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  1. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Gameday Thread 09/14 Angels vs. Mariners

    they were over long ago, weren't they? i haven't watched much, but they showed they couldn't keep up over a month ago, right? halos will have a better 2019 than the m's for sure.
  2. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Pre-Game Fight in Mariners Clubhouse

    haven't watched any m's games this year, but was really hoping to hear that zunino had somehow put cano back on the dl
  3. I've been eating vegan/plant based since January, but I have yet to try any of these substitute cheeses, etc. I've never really loved cheese anyway, so some sort of synthetic cheese product seems even grosser to me. I've also stayed away from textured proteins. Potatoes, beans, rice, oats, homemade salsa, homemade hummus, tons of veggies and fruits. And I've gotten pretty good at making curry bases. Okay, that was too much, but I'm not on here much anymore, so bye.
  4. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    113 here today. i think we got up to 114 once a few years back, but other than that, this is the hottest we've gotten where i live in wa
  5. saw mission impossible fallout good stuff i liked rogue nation just a tiny bit more, but it was really good ghost protocol, rogue nation, and fallout have been right up there with the last couple of bond flicks for me
  6. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    thanks, tank she has one of those exterior metal cage contraptions that's bolted down to hold the bones together right now, so a lot of pain. i was able to visit with her for a couple of hours before driving her car from san diego to seattle. did it in 26 hours, total. i-5 is disgusting through central cali. 200 miles of intermittent road construction that has little to no markings or signs, and few visible dividers between lanes, so everybody just has to guess about it. super unpleasant at night. anyway, mom will be done with in-patient rehab in a few weeks, hopefully, and we'll get her up to the place we got for her in the sumner/tacoma area
  7. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    my mom is 77, and moving from san diego to seattle i've been flying back and forth from san diego to where i am in central wa, packing her up, and setting things up with the moving company to put everything on the truck and move her stuff up to a new apt by where my sister lives i'm back home, ready to fly back out tomorrow am to fly down for the last time and drive her car from sand diego to seattle., so 20 hours. it was the last step. we were so close she's staying in a hotel tonight getting ready to fly up tomorrow, and she fell and broke her arm. compound fracture, bone sticking out my sister can't fly down because she's waiting for my mom's moving truck to get there either tomorrow or friday F*ck
  8. great news! was he around in the espn days, and if so, what was his handle?
  9. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Random Thoughts Thread

    washington state has made it so that teachers can add subject endorsements through testing the tests aren't easy, but i've added history, social studies, library media, and health and fitness endorsements next up, instrumental music
  10. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    all through college, i lived in an apt with no AC, and we got over 100 throughout July and Aug every fan in the area was sold out at every store after the first big heat wave. i'm assuming the same is happening down there i was lucky enough to have a relative with AC nearby, or i don't know what i would've done good luck to all of you
  11. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mike Scioscia just shot himself in the foot

    yes, it was i don't pretend to be smaht
  12. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mike Scioscia just shot himself in the foot

    i trolled failos (not the user on here, just a cool name for Angels fans) for many years but this is getting little uncomfortable i love it
  13. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    I hate this Angels team

    personally, i love it
  14. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mike Scioscia just shot himself in the foot

    my first college class was a computer science class the professor gave a lecture 3 hours a week with powerpoint, and everybody in the class took meticulous notes on the powerpoint the entire grade for the class was based on multiple choice exams the first exam came along, and every question was from the textbook readings we were assigned, which had NOTHING to do with his lectures everybody failed the first exam i stopped showing up for class, just read the book and showed up on exam days, and ended up with the highest score in the class please tell me you're like this
  15. GOPSnowflakesHateCezero

    Mike Scioscia just shot himself in the foot

    im way too drunk to underrstand and i totally believe you teach college i TA'd for an Asian history professor when i did my history MA and you sound just like him. homey complete dissected crouching tiger hidden dragon during one class session