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  1. popo85

    Trading Jo Adell

    5day ban!! jk
  2. D'Shawn Knowles through his first 77 career games .319 avg 7 homers 17 doubles 37 rbis Jeremiah Jackson through his first 66 career games 16 homers 14 doubles 12 stolen bases
  3. popo85

    Los Angeles Angels Prospect Hotlist (6/24-7/7 2019)

    In 77 career games in Knowles is hitting .319 7 hrs 37 rbis 17 doubles
  4. Jackass is appealing it, Eduardo Perez said it was a dirty play right now on ESPN.
  5. Trout, Sho lets go
  6. why would you laugh at my post, you find it funny about losing a family member

    1. Vegas Halo Fan

      Vegas Halo Fan

      If I did it was a misunderstanding, and I apologize.

    2. popo85


      thank you sir

  7. What's that 10th hit in the last 4 innings allowed by this bullpen.
  8. Dang that was close, Fletch almost got it. Too Bad Pujols and Bour wasted ABs
  9. Bour, Pujols need to be benched for good