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  1. makepeac

    Happy Festivus everyone!

    The bagel store with the broken steam pipe and a one man picket line. " No bagel, no bagel, no bagel...."
  2. To shore up the bullpen, trade Tom Brunansky for Doug Corbett. To beef up the offense, trade Dante Bichette for Dave Parker. Wash, rinse, repeat...
  3. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    And older than sh!t.
  4. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    To the Cubs for Ken Holtzman?
  5. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Former A’s bonus baby Rick Monday
  6. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Hank Greenberg
  7. makepeac

    2019 Schedule

    We were at Wrigley in late April for a day game with the Brewers this season and it was 45 degrees at first pitch.
  8. makepeac

    Minor league baseball is so awesome

    It’s a reference to astronauts. Huntsville played a large role in missile and rocket development, it’s where Werner von Braun and the German scientists worked on rocket designs in the US after WWII. It’s nickname is Rocket City.
  9. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    As you can see in the photo, I remember from reading his biography that Joe was one of the first hitters to hold the bat gripping it all the way down at the handle, using a thinner handled bat than others of the era, unlike contemporaries like Ty Cobb, not choking up and slapping the ball but driving it with a slight uppercut. Apparently it influenced a young Babe Ruth who with his size and strength took it to a whole nother level. The beginning of the end of the dead ball era from a hitting technique standpoint.
  10. makepeac

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Is everyone confused because he’s wearing shoes?
  11. makepeac

    Random Angel players

    Rudy Meoli
  12. And he always had some mighty fine wine. Singin...
  13. makepeac

    Random Angel players

    Renee Gonzales (twice)
  14. I was there for the Bonds WS blast in 2002 and it was high and long (might have caromed off the moon that night), but for me, the longest I saw was back during the stadium renovation in 1997 when Ken Griffey Jr. hit one to right center that looked like it exited the stadium with the upper deck removed during construction. I later checked the newspaper reports and no one seemed to mention it as anything special but that ball went a looooong way.
  15. makepeac

    Gameday: 4/3 Angels vs Indians

    Today’s seventh inning stretch song was the Isley Brothers “Shout” ala Animal House. Thankfully, Cozart put an end to things before a second seventh inning stretch was required but not by much.