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  1. Glen

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    Shoe about to fall apart.
  2. Y'all are tripping out over a meaningless game.
  3. Somebody should do a shitty Photoshop of the field at Angels stadium with a yacht on it and a cutout of Moreno on the yacht.
  4. Complaining about Dave Roberts. Says he never calls for a bunt and his lineups are too inconsistent. Whaddaya know.
  6. Glen

    Only the Angels and Yankees...

    Man, the persecution complex is strong on this site.
  7. Glen

    Gameday Thread 09/14 Angels vs. Mariners

    The blowfense is back.
  8. I care. But, I'm busy so I'll just check in periodically.
  9. Glen

    He’s better offensively

    No. Just no. You don't platoon one of the best hitters in the game.
  10. Leadoff walk from the bullpen.
  11. Just imagine the next five years with Trout and Ohtani. That would be great.
  12. Glen

    He’s better offensively

    It just became THE biggest issue of the off-season. Ohtani can only DH and Pujols can't play 1b all season, or even half of the season. Every time they put Pujols at DH he will be taking AB away from Ohtani, who is clearly the much superior player and wants to play. Of course, Pujols will bounce into ST feeling great and at 100% again. I already fear for how the Angels will handle this.