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  1. Simmons needs to come through here, struggled all game so far at the plate
  2. Shitty signing by Eppler and shitty decision by Ausmus by not benching him
  3. Another chance here for Cozart
  4. Better then watching them struggle at the plate
  5. Angels had 2 runners on base with 1 out and both times came up with 0 runs, keep Cozart, Pooholes on the bench
  6. If only now Pujols can do something at the plate
  7. Come on Offense let's get Duffy outta here
  8. Assmus why even play this dud
  9. I swear if Cozart can't get in the run here send his ass to A ball
  10. Smith and Lucroy at the plate so far very good