and I'm pleasantly surprised to read about Fred Haney's long successful career first as a player with the Tigers and others, then as the manager of the 1958 WS champion Milwaukee Brewers in addition to his Angel tenure as first GM.
  13. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

  14. makepeac

    Enjoy an ad-free experience at

    Agreed, well worth it to not deal with ads and frustrating redirects. Thanks Chuck!