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  1. failos

  2. failos


    When were you born? Let’s go with that year
  3. Don’t get me wrong it’s still pretty good. There’s just a slight flavor in there that I can’t describe
  4. Cozart is just another stinker FA whose already on the wrong side of 30. A worthless, good for nothing player getting paid just to get medical treatment. He was the key to winning this year, but his signing has only given us hundreds of ABs for Valbuena and Marte. It’s time for this team to eschew FAs in favor of prospects. No Moustakas, no more parasites.
  5. failos

    Mike Moustakas

    I’d rather have a player like Fletcher
  6. jackfruit has an assy flavor.
  7. failos

    Josh Hader

    it would be funny if he's secretly a gay
  8. let's ask @Morris altalef
  9. Those aren't fake dude. Not firm enough
  10. failos

    What have you watched recently?

    Sneaky Pete is pretty good. Amazon has a couple good shows it seems
  11. the dodgers just got dipoto'd
  12. failos


    Thank you for your contribution