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  1. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    10K / year actually goes down to 5K / year if i end up moving to a school with lower poverty it's barely worth it, though. if i weren't getting a pay bump, no way i'd do it. costst $2k just to submit, and the cert lasts for 5 years.
  2. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    3 hours of my classes filmed and analyzed in writing a total of 125 pages of writing / assessments / evidence of student growth at least 150 hours put in over 2 years have to wait until december to find out if i certified. F*ck
  3. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Game of Thrones

    I was satisfied.
  4. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    dipoto is really good at trading shit to the rays, and then reaquiring that same shit for twice the price and several m's players are good at fortnite so yeah, they seem pretty good.
  5. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    Excellent, @Taylor. I've got new places to go in NYC when I go in June. I've been to NYC about 15 times in the past 10 years. I stay with friends in Brooklyn, and have been to everything in NYC except touristy places, which I hate. The Statue of Liberty visit sounds awful, and I've never set foot in Time Square because it's like a big mall from anywhere in the US but with more lights, and all of the most annoying people you try to avoid at the mall waddling around. The museums are about as touristy as I get, and they're all pretty awesome. You can go to one of any of the 20,000 mom and pop restaurants in Manhattan and get the best sandwich of your life for $8, or the best dinner entree you've ever hard for $20. There are better views of Manhattan in Brooklyn than anywhere else. The US Open in Queens is a pretty fantastic experience as long as you stay away from Ashe. Got to see the first 2 exo games played at the New Yankee stadium in the Bronx, and that was pretty awesome. I saw lots of DC when I had to go there every couple of weeks during one of my duty assignments. It was okay.
  6. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Game of Thrones

    been following most of these characters for 20+ years, and it's super gratifying to see how it's all ending. zero complaints from me this season.....well, except i wish lady stoneheart had somehow been included.
  7. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Recipe Of The Day: Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

    this is a pretty standard soup recipe, and super easy to adapt for plant-based eaters. i recommend getting rid of anything water-based like stocks for it, or making sure to really reduce it down before blending. the carrots and sweet potatoes have plenty of moisture, and this soup is best when you get it as hardy as possible. i made a big batch that lasted me for a couple of weeks when we had all of the snow up here that made it hard to get to the store.
  8. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    5 Greatest American Children's Authors of All Time.

    for authors not writing for children quite so young, i'd add names like lm montgomery, fd fitzgerald, and judy bloom. they're some of the authors that got me into reading.
  9. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

  10. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    finishing up my materials for national board certification, and have to submit by next wed. easily 150 hours put in, 60 pages of writing, dozens of lessons filmed with students, all kinds of evidence submitted. awful
  11. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Co Worker Catastrophes

    i could share a story for pretty much every day i was in the marine corps. now, the closest i get is seeing one of my coworkers on multiple anitdepressants standing in his room after classes end, and rubbing the back of his head against the wall with his eyes closed for 30+ minutes.
  12. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    I miss good Mike Trout

    there is no good or bad mike trout there is only god mike trout
  13. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    This depresses me.

    nobody understands dipot's genius at tiddlywinks proof he's also a genius at pen spinning proof
  14. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    i assume you're a pro golfer or something now because i haven't seen you around in forever
  15. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    saw that the rose windows survived. they're spectacular.