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  1. kj_maestro

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    I would say Adell is the only untouchable. Gonna need cost controlled multiyear contracts and he seems most likely to be an everyday player. Canning is close to being untouchable just because of our need for pitching, and yeah trading him for an established ace straight up makes sense obviously but that doesn’t happen. And so trading him plus any other pieces I feel would only be worth it for a position player, as trading him for another pitcher kind of defeats the purpose of getting a pitcher imo. Maitan I’m also gonna say here. For anyone who golfs, Maitan has kind of a Freddy couples smooth swing when things are clicking for him. I think he might be the only other position player who could really be a star besides Adell. Too early to trade someone like that, we aren’t in a place to make moves like that. Anyone else can go haha.
  2. Even if you’re totally correct about how Oakland made some trades to bolster their roster, I don’t think it’s fair to 100% blame Eppler for not doing the same. Our system finally has some talent that could become major leaguers, probably for the first time in about 7-8 years, and there wasn’t a move worth gutting the first crop of young cheap controllable players that this team has had in almost a decade. At least not for this season, where literally every position player of ours and nearly every pitcher got hurt. Or significantly played below their career norm. This offseason, however, is a different story. We’ve seen what some of our young guys can do and where we should focus to improve the team. If the FO doesn’t make some additions then I will agree with you for sure
  3. I think Trout means what he says when he says he likes being here and wants to be an Angel. I don't think it's like a Dwight Howard thing in Orlando when he was saying he wanted to be on the Magic more as a leverage thing when everyone knew he was a b***h and he wanted out. I think Trout stays and Eppler is going to do a great job conveying how he's set the team up to be the next dynasty in the league
  4. KB's mansion in Newport looks like a hotel haha. Didn't know he and Mike were friends
  5. kj_maestro

    Terry Smith

    Terry has a good voice and can be kinda fun to listen to but he's terrible at telling the score on the radio. Always have to check my phone when I'm in traffic to even know what's going on. Also, when he does TV and they show him in the broadcast booth is when I remember why he's a radio guy haha Rojas has grown on me, I used to find him a little annoying but he's solid. Gubi is terrible. Phys and Hud were bad. Although I think the greatest idiotic call came with them in a game against Toronto I believe, perhaps around 2008-2009. Aybar hits a ball in the gap and stretches it into a double. Hudler goes: "Wow Aybar is always in action doing good things out there," and Phys goes "You know Hud I think you may have just come up with a new nickname: Action Aybar!" Hudler: "Nahh I think we can come up with something better.' Phys: "Hmm okay. How about... AybARRGHH he's a pirate." *awkward silence* Hudler: "No I don't think that's very good."
  6. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread 09/12 vs. Rangers

    You're agreeing with me but arguing at the same time haha. If he and others listed didn't have those prolonged struggles then we probably win more games, all I'm saying brutha, glad we're in agreement.
  7. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread 09/12 vs. Rangers

    He had a .654 OPS through his first 3 months/70 games of the season. And that's including his .744 OPS in June. Pretty bad man, that would have him as the 19th ranked 2B in MLB by OPS Like I said, replace those 70 games with what Fletcher is doing or I guess with what Kinsler did his last few weeks here, however you want to look at it, and a lot of those runners stranded in scoring position/weak flyball outs are hits/more runs instead and we probably win some of those ones that got away. And to be fair I was thinking of Valbuena/Maldonando/1st half Kole as the blackholes and Kinsler as the "bad" production you can tolerate because of his defense, if he's pretty much the only one you're having to do so with.
  8. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread 09/12 vs. Rangers

    Nice lineup! I fully believe simply replacing horrible offensive production from Valbuena/Kinsler/Maldonando/Marte/1st half Kole with what we see now gives us at LEAST 5-6 more wins. Probably more. It seems to contend you need to have at least 7 players hitting at a average rate, or only have at the most 2 easy outs in the lineup (given that you're sacrificing those outs for some great defense). I think this lineup next year gets us there if we get decent production from Ward/Cozart. Trout/Ohtani/Upton/Simmons/2nd half Kole is legit if they're not surrounded by like 3 blackholes.
  9. After about 6 interviews, over the phone and in person, I once didn't get a position at nickelodeon because I was "too enthusiastic" about getting the position. Point is, if you suck at a position or aren't qualified, the fact if someone is nice or fun to be around doesn't even belong in the conversation. Dipoto wrecked the Angels. That's not even an opinion, look at how hard it has been to be relevant in September since he put his fingerprints on the team. He brought nothing to this team that will be a part of any championship success, unless Ward or Jam Jones somehow pan out, but even so. If you're just talking about baseball, I don't see any way people can defend him and the job he did. Scioscia should be gone at seasons end and Eppler should finally have the chance to put in his guy and get his vision of the team an actual shot of happening. Would love to see a a younger guy like Chavez or Paul (ugh, tag Pierzynski dammit) get a chance and see how our team responds.
  10. he held the super bowl trophy, he's going to the Phillies. This article was probably written before that though so they couldn't have taken that into account
  11. kj_maestro

    Pujols to have bone spurs removed from his elbow

    The quote in your sig cracks me up. Classic Mota
  12. kj_maestro

    Gameday 9/7 Angels @ White Sox (Upton back)

    Seriously. On a team without Trout he is easily their best hitter and their best pitcher. Love this guy
  13. kj_maestro

    Shohei Ohtani Will Start For Angels On Sunday

    Because he's as healthy now as he would be at the start of the spring. Might as well try out the elbow and see how it holds up. If he hurts it in the next month he can have the TJ surgery in October and be ready to hit in the spring and pitch for start of 2020. If we didn't have him pitch now and he hurts his elbow in March/April then all of a sudden we lose his bat in 2019 and dont get him back until late 2020/ early 2021.