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  1. JuanjoRios

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    The only untouchable for me is Jo Adell. Then, unless is a one in a lifetime opportunity you don't touch young promising pitchers like Canning, Suárez, Soriano or Sandoval (that is our biggest area of need due to all the injuries). Besides from that, if we are into trading for good and controllable players, Marsh, Jones and especially Rengifo are good trade chips who surely will be missed but could bring something good to the Angels.
  2. JuanjoRios

    Anyone concerned about Ward?

    He should do just fine! He probably will be our third base for the years to come and I'm perfectly okay with that
  3. JuanjoRios

    2019 Schedule

    I’ve been doing a little bit of research about Monterrey and the zone of Parque Fundidora looks good. It’s somewhat a touristic place, a 15 minute drive to the stadium and there are many hotels there. It should be something different but good. As far as the calendar, we play against every one of the AL East teams a 4-game series and against the AL Central only 3-game series, I don’t like this very much, this season we have played better against the AL Central compared to the AL East.
  4. JuanjoRios

    2019 Schedule

    Official Sultanes de Monterrey page and twitter says tickets go out in September 10th. I’ll be looking for tickets and promotions/packages; hopefully one includes going into the field and meeting the players (hopefully)!!!
  5. JuanjoRios

    2019 Schedule

    As a Mexican halo fan I'm beyond thrilled and excited to have them play here. I’ve never been to Monterrey but I’ll be there for sure rooting for them! Let the next season be full of good things for the Angels
  6. JuanjoRios

    Random Angel players

    Jordan Walden (All-Star) Hisanori Takahashi Scott Downs
  7. Even if Trout leaves via FA I think we shouldn’t give this guy any hate at all. My god, he has been the most dominant, amazing, humble and hard-working player to play this game, at least in this century; we should be more than thankful for everything he has been doing for the team, despite our owner-GM-manager problems. Besides from that, he has already signed an extension with the Angels! IMO if he would have liked to sign with/a trade to an east coast team he would have gotten it way earlier with no problem. I believe he likes it here (let’s hope he and his wife like it enough), and hopefully we can keep him with an Angel halo for life.
  8. JuanjoRios

    .... If Fletcher isn't starting in the next game..

    Wasn't he traded to Minnesota?
  9. Can we PLEASE GET A BREAK!!!!!
  10. JuanjoRios

    Should Valbuena be DFA'd right now?

    On the play he was thrown out yesterday I didn't see eonugh hustle from him. I'm tired of that bat flip, those 2 seconds that he spends doing that and contemplating the baseball are what make the difference in bang bang plays. Besides, the guy doesn't know how to hit to LF or even up the middle. Start Fletcher on third, and JMF on first! Let's get a win today
  11. JuanjoRios

    Richards trade speculation

    Offense needs to wake up now, there’s no other way to put our current situation into words. It’s beyond exasperating to see Mike being the only one to constantly contribute (offensively) to this team; we are starting to look like Lebron and the Cavs on the Finals. Besides that, I believe we will be in contention for the rest of the year. I agree Seattle won’t be able to sustain this, and while they might still get away with second place on the AL West, the gap between them and us will shorten up.
  12. JuanjoRios

    What Could This Mean...

    Hopefully David Fletcher!
  13. JuanjoRios

    Royals, open for business

    I would love to see the Angels get some help from the Royals (as most of you have said specially Moose and Herrera), but I think we don’t need to take on any more SP from them. As we all have seen that SP has been our strongest point for the past few weeks, even without JC Ramirez, Parker Bridwell, and Shoemaker. Also, remember we have Alex Meyer back next year and Griffin Canning and José Suarez advancing in the farm pretty quickly, and Barria ready to be a full time starter when Sosh gives him the opportunity. We don’t need to tear apart our farm or give up a ton of prospects to get good help moving forward. We are a good/great team right now but I believe we will be stronger for the years to come and I’m pretty damn excited for that. Look at our weak points in the ML roster and fix them with some of the replaceable parts of our strong points in the farm. We will be on our way to contention here, just wait until this team starts to click again. Go Angels!!!
  14. JuanjoRios

    This Bullpen is on Eppler

    I think our bullpen is not as bad as it has been the past few weeks, but we definitely need 2 or 3 changes in there, we are also not as good as we'd like to think sometimes. Blake Wood will help when he returns, and maybe so can Bridwell, but I believe there are some arms in selling teams that will for sure help (Baltimore, CWS, Mets, SD). We don't have to give up a very priced prospect IMO, rentals for the bullpen are not as bad as in other positions. Bottom line, the bullpen has to follow the inertia created by the starters these past few weeks! We could be on top by a 3 game difference if not for them!
  15. Hello guys, I'm Juan José, from México. I've been following the Angels since 2009, and I believe I'm one of the few true Angels fan down here. Glad to join and hope we get the W and the series tonight against the Astros! Also, I believe it's a true shame what happened to Robinson Canó today, he has always loved the game and shown great respect to his teammates, opponents and fans overall. Fav Player from the '02 WS: Darin Erstad