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  1. #metoo

    Yeah, when I think of the old Soviet Union I think about all the Soviet women accusing the men of sexual harassment and killing them.
  2. #metoo

    That was more of a "on this board" anyone than a "in general" anyone.
  3. Trumped Every day, it's something.
  4. #metoo

    Did anyone say they couldn't?
  5. Trumped

    Why wouldn't you believe Mueller?
  6. Trumped

    That's your boy, LH.
  7. Trumped

    Mueller has an impeccable record and was endorsed by republicans before he was appointed to the investigation. Trump has a miserable record with the truth and is attacking Mueller. Who are ya gonna believe, LH?
  8. FCC Giveaways

    I vote Democrat more often than Republican. Down ballot, I actually do some research in the candidates.
  9. FCC Giveaways

    Because a vote for Hillary in CA meant less than a vote for a third party, which upon further review I didn't do anyway.
  10. FCC Giveaways

    Dann, I forgot about that. I did indeed write my name in.
  11. FCC Giveaways

    Johnson. Being in CA my vote for president didn't matter. If it would have, I'd have voted for Hillary.
  12. FCC Giveaways

    FCC just repealed net neutrality. When CA Legislature reconvenes in January, I‘ll introduce a bill to adopt net neutrality as a requirement in CA. If FCC won’t protect free/open internet, we will. #NetNeutrality is key to protecting our democracy, esp in this authoritarian age. You were saying?
  13. FCC Giveaways

    And net neutrality is gone. Both parties are the same.
  14. Awesome, you found one. I'm sure there are a few dozen out there.