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  1. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Why the fvck is the Trump thread locked?

    maybe as a christmas gift to all mods since it's probably got a lot of reporting going on but i don't know. i'm never there.
  2. after 5+ years on an HTC One M7, I got an S9 for $459 last week. Unlocked. I use Ting, and porting my number was super easy.
  3. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    kids don't know how to use flash drives anymore there's no USB port on their phones, so USB doesn't exist
  4. John Wick 2 "Are you here for the Pope" is my favorite movie line in a long time.
  5. Red Sparrow It was okay. A different director could've done better, I think. Francis Lawrence just isn't a good storyteller.
  6. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mariners, top 5 farm after all is said and done

    so now segura is gone, too most likely seager and hanniger next again, i'd be fine with all of this if it were a competent gm behind the rebuilding
  7. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mariners, top 5 farm after all is said and done

    deal's done i'm really fine with it. i just don't trust moron dipoto or the rest of the grossly incompetent m's staff to develop any of this new talent.
  8. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Which homer was more important?

    pujols is a homer
  9. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Christmas music

    i avoid xmas music. i've just had to play too many xmas concerts and church things.
  10. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Weaver tells story about time he hit Kyle Seager

    I don't care about any of this, and it's all pretty funny, but Seager is super even keel. Very much like Zunino, though Zunino was scary when he got angry from what I've heard.
  11. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    sigh... Trout, Harper, Philly

    Basing decisions in the here and now off of where Trout might choose to go in 2021 would be brain dead moronic. If Eppler/Moreno think like that, the Angels are doomed to at least another half decade of nothing.
  12. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Paxton to the Yankees

    dipoto's attempt at a rebuild will be worse than jack z's it's all so Facking depressing
  13. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    2019 Steamer projections...

    cleveland all the way, of course