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  1. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Woah....more Jerry Dipoto & Seattle Mariners greatness

    i hate everybody
  2. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Woah....more Jerry Dipoto & Seattle Mariners greatness

    i don't even care if it's true anything to get rid of servais, dipoto, or any other fucktard in the front office is good by me i'd like the new, improved owners to also do something stupid enough to force them to sell, but that's too much to ask , i know
  3. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Recipe Of The Day: Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas

    i don't like fried chickpeas, but eat a ton of hummus which is basically just chickpea and sesame seed dip always looking for new hummus recipes
  4. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    What have you bought lately?

    fallout 4 a year's worth of deodorant, paper towels, and laundry detergent
  5. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Must see places in Seattle?

    drive to bellingham or port townsend it's everything around seattle that's amazing
  6. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    2018 Hot Stove League

    moron dipoto who: 1. traded 2 prospects to ATL for Mallex Smith 2. then traded Mallex Smith and 2 prospects for Drew Smyly who never played game for Ms 3. and now traded Zunino and Heredia for Mallex Smith. ONLY JERRY Facking DIPOTO WOULD FIND A WAY TO ESSENTIALLY TRADE A BUNCH OF PROSPECTS, ZUNINO, HEREDIA, AND MALLEX SMITH FOR........MALLEX SMITH
  7. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Seattle considering full rebuild...

    i'd love a full rebuild if we had owners that knew what the F*ck they were doing or a gm who knows what the F*ck he's doing instead, we've got nintendo lite and moron dipoto
  8. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    i'm in favor of this decision
  9. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    "Let the kids play"

    Trout's play speaks for itself. So yeah, let him play.
  10. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    more ALL CAPS and petty bickering please great thread
  11. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    i like him
  12. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Angels administering 2-hour written test to manager candidates

    1) Replace x with the correct integer, and then fill in the blank to calculate Albert Pujols' real age. 2018-1980+x=________ 2) Do you hate Jerry Dipoto? Explain why you hate Jerry Dipoto. 3) Are you allergic to hair dye or botox? (required response due to constant interaction with Angels broadcasters)
  13. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Stock Market: The Thread

    i've learned a lot in the past 7 days
  14. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Legitimately considering a move out west.

    i live in central WA, and a decent 3 br / 2 bath 1400 sq ft house that's less than 30 years old is 250K very cheap compared to anywhere on the west side of the state. rent in my 1 BR, 800 sq ft apartment in a nice area is 1200/month. weather here is over 100 for 30+ days in the summer, and gets below 20 at night for 50+ days in the winter
  15. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    OC Register: Billy Eppler begins search for next Angels manager

    i'm an outsider, but is erstad interested i wonder?