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  1. Throwman91

    Gerrit Cole seems to be a must signing.

    I'll pass on the Astros sloppy seconds, it's not our year.
  2. Throwman91

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    I haven't posted in a while due to various reasons but I send my thoughts to the Skaggs.
  3. He was saving some RBIs for Trout, he's could use many more...
  4. Throwman91

    Vladdy Jr.

    I said potentially, he looks good though.
  5. Throwman91

    Vladdy Jr.

    He's like a mix between Vladdy Sr, Manny Ramirez and Prince Fielder. To think Dipoto basically passed on him because he had a 'bad feeling' about his weight is beyond ridiculous, he also denied the Mariners the opportunity to bring him up., he can potentially be the next Miguel Cabrera/Albert Pujols and that's not too overzealous, the kid has 500ft power as shown in this video, and he already showed veteran level plate vision & hit placement in his first game. I feel like we are in that unlucky universe where we don't have Trout & Vlad Jr back to back in our lineup.
  6. Pitchers are having better success not walking Trout it seems
  7. It's a sleepy town on a Sunday
  8. I just woke the neighborhood LMFAO
  9. Is that Calhoun's close family?
  10. Throwman91

    Do you miss Scioscia yet?

    A midget and a fat man walk into a bar...
  11. Throwman91

    Worst Halos decade

    Not sure that signing mega contracts and throwing away draft picks qualifies you for a rebuild
  12. The Angels are basically a try-out squad at this point, anybody who feels they're above the salt come prove your worth!
  13. Throwman91

    New leadoff batter

    Anybody who bats lead-off for the Angels is doomed to fail, might as well keep Calhoun there.
  14. I'm not going to say it