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  1. Glen

    Thanks, Arte!

    Yacht fuel!
  2. Glen

    Optimism for this season

    I need to change my underwear.
  3. Mike Scioscia, the former "Angels manager for life," is no longer managing the Angels and is taking a season to contemplate his next assignment. Mike Trout, the former "destined to leave the Angels for Philly or NY" player is now indeed an Angel for life. The end.
  4. This even brought Claude back! Wow. And yeah, props to Doc and TORS and the other believers who knew.
  5. Y'all are welcome. I even had to start a "pessimism" thread to finalize it.
  6. Just woke up to this. Fuck yes!
  7. Glen

    Optimism for this season

    It's been a rough few weeks.
  8. Glen

    Optimism for this season

    Harvey looked much better today. Optimism trying to reboot...