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  1. If hitting the ball hard was a good thing, the Angels would be tops in baseball for hitting.
  2. I was going for extra stupid jokes tonight
  3. Cozart? More like Mozart, swinging a piano
  4. I wonder who's been worse this year, Eppler or Ausmus?
  5. I think he was moved to public relations, baseball isn't his thing.
  6. This is the weakest Yankee team I've seen perhaps ever
  7. Throwman91

    The ball is juiced

    Actually I believe someone out of the 15 or so players has a decent chance of hitting 60 this year, so many on ridiculous pace it's not out of the question, at least a 55+ is within reach, someone will remain hot.
  8. Throwman91

    and Shoe gone as well

    Well, the Blue Jays got their expected value out of him early on since he started so well, they actually won the deal.
  9. Throwman91

    Trout has really sucked lately

    I questioned why they would DH him shortly after his groin strain when he's proven that he hits best when he's fielding CF. and struggles as a DH.
  10. Almost 7 game losing streak and can't complain on a site called Angels Win.
  11. If I was Ausmus I would have someone hit some M's batters clear some benches throw em off their groove
  12. This is a 90+ loss team and Trout will have a down year being pitched around all season
  13. Umpire calling two balls strikes led to that home run