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  1. Is it time to add?

    As was evident last year, the playoffs is all about bullpen. Ramirez, Skaggs, Bridwell, Heaney are all solid for 5 innings. If we can get back Richards, I'd use him as a relief ace and maybe even give him a shot at closing. I think what this team could really use is a lefty specialist. I don't think we've had one since Scott Downs. Adding a lefty and getting Richards back would give us a very solid bullpen.
  2. Parker Done Didwell

    I disagree, Scribner is likely nothing more than a slightly better Daniel Wright, the guy's had one good start. Is Nolasco good? No, but he's a serviceable #5 who's shown he can pitch well for stretches and eat innings.
  3. True, Bailey can basically take over his role. I hope we can finally get a shutdown lefty reliever this offseason, Alvarez should never pitch for this team again
  4. Should've just kept Hernandez around. That was the one time Eppler just seemed to make a move for the sake of making a move. Regardless it's not a very big impact, but would've been nice to still have him on the team
  5. Parker Done Didwell

    Considering the Orioles keep marching 6 era Ubaldo and 5.50 era Wade Miley out there I'm sure they must be kicking themselves over Bridwell
  6. Pujols has been terrible

    I do feel for albert. Yes he gets paid a ridiculous amount but it can't be easy to admit you're done at something you've excelled at your entire life.
  7. I think the first inning will set the tone against Paxton. Hopefully Trout can take him deep and we can get a couple runs in the first
  8. Wouldn't mind just plugging him into the bullpen down the stretch once/if he gets back. IF he had more time to get acclimated I'd say just plug him in at closer.
  9. And he didn't even homer yesterday. Makes no sense
  10. AL Wild Card Watch

    There's something you can't deny about this year's team: they don't give up. So many come from behind wins and it especially showed when Trout went down they continued to battle. They've played good teams well all season and I expect them to stay in the race with the help of some guys getting healthy.
  11. Why not just utilize Skaggs as our lefty out the pen? We don't have one and he's shown he can't handle a starter's workload
  12. Any major league pitcher should be able to hold a 6 run lead
  13. Yeah I'm not saying he'd be cheap. Probably a scaled down version of what we gave up for Simmons.
  14. Considering how this team on paper should not be anywhere near competing, it makes me think that the improved defense really has been the difference. Simmons and Maldonado have been unreal and it seems like they save at least a run a game between them. How about trading for Kevin Pillar and moving Trout to left? It would give us the best defensive players in the game at their respective positions up the middle in Maldonado, Simmons, Pillar and I believe Trout would probably be better suited in left anyway. It would solve our outfield problem for the foreseeable future and allow us to bring in offense at either 2b or 3b next year with Cowart covering the other spot. No idea what it would take, but this lineup wouldn't be bad next year and we'd have the best defense in the league. 1. Calhoun RF 2. Trout LF 3. Pujols DH 4. Mous 3b/ Neil Walker 2b 5. Simmons SS 6. Cron/ Valbuena 1b 7. Cowart 3b/2b 8. Maldonado C 9. Pillar CF
  15. I'm thinking the same thing. Neither should cost much more than a couple meh prospects