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  1. BackUpTheTruck

    2020 Democratic Field
  2. BackUpTheTruck

    AOC Thread
  3. BackUpTheTruck

    AOC Thread
  4. Robles, Rodriguez, and Middleton are the only pitchers on our team with an ERA under 4. I criticize the lack of hustle from the pitching staff.
  5. BackUpTheTruck

    Looking back at underrated players

    Mark Loretta
  6. BackUpTheTruck

    What do you want the 2020 starting line up to be

    Fletcher 3B Simmons SS Trout CF Ohtani DH Adell RF La Stella 2B Upton/Goodwin LF Pujols 1B Smith C
  7. BackUpTheTruck

    Gameday Thread: 8/30 Red Sox @ Angels

    I hope Jo Adell can end up being as good as Brian Goodwin one day . . .
  8. BackUpTheTruck

    Blaze Jordan and the dynasty Angels of the 2020's

    The Angels have a better chance aquiring Blaze Pizza.
  9. BackUpTheTruck

    What is it that Eppler/Ausmus see in Garcia?

    Exit velocity
  10. BackUpTheTruck

    Internet Free Speech Thread
  11. BackUpTheTruck

    Gameday Thread: 8/6 Angels @ Reds: Suarez starting

    Grounds crew working quick as possible to make sure Upton doesn't come to the plate.
  12. BackUpTheTruck

    Gameday Thread: 8/6 Angels @ Reds: Suarez starting

    Good job Upton!
  13. BackUpTheTruck

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Give it a rest, man.
  14. BackUpTheTruck

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Connor Betts is a 1/1024 white supremacist. That's enough to hold Elizabeth Warren responsible for empowering him! Elizabeth Warren should apologize for her rhetoric and resign from the Senate in disgrace.