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  1. JuanjoRios

    Brandon Marsh

    Hate to watch a player go down because of an injury, but I'd rather lose players to a sprained ankle than to a TJ surgery!!
  2. JuanjoRios

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Tigers - Return of Ohtani

    I tought he left Canning out a bit more (2 batters) than he should have! Still, great outing for the rookie!
  3. JuanjoRios

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Tigers - Return of Ohtani

    I have not liked at all how Ausmus has been dealing with our starters lately! Hope he turns it around
  4. Man, this game is just sad! Hope this guys can turn it around
  5. JuanjoRios

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    We may not have a reliable starting pitcher for all year, but man I'm happy!! This is the best news we could have gotten!!
  6. JuanjoRios

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Is this the touchdown we have been waiting for?
  7. He'll save the galaxy with the Looney Tunes
  8. JuanjoRios

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    He'll just miss a couple starts It's just a blister issue Just elevate your launch angle He's a streaky batter We need a legit/proven closer OPS
  9. JuanjoRios

    Anyone down for the series in Monterrey?

    You can find ticket prices here: https://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/astros-de-houston-v-los-angeles-san-nicolas-de-los-garza-nuevo-leon-04-05-2019/event/140055182423299B?lang=en-mx I think it should be fairly entertaining! There are better stadiums and fan bases in México, but last year's series in Monterrey was quite good. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  10. JuanjoRios

    Anyone down for the series in Monterrey?

    I'll be going for sure to Monterrey!! The sale of tickets begins this Saturday via Ticketmaster México
  11. Angels sign Richards - 2 yrs $9 mill Angels trade for Sonny Gray Angels keep Josh Paul in the coaching staff
  12. JuanjoRios

    Congrats, Dodgers

    People like you are the problem. No one should generalize, either if it’s for good or bad stuff; there are good and bad people in every race, religion, country, etc. With statements like that you are only spreading hate and anger instead of talking about things that actually matter. Leaving that behind, I hope the Angels have a strong off-season and build a strong foundation for the extension of Mike Trout.
  13. JuanjoRios

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    The only untouchable for me is Jo Adell. Then, unless is a one in a lifetime opportunity you don't touch young promising pitchers like Canning, Suárez, Soriano or Sandoval (that is our biggest area of need due to all the injuries). Besides from that, if we are into trading for good and controllable players, Marsh, Jones and especially Rengifo are good trade chips who surely will be missed but could bring something good to the Angels.
  14. JuanjoRios

    Anyone concerned about Ward?

    He should do just fine! He probably will be our third base for the years to come and I'm perfectly okay with that
  15. JuanjoRios

    2019 Schedule

    I’ve been doing a little bit of research about Monterrey and the zone of Parque Fundidora looks good. It’s somewhat a touristic place, a 15 minute drive to the stadium and there are many hotels there. It should be something different but good. As far as the calendar, we play against every one of the AL East teams a 4-game series and against the AL Central only 3-game series, I don’t like this very much, this season we have played better against the AL Central compared to the AL East.