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  1. Throwman91

    Machado to Padres....

    Machado was an overpay and there was no reason to given how long it took, he certainly is worth around 6 years 150MM but no team should be committing any more than that. I guess Boras must have brainwashed yet another owner.
  2. Throwman91

    Machado to Padres....

    Trout can easily command a 12 year 600MM deal, I say bye to him if he does though. At that point one player is hampering the success of a team by spending less on surrounding players.
  3. What scares me more are his double jointed index and ring fingers
  4. Throwman91

    Payroll budget is 50% of revenue

    In baseball your best player does not win you that many games, your manager and GM doesn't either. Baseball is a collective effort and there are so many moving parts and injury/performance/union risks. An entity risking hundreds of millions of dollars and not taking the lions share would be convoluted. It comes down to who is investing and risking the most, the players are guaranteed money, the coaches managers and employees are guaranteed their money, the owner is not. Nobody but the owner/s have something to lose. And you make my point, movie stars/directors shouldn't be taking home the lion's share with the knowledge that few movies become hits, the risk outweighs the reward for the financier. Trout is not worth 40MM, but Arte is taking that risk to keep his team relevant in a dog eat dog world, he deserves every penny of profit he makes over anyone else.
  5. Throwman91

    Angels in on Moose

    Eppler said we're done, I have no reason to not believe him. Pretty sure we avoid Boars like the plague anyways and rightfully so!
  6. Throwman91

    We’re done....

    Pujols and Hamilton hampered us from acquiring any of these top free-agents, our piggy bank is full for Trout and future Ohtani.
  7. The best rule is the draft pick one, a team that falls out of the race doesn't need to win games because that means a higher draft pick, that is bad for baseball and fans. The teams that are closest to .500 should get the benefit of the doubt as they competed all season didn't throw games and provided entertainment for the fans to the best of their ability. And most importantly the worst teams skimp on free agents and spending for their fans because they'd rather draft their way to the post-season creating huge gaps between success via 'rebuilding', the bane of all pro sports. Obviously for this to work there would need to be an advanced algorithm. One again, I don't think the worst team should get the highest pick because that team likely didn't spend money or try hard enough to entertain their fans, they are the lowest common denominator and should be penalized by losing a draft slot for every 5 or so games below .500, they'll likely get a good draft slot regardless. It's pretty simple at a glance, it rewards marginal teams that help the sport, and persuades fierce competition.
  8. Throwman91

    Well... Pecota doesnt like us at all...

    Thinking the Angels are better than .500 is overly optimistic, with a new manager and a sub par rotation paired with an above average lineup .500 makes sense. I do think the starting pitching predictions are harsh because they will have the advantage of pitching in Anaheim's marine layer. The road will be where they are tested the most.
  9. Throwman91

    Would it be unsatisfying in any way?

    Seeing as we are one of those teams that have notoriously over-payed for players that haven't panned out and led to no successes, I would welcome any useful additions. If anyone complains that "the Angels bought their 2020 World Series ring" just remind them of Josh Hamilton, Kazmir, Pujols , CJ Wilson to name a few, they should slither away. As a side note, most of our success has come from home-grown talent (i.e. 2002), not sure if it's a case of players playing harder for the team that brought them up or what but I would maintain that we sign less and farm more, just note that any signings are welcome by me if they can improve this team.
  10. Throwman91

    Upton on MLB Radio re: Ohtani

    You do know that outfielders use different mechanics than pitchers... an outfielder uses mostly arm strength, a pitcher uses more body motion and finesse.
  11. Throwman91

    Source: Bryce Harper picks a club

    All he needs is one big pay day and he's set for generations, it will be looked back as a mistake he didn't take the Nats offer I believe, however he might make more per year for fewer years from another team, something like 160 MM for 4 years (40MM per year)
  12. ^ Comfortability - How am I supposed to know what Bryce thinks is comfortable for him? Systems / Manager/ Coaches / Team personality - Can''t get into his head. Geographic / Weather - Generally players like drier Western weather vs the unpredictable Mid West cold N East and humid S East Home field (conducive to personal strengths/weaknesses) - I stated that Coors field and Rangers stadium are homer-friendly parks, and splash landing in SF. DH or no DH - We have no idea Winning a title - The future is uncertain $ - He will make a lot of money wherever he goes
  13. Sorry I meant 'Western' teams, my mind just types out West coast inherently, so I actually meant Western the whole time, MY BAD.