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  1. Spring Training stats: Do they matter?

    I know it's just ST, but I'd sure like for a few more players to turn it on. Especially on the mound. The pen looks terrible right now.
  2. Gameday: 3/17 Angels vs Mariners

    That was pre-Middleton.
  3. Gameday: 3/17 Angels vs Mariners

    Middleton will get two outs, give up the run, and then get the final out.
  4. You seem to have discouraging and mocking mixed up.
  5. Trumped
  6. Oh, for Pete's sake, you goddamned Eeyore. I never intended to keep anyone from posting anything. I just pointed out who posted it.
  7. You're the puppets!
  8. ...because you're the one who felt this thread had to be bumped? I can tell I'm getting under your skin because you dripped a "leftist dotard" again. That's your tell. Hi, Brandon!
  9. Trumped

    And he deflected when you asked him to call out Nunes. But yeah, republicans also. And taxpayer money. How about Carter and Mnuchin?
  10. Pointing out your obsession doesn't mean I'm pissed off. You're projecting again.
  11. Glad to see Blarg is still getting his Hillary update emails.