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  1. sick offense It's gonna be nasty when we have Simmons and eventually Adell in it
  2. kj_maestro

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    thanks for the solid work Super Puello
  3. kj_maestro

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Hey what’s up man, how are you. I’m just curious why the amount bothers you so much, when Eppler came out and said they stretched the budget specifically for Allen. He was the last piece added, it was going to be the roster as it is with Allen or the roster as it is without Allen; but it’s not like his salary prevented us from picking up someone else because we were suddenly out of budget. could the $$ have been better spent? Obviously- you listed a few. But you’re not even concerned that he tried and missed, you seem pretty understanding of that. So I’m just wondering why the amount bothers you when it didn’t affect anything else? also, I think the amount of bullpen gems Eppler has found for nothing allows him some understanding in some more expensive gambles not paying off.
  4. kj_maestro

    Alright you damn A-holes

    they're gonna really suck. Until they're good, then they won't suck as much. But that won't be tonight
  5. kj_maestro

    Gameday: Jun 10th Dodgers vs Angels

    Had a great time at the game! What a game it was. Trout is greatness, even Dodger fans were taking videos of him at-bat. As soon as I saw Kelly warming up, I said “winning time” haha love beating LA in our own house, gtfo here doyers!!!
  6. Adell’s swing really reminds me of like a super charged version of Torii Hunter’s
  7. kj_maestro

    Your most unpopular Angels take?

    I’d say mine is that I’ve never really liked Skaggs. Never really believed in him or thought he would live up to his potential
  8. kj_maestro

    Your most unpopular Angels take?

    Well props. That was a very unpopular take
  9. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread: June 8th Mariners vs Angels

    Good job Super Puello
  10. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread: June 8th Mariners vs Angels

    The offense is rolling! Having a lot of fun watching this:)
  11. kj_maestro

    How Often Do You Wear Your Angels Cap?

    I wear the CA hats exclusively; '47 and new era release nice CA hats so I usually buy a new one 1-2 times a year. I wear caps when I'm too lazy to do my hair haha
  12. kj_maestro

    Skaggs and Heaney

    That hot stretch last year was really promising. But I always thought he was overrated. Have always wanted to believe in him though *end syllabic verse*
  13. kj_maestro

    Dallas Keuchel

    The Angels should sign him only if he agrees to change his name to Dick Keuchel