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  1. Do these figures of how much money the Angels will have to spend factor in arbitration raises?
  2. I think Eppler will make two small- medium trades to get another starter and a bullpen arm that will be with the team through at least next year.
  3. Glen

    Ready to punt 2019 or no?

    The world needs less John Stirling, not more.
  4. I can't say what I think the results of the MRI will be.
  5. I can't wait for this to escalate.
  6. Glen

    Can Cody Bellinger hold off Mike Trout?

    Almost every year there's a new challenger, and every year that player is challenging Trout.
  7. Jesus Christ. One borderline call on the first use and some of you are ready to ditch it.
  8. Glen

    Under .500 at the ASB. Still buyers?

    When they resume playing it will be the middle of the month. 1-10 = start of month 11-20 = middle of month 21+ = end of month February does not apply.
  9. A pen with Buttery, Robles, and Middleton all performing well would be effin' solid.
  10. Yes. Sorta. I coulda checked but I didn't.