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  1. Last year they had us ranked 18th, with Ohtani considered a prospect. Seems a little unsubstantiated to rank us worse even with him “graduating.” Dropping Jones a tier could be fair I guess, but they had guys like Thaiss, C Rodriguez, Ward (pre position change) as tier 2 last year and have Suarez, Adams and Rengifo as tier 3 this year. Seems inconsistent
  2. kj_maestro

    Random Thoughts Thread

    So The Simpsons was renewed for 2 more seasons. Which is great because it's two more years of guaranteed work for me and all of us (in animation, most artist contracts only last about 8-9 months and then you're looking for work again.) And so anyways, I read on a fan forum for the show called No Homers periodically just to see if they ever comment on our animation (and they compliment it sometimes which is nice), and I was just thinking how hilarious it is that these "fans" shit on the quality of the show, week after week, begging for it to be cancelled. And yet they tune in and watch it live every week just so they can shit on it more lol. And when news of the show renewal came out, they are pissed!! Like f**k you guys man haha! It's just funny because they can literally just not watch and maybe they'd get their wish and the show they hate so much will be cancelled because of low viewership (it's one of the top rated shows still). But then they'd have nothing to bitch about anymore. But then as I think this, I remember I bitch on sports forums about players and whatnot lmao. So I can't say shit
  3. kj_maestro

    Angels Sign Ty Kelly

    Ty Kelly huh? Ty as in “thank you”? More like NO thank you Kelly
  4. kj_maestro

    Crisis in Baseball

  5. kj_maestro

    Crisis in Baseball

    You don’t hit my line no more oh oh you don’t make it ring ring ring ring i can’t keep this on the low I want you to make it ring ring ring ring
  6. kj_maestro

    2018 Hot Stove League

    This is a high quality post, holy shit
  7. kj_maestro

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I believe Trout will stay in large part because Eppler is going to, and probably already somewhat has, made an outstanding impression on why the Angels are the best option. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eppler even shows Trout where his other suitors are at as organizations and projected to be at in the next decade compared to the Angels. He’s extremely thorough and the only way I think he leaves is if he does a Texieiera (pretty sure that’s how you spell it now)
  8. kj_maestro

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Mark Texieria’s wife just orgasmed looking at this
  9. kj_maestro

    2018 Hot Stove League

    They got a Vernon Wells on their hands
  10. Wanted to say something that hasn’t been said on this topic before Trike Mout
  11. kj_maestro

    Law on Canning

    Not going to lie, I’d be moderately disappointed if the guy with the nasty curve and mid 90s fb didn’t end up better than the guy who’s breaking ball doesn’t break haha
  12. Based on what we know of Trout, this is the exact opposite of what he wants
  13. I think Phillies have their own pujols/Wilson day Machado- 8 years, 250 Million, Phillies Keuchel- 4 years, 90 million, Phillies Harper- 9 years, 320 Million, Dodgers Kembrel- 4 years, 78 Million, Yankees panic losing out on others, Kimbrel pulls a Johnny Damon and goes to Yankees
  14. kj_maestro

    David Robertson

    The admiral would be a fantastic addition to the Angels