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  1. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    Also to add we always hear how in the NFL every time there is a new FO they want their own HC and their own QB. Usually the QB is tied to the regime that drafted him. There is emotional/financial and psychological investment in that particular player due to generally going through the pre draft/combine/schmoozing/etc. Same concept, this wasn't just a handshake, Ohtani didn't just come here thinking if he plays bad for a couple games then he's back to square one. Pujols never moved lower than 4th even though he was the worst player in MLB for a whole year. It will take Ohtani being this bad till at least the ASB before Eppler and Balelo have a face to face on a potential change of course from the plan they agreed to.
  2. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    I disagree. This wasn't your ordinary recruitment process. The angels FO and Ohtani's agent/people were building a long term relationship/ wining-dining, schmoozing whoever needed to be. On the outside we underestimate the amount of face to face time agents/FO have. Why do you think the Nationals are Boras' client warehouse, he obviously has a good personal relationship with the people there. Eppler definitely pitched to Balelo that Ohtani would be taken care of if he came here and every effort would be made for him to succeed. Kind of like how Pete Carroll would have recruited a 5 star QB to USC. Telling his family that he will be treated like a son and that this is a long term investment between the organization and the player. There's honestly not even that much to be worried about from the pitching side, he's still K'ing people and throwing some good stuff. I'd be more worried about his hitting because he's not hitting anything in the air and is rolling over everything on the ground.
  3. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    Kind of hard to believe that his agent didn't go through all the scenarios in the recruitment pitch. Remember the Angels were a long shot, they promised him the moon to get him to come. Sending him to AAA is an overreaction. Is anyone judging Trout or Pujols on ST? It's just because of the hype surrounding him, even if he's not the Japanese Babe Ruth he can still be a contributing player. If 20 PA and 5 INN were enough to change someone's mind then Eppler and co. wouldn't be the businessmen they are. No way his agent agrees to push his FA back one year. They'd probably give up hitting for a year before that. All the possible scenarios were probably covered before he agreed to come.
  4. Blowtani

    You must have a low IQ, I meant top US criquet player moving to play in India because I thought they were #1 in criquet. I picked a random sport. Ohtani doesn't speak any English and the culture shock from Japan to USA is huge. I used an American going to India as an example so people would understand the gravity in change of culture. Everyone here is probably an American so they probably can't really relate to the culture/language shock.
  5. Blowtani

    I remember in ST 2015 Jung Ho Kang was terrible for the Pirates then once the season started he went beast mode. Same for Hyun Soo Kim in 2016. Those stories are well documented. Imagine a top US player took a criquet job in India and was expected to go ham from the word go with no language/friends/etc. I think if he was just a pitcher no one would be really that worried, he's been K'ing people pretty nasty, he'll be an asset to the staff. However the hitting side he could definitely be a negative value, and how exactly is he going to improve if he's expected to pitch at the MLB level. And considering he's got some work to do on the mount he can't just go cruise control on pitching and focus more time on film/cages on just hitting. If he's pitching like 3.5ERA 1K/1IN he's still plus value for us so he's not going to get sent down, but if he's hitting .200 then we can't really just give at bats away. This experiment only really will work if he's good at both or good at pitching/average at hitting, and since he's a DH the bar for an average hitter is actually quite high.
  6. he's listed at age 29, going to be 30 in April... I don't think so Anyone wanna guess his real age? 32, 33?
  7. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    think Marte still has the edge. Should be ok for an emergency couple of innings if Kinsler got hurt in the middle of the game. If he got injured not in a game they would then probably call up a Cowart/Fontana/etc.
  8. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    who's going to play 1B against LHP when Pujols is DHing?
  9. If Pujols rakes

  10. If Pujols rakes

    Let's not get carried away people
  11. C.J. Cron to the Tampa Bay Rays

    Valbuena really can't hit left handed pitching. When a LH starter is on the mound we're kind or missing a bat. I think Marte has the best chance unless another signing is made.
  12. Pujols and the double play

    Did someone say 3 WAR?
  13. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    you guys that are trying to make the argument against the players really are tunnel visioned. Forget Martinez, Hosmer and the 1% of 1%. So after the top ten or so free agents how are the other 95%, aka the middle class, doing? Do Moustakas or Morrison have any offers? Even 1 year offers. Howie Kendrick hit over .300 and got $3.5M. Adam Lind hit over .300 and didn't even get $5M. Any player over 33ish even if they do well the year before like Pagan in 2016, Freese in 2015 are basically forced to take a couple million if they're lucky. A lot of guys in their thirties are now forced to take minor league 1 year deals with a spring training invite. Teams would rather go with a guy from their system making $500k for 3+ years then sign a veteran solid player. That's what's scaring the players and the agents.
  14. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    The more this drags out the less I see the situation changing next year, the year after that, or really anytime till the next CBA. The data teams are getting isn't changing, their ability to analyze it is getting better, the problem is the system. There is no incentive for teams to spend more with the current rules being what they are. They aren't going to wake up tomorrow and start signing 30+ year olds like they did in the past. To me it's like the manufacturing jobs the midwest lost, they aren't coming back no matter what. Companies can go anywhere in the world for slave wages, the only way they will come back is if the marginal value = cost. Same thing for the teams, there are too many players that are young and due to the system be paid nothing for good production. The Yankees would rather have Andujar/Torres for the minimum over Frazier/Moustakas/Castro. Even if they made $5M that's 10 times what the rookies would make. The luxury tax and revenue sharing was supposed to the exact opposite of what's it's doing now. All thirty teams were supposed to be able to compete, spend, and have some hope every year. Instead we now have a cap on the teams that do want to spend and owners have a bullet proof investment sure to generate tremendous cash flow for years to come. Instead of 30 teams bidding, we have 10. This is a squeeze on everybody.