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  1. SigBaby

    Trade Skaggs

    Yup, Skaggs looks promising but he has yet to prove he can even pitch a full season. Could be a similar situation to when we passed on trading Bedrosian during his best season when the reliever trade market was ridiculous. Not saying I would actively shop him, but it shouldn't be out of the question.
  2. SigBaby

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (5/14/18)

    I still like this idea. Only thing is I couldn't really name our best reliever. Alvarez? Maybe Parker?
  3. SigBaby

    World Champs, Angels?

    Knowing what we know now, would you have given Arrieta the contract he received from the Phillies (3 year 75 million)? Not the ace he once was but definitely would be the best, most reliable starter in our rotation this season.
  4. SigBaby

    I'm Fired Up!

    Got to believe we will make a big splash at the deadline for a top of the rotation starter if things continue like this. I'm talking Archer or Michael Fulmer
  5. SigBaby

    The Hero or the Goat - 4/6/2018

    Our lineup reminds me of what the Rangers had in their World Series years. The one that was seemingly guaranteed to walk off against our bullpen if they were down by 4 or less in the 9th.
  6. SigBaby

    Gameday: 2/28 Angels vs Indians

    Parker is the least of my worries, as he's posted solid numbers in the past he's just been overlooked. The bullpen as a whole over performed last year and I fear it will regress minus the exceptional innings provided by Petit and to an extent Hernandez.
  7. I am definitely a fan of the Cozart signing, but I have a feeling he'd be another guy left on the outside looking in had we not snatched him up early. Can't complain though as his deal even as is could be a bargain.
  8. SigBaby

    Limited Free Agents Left

    He just doesn't seem like a winning player. Talent is all there, but his attitude was horrible
  9. SigBaby

    Why not just sign Arrieta?

    I've always been a big fan of Cobb's, but he's really just as much of a question mark health wise as the rest of our rotation. I get that Arrieta has red flags and I wouldn't pay him more than Darvish money, but I would be in favor of signing him to a similar deal with 4 or 5 years. We wouldn't be paying him to be the ace he was, we'd be paying him to be our best starter for this year and next. How much do you guys think he is worth if we're paying him soley based on future performance?
  10. SigBaby

    Why not just sign Arrieta?

    I guess it depends on whether or not you think he'd substantially increase our chances of winning the world series. I would say yes, at least for this year and next. Maybe I'm just still on the Eagles superbowl high, but signing Arrieta seems similar to the Eagles trading for Ajayi. Their running game was already solid (about average) as is our current rotation but they took a chance on a talented player who people were down on. I'm almost certain the Eagles don't win the superbowl without Ajayi. Obviously money wasn't the issue in the Ajayi case, but if we want a world series, it's not going to happen with an average to slightly above average rotation.
  11. SigBaby

    Why not just sign Arrieta?

    I understand he is over the hill. But that hill was literally being a top 5 starter in baseball. He would still be our best pitcher and would make this team a world series contender without harming the farm.
  12. I see a lot of people saying we should go after another starter along the lines of Odorrizi, Cashner, Lynn. While I have nothing against those options, I don't see how they actually improve the team beyond providing depth. Why not just get the guy who would actually likely be our best starter in a season where we are trying to not just make the postseason, but make noise. I understand he is not the ace he once was, but he would still likely be our best starter (Richards if healthy and Ohtani have equal potential, but key word is likely). This team has the pieces to make the playoffs, but if we are to make an addition to the rotation, why not add the guy who would give us the best chance to get over the hump between playoff team and WS contender. Will Arrieta be overpayed? Yes in terms of his later years likely lacking production, but why tread water with the other guys when we have a lot of key guys in their primes now and not getting any younger (Upton, Calhoun, Simmons, Richards, Cozart).
  13. SigBaby

    Yankees do it again, acquire star

    Also a big Eagles fan. Is it too much to ask for an Eagles superbowl and Angels WS in the same year?
  14. I go to A's games all the time, as I live nearby. Parking used to be free at the bart station and made it easy to park there then walk across the overpass, but I'm sure they'll charge on opening day. I'd say eat in Berkeley then bart to the coliseum. Angeline's Kitchen is my favorite spot in Berkeley.
  15. I interviewed for a baseball operations internship with the Reds back around the time qualifying offers were going out, so I looked into their roster in preparation and was impressed by Cozart. Three important trends to look at imo are Outside Zone Swing%, Hard hit%, and BB and K rate. Just from looking at the numbers, Cozart's walk rate, Hard hit%, and Outside the Zone swing% have improved not just last year, but incrementally over the past 3. So basically, he's been selecting better pitches and making harder contact, the only difference being that his BABIP did not increase along with it. This past year it did and it jumped to a completely reasonable .312 from the .250-.270 it had been in the years prior. Add in the above average defense and we might've gotten the steal of the offseason. I told the Reds they should offer Cozart a QO and later in the interview was asked about what I would do for the team I followed. I told them I'd upgrade second, with Cozart being a good target. Didn't get the job but hopefully Cozart can make them pay for letting him go for nothing.