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  1. TC2424

    Can Angels win World Series?

    THX TomsRed Halos Fan since 1969 Im not sure how much if anything is left in the kitty to pony-up, but as we've all seen in today's game, relief pitching is critical. A solid Pen not only saves young arms, but bolsters the confidence of young pitchers. I'm trying to stay realistic, but the Fan in me always comes out. Short of Trading for Brad Hand, I'd like to see them Sign a relatively "Young" pair of experienced Guys. Bring back to Cali (SDST] Addison Reed...28 with closing experience and success, along with 28 years old Lefty Kevin Siegrist. Reeds gonna cost ya, probably a bit over 3/36, while Siegrist ( career 3 era) should be had for an incentive laden 2/5. Add in potential long men, Skaggs/Heaney/Alvarez/Tropeano...whoever doesn't stick in the Rotation and it gives us a much deeper, balanced Pen. IMo Go Halos
  2. TC2424

    Can Angels win World Series?

    The Offense will be fine. The Starting Rotation will be better than most think. As constructed, the Bullpen is in no way a Playoff Pen, let alone a WS Pen.