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  1. kj_maestro

    The age of our rotation

    Wtf haha
  2. kj_maestro

    The age of our rotation

    If this isn’t evidence we’ve been rebuilding, I don’t know what is
  3. kj_maestro

    Nick Tropeano

    I think this means he is not master of his domain
  4. kj_maestro

    Gameday thread August 4 @Indians

    Barria has his ankle taped up
  5. kj_maestro

    Gameday thread August 4 @Indians

    When it rains it pours
  6. The Dodgers are the ones with the egregious behavior chart for their international employees, right? Maybe the Angels need to get one of those
  7. I'm sure anyone who is upset about these guys being traded has watched them and/or heard a lot of scouting reports and has reason to not like seeing them go.... But as someone who literally only knows them because of one thread on AW, it seems these guys were our #7 and #8 best OF prospects at best? And we had no depth at catcher at all and nobody close to the majors. And Smith is injury prone and Lucroy is old and Garneau is playing decent but in a small sample size. Seems pretty fair to me
  8. kj_maestro

    Are the Angels a dysfunctional organization?

    Things change quickly. In 2009, ESPN had the Angels as the #1 franchise in all of American sports and the Clippers as the worst: https://www.espn.com/espn/news/story?id=4297569 Winning makes everything look better and losing makes everything look way worse. The Angels seem to have addressed a lot of things that have made them fall from #1 to here (getting back into the international market, not drafting horrifically, having an actual organizational philosophy for development and scouting, no crippling contracts the last 5 years). I think that these changes have been made show a degree of self awareness and wouldn't really happen if they were all out dysfunctional. Now when we had Dipoto and all the media leaks and the conflict between the manager/GM and rumors of Pujols fighting people or whatever haha. THAT was dysfunction. But I feel like all that set us so far back and we've largely corrected it with having a chance of sustainable functionality (or whatever the opposite of dysfunction is lol)
  9. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/26/2019

    Well good thing it’s not a close game or we’d have to face the nasty center fielder on the mound again
  10. kj_maestro

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    I was horrifically awfully wrong in thinking he could be somewhere between what he did in CIN last year and what Richards gave us last year. The only thing positive that can be said is that at least Eppler didn’t let him go out and suck in too many games. Harvey (7.09 ERA, 1.542) is right there with Jeff Weaver (6.29 ERA, 1.529 WHIP, 88.2 IP) and Blanton (6.04 ERA, 1.613 WHIP, 132.2 IP!!) in sucky veteran pickups in Angel recent history. But at least he only got a 59.2 inning rope.
  11. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners 7/20/2019

    Has Justin Upton taken a wider stance this season compared to normal? Or have I just not noticed it perhaps? Just seems to have quite a wide setup
  12. Off topic but this quote really reminded me of a game probably 10 years ago vs TOR. Aybar gets a double and Hudler says "man I just love the way Aybar plays, always in action!" Physioc says "Wow Hud I think you just came up with a great nickname for him. Action Aybar!" Hudler- "Hmm I don't know, I think we could come up with something better." Physioc: "Oh okay. How about....AybAARGGH! He's a pirate!" *awakward silence* Hudler- "Uhh I don't think so." Haha still cracks me up