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  1. Glen

    Used Baseballs

    I thought you couldn't be within 500 feet from a high school.
  2. No really, according to this guy: Just imagine how much worse our pen would be without them and with more Parades and his fucking options.
  3. That's a ridiculous hypothesis.
  4. Yay, more ABs for Valbuena!
  5. Glen

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    It would be great if the Angels signed Napoli next year and he took ABs away from Ohtani.
  6. Glen

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    My argument wasn't about them specifically against each other. It was about the Angels giving players chances.
  7. Glen

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    In my defense, that was near the top of the thread and way too far up for me to read.
  8. Glen

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    But he is Ohtani and the potential is there. I think that at some point you have to explore it and see if you truly have a platoon hitter or you have someone who is full-time. And again, as bad as Ohtani is versus LHP right now, it's not like we have options that are so much better. And, we're the team that keeps (until the last few games, at least) starting Valbuena. It's not like we don't have a history of giving players a shot.
  9. Glen

    Would you make a move for deGrom?

    I'd seriously consider it. There are no guarantees with prospects.