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  1. Brandon Marsh Prospect Article

    yep, remember letting Howie leave after a 5 WAR season and we were like one of Giavotella, Rutledge, Green, Featherston, Yarbrough will win the job and we'll save money. Look at how that turned out, ST meant nothing and we were stuck with a merry go round for 2B for 3+ years with Petit, Ryan, Jackson, Espinosa. We literally had something like 0 or <1 WAR TOTAL from 2015-17 at 2B. Same thing with LF, we had Joyce, Navarro, Robertson, Nava, Gentry..so much replacement level production. Calhoun has been a top 10 RF before last year, he was top 10 in '14/'15 and #5 in '16. Our OF prospects are still in A ball, their development actually lines up well with Kole's contract. Let's wait till we have too many players like the Dodgers, Astros, Indians before we start thinking of shipping out our good players. Even then, all the top teams have stacked benches that can step right in for the starters, why can't we? Why do we need to contemplate using replacement level players for our bench when the Doyers have basically two full starting outfields, three starting level catchers, 7-8 starters w/ top prospects like Beuhler, Urias, Stewart, etc.
  2. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    There are 30 MLB teams so a #1 would presumably be top 30 or so. Darvish was #17 in WAR among starters. That's very good. Verlander was #14, I'm sure many think of him as an ace. Greinke was #7, some people consider him a disappointment but he is still very good. Kershaw, Kluber, Sale, Scherzer are top 5 pitchers, if people constitute that as a #1 then there are only like 5-10 #1 starters in the game. Those are ridiculously high standards.
  3. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    So your saying you'd let Trout walk in 3 years basically? Trout and his agent set it up to where he'd hit FA before 30 at age 29. That wasn't be accident, they want ~ a ten year deal most likely to take him to age 40ish which is historically what big time FA's have signed through. Granted, it's become obvious that those deals haven't lived up to expectations for the most part. Trout put up back to back 10WAR seasons for $500k so I don't think he thinks to himself that since he'll likely decline at 36 he should only sign for 6 years for the betterment of the Angels. Honestly they're already paying him $34M/year which is the highest for hitters. I have a hard time seeing Harper breaking that AAV, I don't think he will but if he does it will be BARELY like $34.5M or $35M at most. An extension should be easy to settle, if Harper gets a deal to age 38-40 then Trout won't settle for less. The AAV shouldn't be that different from what he's already making though is the main point.
  4. Pujols Documentary

    I can see your point of view, but this is an Angels' forum, the video could be interesting to some. I came across it and was curious to see what others thought of it. I get it you hate me, but why defend Pujols, the dude sucks. The sooner he leaves the better. Eventually we will have to cross that bridge, no way we go through 4 more years of torture peacefully.
  5. Pujols Documentary

    then he needs to go on the DL-60 or be Fielder'ed. If something is enough to cripple you then you shouldn't be out there on the baseball field, Pujols will get his money either way. It's about winning baseball games.
  6. Pujols Documentary

    The dude recovered from a fractured/broken wrist in two weeks, able to swing a bat against 90+ mph fastballs in '11. Now he literally can't walk, he's got like 5 different injuries. It's not uncommon for guys to break down in their thirties, but he was literally a GG first baseman who turned into an old man in like three years.
  7. Pujols Documentary

    Did you even watch any of it? What you think of Dan Lozano/Pujols, even if you think he's his stated age the evidence for HGH/PED's is unquestionably high.
  8. Pujols Documentary

    I'm not sure how many people have seen this, it starts to get very interesting around the 37th minute mark. I encourage anyone to watch at least the PED/Dan Lozano/Wil Pujols stuff. It's definitely not boring the way the video was, I found it easy to watch from middle to ending. I think the Cardinals definitely knew some background/dirt on him, his agents, entourage, etc. It would be like if Mike Trout was a FA and we offered him a 5 year deal, kinda just going through the motions/not very serious. In 2011, Pujols was still considered the best player in the game. I honestly agree with Wil Pujols that the culture in Latin America is so strong that it's take this stuff or live in poverty forever. Ozzie Guillen has been very vocal as well that so many latin players are taking PEDS from a young age, using false birth certificates. Miguel Tejada, Vlad, Feliz all lied about their age, all Dominicans. If someone has an agent with that kind of track record and still stands by him I'm pretty sure they're in too deep, they both have blood on their hands so to speak. Players from latin america seem to be super human compared to normal suburbanized mexican-americans. There's like 5 times the population of hispanics in the US that love baseball but all the best players seem to come directly from the caribbean/LA. Cliffs: Pujols was on minimum, HGH, he's probably not even 37.
  9. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    If he was playing even at '12-16 levels then I would probably agree, at '17 worst player in baseball level no way,
  10. Pujols has been terrible

    LOL, some lurker is probably laughing at them though, you can literally read the entire thread from page 1 and be laughing your butt off... pujols still sucks.
  11. Pujols has been terrible

    I know you guys are going to say water is wet, we know Pujols sucks, etc. But every playoff team midway through the season fixed all their holes to ensure they had 2-3 WAR players at every position. Carter/Holliday weren't doing it so the Yankees got Frazier, put Hicks full time. Brantley/Zimmer got hurt so the Indians got Bruce, moved Kipnis. Red Sox got Nunez when Lin/Sandoval continued sucking. Dodgers put Barnes full time, dropped Agone for Bellinger. Astros got rid of Aoki to put Gonzalez full time, acquired Maybin who played a key role for them. Teams can no longer carry any average players as starters, let alone guys who are negative WAR. They would instantly be replaced like Carter, Aoki, Sandoval. Especially if they also offered no defensive versatility. Pujols didn't cost us just -2WAR, b/c a +2WAR player is just "an ok starter" and easy to find like Adams/Duda (teams are just giving them away) so it's actualy more like a 4 WAR swing. The Rays would have probably given Morrison away at the deadline too like Bruce/Frazier. I know WAR isn't exactly added to the wins total but it's amazing, we finished behind the Twins and Pujols was still hitting 4th. Currently we ARE a top 5 AL team, I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect a resolution to this at latest midseason if he continues putting up even a 0/1 WAR DH. No other team would even carry that type of player, let alone treat him the way we did.
  12. 4th OF?

    The thing is what decent outfielder would look at the angel's starting outfield, which is the most expensive in baseball, and want to come and play behind these guys. If no one gets injured then your not looking at a whole lot of playing time. You'd probably go somewhere where even if you're the backup, the guys ahead of you are more injury prone/less talented. Calhoun - 159, 157, 155 games played - avg 5 days off, $8.5 M Trout - 157, 157, 159, 159, last yr injured - avg 4 days off before last year, $33M Upton - last 7 years he's played avg 153 games - avg 9 days off, $16M That's only 18 games/6 months = 3 games a month or so. I know it's just a estimate, but I was just trying to make the point barring injury, the high end of games played for these guys could be 155 each. That's only 21 other days for the 4th guy, over six months. The DH is log jammed so it's going to be hard to use that to give Trout or whoever a breather. If Trout/Upton got injured and we were doing well I have a hard time believing they would be comfortable with just playing the backup, when Brantley went down the Indians got Bruce rather than throwing out a 1 WAR player. There will be OF's available in June/July like every year, the 4th guy would have to be pretty optimistic if they any good, looked at our team and still came here.
  13. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    I'm so happy that they were able to get Cozart. Seems like a very solid clubhouse guy as well.
  14. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Your not funny at all, but if that's you in the picture your hairline is.