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  1. OK-LA Angels

    Way too early 2019 RH lineup

    Oops. Corrected version here: 1. Pujols 2. Realmuto 3. Bour 4. Harper 5. Machado 6. Bourjos 7. Fletcher 8. Trout 9. Simmons
  2. OK-LA Angels

    Way too early 2019 RH lineup

    1. Pujols 2. Realmuto 3. Bour 4. Harper 5. Machado 6. Bourjos 7. Fletcher 8. Simmons 9. Trout
  3. OK-LA Angels

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Company Playstations now I believe.
  4. OK-LA Angels

    Bold predictions for the biggest 2018-19 FAs

    CC was still a pretty good pitcher this season. With that being said. I hope we don't sign him. Watching him pitch this year, I've got that gut feeling that it's over. He will sign with a team for sure, but I believe this will be the year he "loses it."
  5. OK-LA Angels


    The Shift seems to have started against Kole around 2015. I've thought to myself since last season that Kole's hitting officially died when teams went full shift on him. But the numbers don't seem to actually back up my claim. So with that being said. I haven't a clue as to why Kole has bombed so hard to start this season (even going back to last season) One would have to think at this point it's all mental. He's never been an outstanding hitter but he's never been this bad either. I love watching him play. I love his heart and how he carries himself. He's a fiery (no pun intended maybe) player. But this has been awful. I hope he snaps out of it but if he doesn't, I hope we can find a solution at little cost to us.
  6. He does seem fast enough to reach on a bunt. You'd think 4 bunts a game (assuming he's always facing a shift) would result in a higher avg. than .180. I love Kole. I love how he plays. But I truly believe his hitting died when the shift came around for him.
  7. I'm sure there is a way to check this stat. But I'm not going to so I'll make my comment based entirely on feelings. Kole's hitting ended when teams starting playing the shift against him.
  8. OK-LA Angels

    Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    Didn't Skaggs get hurt right when it seemed like he was starting to find his groove though? I'm going entirely off of memory here, so I could he completely wrong. But wasn't Skaggs like 6-7 innings into a no-hitter when he exited with his injury? Now of course, a no hitter is no way to judge whether a pitcher is any good or not as there have been some less than spectacular pitchers who have thrown them. But I feel like I remember Skaggs starting to turn a corner leading up to his last game, was in the middle of a no no and then bam. He was out with an injury. I don't know if the hype on him is way overblown, I think he has shown glimpses in the past that he has a chance to succeed at this level but only time will tell and I'm still hopeful that he finds it and stays healthy.
  9. OK-LA Angels

    Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    I feel like I'm dreaming. I've been waiting for this since the final game of last season so I can't believe we are already here.
  10. Congrats Vladdy! One of the most exciting players I watched growing up
  11. I feel like there really is a bitter sweetness to drafting and bringing up your own superstar in an organization. You almost have to TRY to sign him for forever whether he is worth it or not because he's the face of the organization. Which is why I'll continue to say my nightly prayers that mike trout will continue to perform well as angel into his 50's
  12. That is true. If they want faster, higher scoring games, this might be the way to do it considering the top 5 pitchers based on ERA last season averaged 24.22 together. In fact, not a single pitcher in the top 30 based on ERA is under 20 seconds. I wonder how pitchers will respond to it. From my personal experiences playing baseball, pitchers are mental. Lol
  13. The five slowest pitchers in 2017 (with a minimum of 100IP) Sonny Gray - 28.3 Matt Garza - 28.1 Alex Cobb - 27.3 Yu Darvish - 27.1 Jason Hammel - 26.9 The five fastest pitchers in 2017 (minimum 100IP) Adam Conley - 19.4 Carlos Martinez - 20.2 Jason Vargas - 20.5 Ty Blach - 20.6 Wade Miley - 20.7 The number is the average seconds between each pitch. There are some pretty good pitchers who are very slow between each pitch and I can't help but wonder how making them hurry things along might affect their performance.
  14. I always considered myself an Angels fan growing up in the 90's but I was a kid. So I had the hats, the shirts and so on. My first team I played for (TeeBall) was the Angels. But I didn't sit down and watch the Angels every night or listen to them on the radio or check stats. 2002 was the first year I actually followed them every single day, tv, radio, newspaper and so on. 2002 was the first year I went to a game. So it was quite a special year for me to witness as they won it all. I still have the newspapers I saved from the World Series.