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  1. kj_maestro

    Cody Allen

    Hes not good as a closer. Maybe they should let him open his locker to clear it out after he’s been cut of his beard as he looks for a fresh start in his new position as opener of bags as security at the main entrance of Disneyland because the Angels DFA’d him and beards are against dress code for cast members
  2. Going tonight, 2nd game of the year! Hope to bring some luck, last one I went to was the game Trout grand slammed in. Go angels!:)
  3. kj_maestro

    Question about Matt Shoemaker

    Ooh I see where you’re going with this
  4. kj_maestro

    Bour's strikeout pitch in the ninth

    it was some bullshit
  5. kj_maestro

    Why can't the Angels hit left handed pitching?

    Maybe something from the Leftorium would help
  6. Thank you for the updates:) all of the “I’m worried about” guys having a good game yesterday. Nice
  7. kj_maestro

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    we got this, lets go!!
  8. kj_maestro

    Swing Rate

    Thanks for all the great discussion and digging into stats guys. Super interesting and you guys do it before I can even think to do you guys attribute this performance to Reed/Wooten and their gameplan? Or is it the guys they brought in already had this approach?
  9. kj_maestro

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    How are Vladdy and Salmon forgotten haha Kendrys morales was such a beast before breaking his leg on a walk off grand slam Kelvim Escobar was nasty when he was healthy-great splitter. I seem to recall one season (perhaps 2006)where he had the worst run support of any starter in the league and lost more games than he won, despite having a mid 3’s era and solid numbers across the board
  10. kj_maestro

    Heaney feels discomfort, shut down again

    Maybe Hank Heaney is available? Although he may be trying to fix Barkley’s swing still or sad Tiger didn’t offer him a popsicle
  11. kj_maestro

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    Kidding aside, I feel like Trout signing is actually more of a reason to NOT sign Keuchel. We don't need to force or prove anything this year and mortgage some of the future in doing so- we already resolved what would be the reason for maybe bringing him in: trying to be competitive enough for Trout to believe he should re-sign.
  12. kj_maestro

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    do we lose a draft pick if we sign him?
  13. kj_maestro

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    So happy! This is a great deal! Puts less strain on having to compete this year and let's us naturally work our way into our true competitive window in 2020. Trout/Ohtani/Adell/Simmons core is so promising and what a bunch of easy guys to root for. So pumped! Go Angels!
  14. kj_maestro

    If Mike Trout were to sign with the Phillies...

    If trout went to the doyers he quickly becomes my least favorite player. It means he doesn’t care about being close to home and just doesn’t want to play with us and also f*ck the dodgers. If he goes to any other team then still f**k the dodgers
  15. kj_maestro

    If Mike Trout were to sign with the Phillies...

    I know right, people who are the best at things are such pieces of shit. Youre probably a great guy