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  1. If I were Brad Ausmus, and that's a big if, I would start Pujols against lefties, and righties who primarily rely on fastballs up in the zone. Pujols struggles with off-speed pitches. Never, ever platoon with Ohtani. He should start at DH for every game that we intend on winning.
  2. $5 million for Bour sounds good to me. Pujols can't play everyday, and Fernandez is unproven with too little power for first base.
  3. Only because the Dems took the house . . .
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  5. Odd that Scott won FL and Brown won OH. OH much more conservative. Dems would be wise to not misread the mandate. Trump, GOP would be wise to read the mandate. I'll probably be tuned out for 8 months until Avenatti declares his candidacy . . .
  6. 60 GOP senators isn't out of reach, as unlikely as it is.
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    The Official 2018 Election Thread

    Realistic GOP pickup opportunities (11): MT, ND, MO, IN, WV, OH, FL, PA, MI, WI, NJ Realistic Dem pickup opportunity: NV My worst case for the GOP: MT, ND, MO, and IN go red, NV goes blue. My best case: hold NV, pick up MT, ND, MO, IN, WV, OH, FL 3-7 seat gain for GOP. I expect 56-44 Senate majority.
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    The Official 2018 Election Thread

    I'm expecting the unexpected in this election, but not a wave on either side. I've always been suspicious of Rasmussen Reports as being biased in favor of the right, but they did correctly predict Hillary's two point victory in the popular vote. For what it is worth, the GOP has a one-point edge in the generic congressional ballot and Trump has 50% approval, as opposed to Obama's 45% approval in 2010 on the day before the midterm. GOP did better than years past in early voting. I predict the GOP wins 220-226 house seats, but it would not surprise me if the Dems took the house by a slim margin. I would be stunned if the GOP did not pick up some seats in the Senate.
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    Internet Free Speech Thread
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    The stupid patience thread

    IMO, the Angels should only be "impatient" with the bullpen. Go to FA, several great arms available. 2019 will be be far better than 2018. Trout/Ohtani in the heart of the order for a full season will be dynamic. Fletcher probably replaces Kinsler at second. Kole will not be the worst hitter in baseball in April and May. Our starting pitching is just fine if it is healthy, no need to sell the farm for an injury prone Mets pitcher, or break the bank for an aging player. Quality starting pitchers for the Bees and the Trash Pandas, and soon to be Angels. Personally, I would not "break the bank" for one player until Pujols is on his way out, and that one player makes us the favorites to win a title. Trout and Ohtani are still young, let the farm develop. Patience
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    by halftime shutouts preferred
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    I agree. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the people who speculate that he is a Muslim born in Kenya. He is a Christian who sat in Reverend Wright's Church for 20 years. Indisputable fact.
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    Internet Free Speech Thread

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a billionaire. I came pretty close to winning Mega Millions.