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  1. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Nunez and Cozart are all that I can think of Edit: Also Frazier
  2. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Sorry, should have worded that better. What I meant to say is: Then who is utility for shortstop?
  3. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Who is UT for short?
  4. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Another negative about Headley is the lack of versatility. Played one game of second base last year but before that he hadn't played anything besides 1st or third since 2009.
  5. Good trade but it hurts a little bit... Troy is a family friend of mine
  6. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Wait, did the Yankees eat any of Headley's contract?
  7. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Doesn't make much sense to trade for him unless San Diego eats some of his contract... He is set to make 13 million in 2018, and with a few more million we could easily get a better third baseman.
  8. Eugenio Suarez for third base?

    Fixed it.
  9. I was born in 2002, but I became an Angels fan in 2013.
  10. Eugenio Suarez for third base?

    The Reds also don't have too great of a history of returns on their trades. For Frazier, they got Jose Peraza, who never really impressed me. The year before they traded Frazier, he had a 3.4 bWAR and I would think Skaggs would have around the same value as Peraza at the time (Only because of the Reds' pitching needs). They also got Brandon Dixon and Scott Schebler, who were both poor prospects.
  11. Suarez's line last year: 260/367/461 with 26 hrs and a 115 OPS+. Ended up with a 3.7 bWAR and a 4.1fwar. The Reds need pitchers to eat innings, and we could send Skaggs along with some low-level prospects and probably get him. He's also a controllable player as he's not a free agent until 2021
  12. My name is Shohei Ohtani, and I am from Oshu, Japan. I recently signed with the Angels and wanted to introduce myself to the true fans. But in all seriousness, my name is Casey and I'm a 15-year-old from Indiana. I've grown up a Red Sox fan among Reds fans, and I became an Angels fan around 2013 (Seems a little weird since that's when the Sox last won the WS).