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  1. a random relief pitcher we've never heard of
  2. Austin Brice aka Miscellaneous Henchman #6, according to the script
  3. This is who I was hoping they would go with. Let's see how the players respond!
  4. kj_maestro

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    How about Re-signed for 10 years-Man?
  5. kj_maestro

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    Isn't Black Doug a character in the Hangover? Why couldn't we get him
  6. kj_maestro

    C Kevan Smith

    Good OBP, bad defense. Ianettea 2.0 at best? Maybe he'll surprise us but this move is super whatever
  7. kj_maestro

    Let’s go Dodgers

    Haha I totally hear ya brutha, maybe I'm being nitpicky lol. It's just this is what they gave us on the crew at the 29th season premiere party last year: and this is what they gave at Comic con: I always thought 1989 was the first "official" year too but it's out there that 1987 is the first year. Just want to help you at all costs against your Dodger friends lol.
  8. kj_maestro

    Let’s go Dodgers

    I like your style, however, Simpsons began in 1987 would hate for that to get flipped on you haha
  9. kj_maestro

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    Would be cool if the guy from SLC that fixed Calhoun got a look. Seemed like he had a good approach. How great would it be if somehow he's onto something and we can be a team that's known for identifying and fixing problems in guys on multiple occassions
  10. kj_maestro

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    I will like every single one of your posts for your sig. But I also agree with you. I give him an 8 for rebuilding the worst farm known to man in less time than a lot assumed (I remember "experts" saying it would take 5+ years to rebuild the farm). I also don't know what any other GM could do to have brought us closer to a playoff berth and a rebuilt farm in less time than he has. When he took over, many thought with our farm and our payroll, it would be 10 years before we would make the playoffs. There's a decent chance he could do it in half that time. I like his savvy moves and getting Ohtani and his ability to maximize his resources. However he loses some points for MLB guys he not only brought in but gave way too long a leash to like Valshitty, Espinosa. Cozart potentially too. I understand his resources being limited in the higher levels of the minors and so guys like Young and Blash are a result of that but Billy brought them in and man they f***ing suck haha
  11. kj_maestro

    F**ck Everything :-(

    this x1000. Even when we were contending every year and they were mediocre they would hype up their team. A large number of them are also Raider fans and they do the same thing for them