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  1. And thats the season
  2. Alex Cobb is my first choice. The guy is a couple seasons removed from being dominant in the AL East and had a solid season this past year
  3. At the same time all we were hoping for at mid season was to have meaningful games in september so i can't complain.
  4. We have to stay 2.5 back, 3.5 back and it's over
  5. If that's the case, I hope they go after a center fielder and move Trout to left (if he's ok with it obviously you don't want to upset him). It would keep him healthy and he really is just an average center fielder. It would keep with the trend of putting together one of the best defenses in the game
  6. Bridwell looking really good so far
  7. Anyone else get the feeling this team has one more comeback in them? They've done so well handling adversity over the course of the season and they haven't just rolled over as they have in the past. I think we get back to 2 back tonight with Bartolo on the mound for the twins.
  8. Albert won't last another year

    Luckily he doesn't hit the ball vary often to right field, but I wonder if center fielders will start throwing to first on line drives he hits to center when no one is on base.
  9. Albert won't last another year

    Twice off the wall in Seattle he's been held to a single. One of them was left center and the other was the left field corner. The one in left center was crucial as it was to lead off the 9th
  10. Gameday Thread: 9/9 Angels @ Mariners

    I meant to say when's the last time this team didn't trail in a game. I like all the come backs but one easy game would be nice
  11. Gameday Thread: 9/9 Angels @ Mariners

    When's the last game where we weren't trailing
  12. Albert won't last another year

    He's only 50 away from 3000 which will happen sometime next season. I think he'll play out the season get his 3000 then call it quits. Considering how rich he already is I would think the money would mean less to him that his reputation and health.
  13. Albert won't last another year

    I know he's hitting very well lately but he's nearing a point where it is impossible for him to get a double. Either he just doesn't care about running hard or his body is incapable of running faster than a jogging pace anymore. If it's the latter and he really is in pain I don't see how he can continue to play for much longer
  14. Albert won't last another year

    It's just so ridiculous. Had he 'run' out of the box in the 9th last night we probably tie the game up. Completely changes the inning as Kole only has to hit the ball to the right side to get EY on 3rd and 1 out.
  15. If he doesn't get whatever has slowed him down even more fixed. I've never seen anyone this slow, not even Ortiz. If you can't get a double off a ball that hits the wall in left center field then what ball can you get a double on. If the pain is really so great that he can't turn that into a double he won't be around for more than another season.