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  1. Glen

    Is Adell really that good?

    This is excellent. You're on fire lately. And for the record, INO fries are good. Fuck all y'all.
  2. Glen

    Taylor Ward

    @Second Base why do you feel comfortable with Cozart? Not trying to be an asshole but genuinely curious. He didn't look good at the plate before he was injured last year.
  3. This article is like Pujols being in great shape for spring training. You can change the year and use it over and over. No offense to Jeff, of course.
  4. Glen

    The stupid patience thread

    Dude, you used to be one of my favorite posters. Then you went and used "guesstimate." Dude.
  5. I want Tarpley for the name and the Oakland-related posts it will inspire.
  6. Do your stuff with him, new pitching coach whose name I haven't yet memorized!
  7. Glen

    Whit Merrifield

    Thing is, and my post didn't account for it, we have a new guy at the helm and a new staff coming in. Maybe they won't care about Cozart's contract. I hope they don't. I also think the odds are that most of our money this offseason is spent on pitching, and that it will come down to Fletcher/Cozart/RenGTFO for 2B/3B. I have nothing to back this up other than a hunch. Eppler has often proved my hunches wrong.
  8. Glen

    Whit Merrifield

    I've already been using RenGTFO for a little while. Not trying to usurp AO; it popped into my head the first time I read about him and it stuck.
  9. Glen

    Whit Merrifield

    How do they battle it out though? Spring training is somewhat meaningless. Somebody is gonna get the starting job - I'm guessing Cozart because of the money, making him a perfect bookend to Pujols at 1B - but then they'll have time to prove themselves while the other guy sits and gets the occasional pinch-hit AB. I just have a hunch that next season will start with Cozart at 3B and the battle is at 2B with Fletcher and RenGTFO. GTFO will have to have a very good spring to move past Fletcher.
  10. I think Eovaldi and Corbin are going to go for more than the Angels want to pay. I'd like to see us get one of them but realistically, I don't think we get either. It's gonna be another season of bounce-back candidates. I'm already frustrated thinking that Cozart will be the starting 3B next year and Calhoun will be the starting RF. There's not much reason to believe Cozart will improve on his pre-injury numbers from last season. Calhoun's September was awful, making it look like his resurgence was short-lived. So yeah, since we won't get Eovaldi or Corbin, we need to focus on at least minor improvements to the rotation. Hopefully we don't get Blantoned again.
  11. Are people really surprised that Ausmus is bringing in his own staff?
  12. Glen

    MLBTR Offseason Outlook

    Eovaldi will get $15m per year.
  13. Somebody being honest and trying to help his team?
  14. I'm good with this. Our pen has too many question marks right now.