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  1. Tell 'em how to protest, old white guy!
  2. Trumped Of course he isn't.
  3. Posts like that are part of the reason I'm glad you're here, Jeff. I appreciate the perspective you bring.
  4. Trumped

    Well, well, well.
  5. Upton shouldn't make more than Reggie Jackson did!
  6. Trumped

    I tried saying it a few years ago and I was immediately anally raped with a dildo by an angry lesbian feminist. I had to say it a second time to see if I'd get the same reaction. I did.
  7. Trumped

    Well, Trump just got us into the war on Christmas. That's one for him.
  8. Trumped

    So let's see, Trump signed (after walking out of the signing ceremony without signing it) an EO that will apparently severely damage the ACA. He's going to decertify the Iran agreement which he previously said was working. His HHS has just changed the definition of life as beginning at conception. If all of that wasn't enough, there's this: Thanks, Trump voters. Remember when all those issues were just red meat for his base and he wasn't going to do anything about them?
  9. I'm glad we're friends with Russia now so that's nothing to worry about.
  10. Trumped

    The only amendment that matters is #2. The Russia investigation must be heating up bigly.
  11. Trumped

    Our president is challenging a cabinet member that he appointed to an IQ test. Yeah, Thomas, I know.
  12. Thoughts and Prayers

    We shouldn't have any laws.
  13. Trumped

    Trump's presidency is like a neverending series of rock bottoms.