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  1. And really, is there a better reason to have to reboot the server?
  2. 3/19/19 You got Bryce? That's nice. We got Trout, his career throughout!
  3. Waiting for Lou to agree with everyone who doubted that Trout would sign an extension...
  4. Offseason: WON!!! Take THAT, Philly phan!
  5. Good to see that the key bullpen pieces are in mid-season form...
  6. Mark68

    My New Favorite Person

    Exhibit #683,479 why if you're an umpire and we know your name, it's not good for you.
  7. It's spring training for everyone. Even TD.
  8. Mark68

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    Sad to hear. I remember Stanton from my days as a kid listening to ballgames on the radio with my dad. On a side note, I have purchased, read, and still own Once They Were Angels. It still sits on my bookcase.
  9. Mark68

    The Angels rotation

    I'm cautiously optimistic. Everything will depend on health (as it always does, but especially for the Angels), but I believe Harvey will surprise. I believe Heaney is at least a mid-rotation guy who can get tons of strikeouts, and Skaggs is a viable #2-#3. Could this rotation use an innings-eater? Certainly it can. But at what cost?
  10. Mark68

    How did we miss out on this guy?

    Something something Jeff Kent injuring himself while washing his motorcycle...