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  1. Mark68

    A's DFA Fraudney

    It's the end of Fraudney, which has been a long time coming. How has he been employed so long?
  2. Mark68

    A's DFA Fraudney The Oakland Athletics have designated veteran reliever Fernando Rodney for assignment, their PR department announced. Wei-Chung Wang’s contract has been selected from Triple-A Las Vegas in a corresponding move. This could spell the end of the road for 42-year-old Rodney, whose days of slinging arrows may be numbered after a 9.42 ERA in 17 appearances. Still, given the state of bullpens around the league, it would not be a shock to see Rodney hitch his cart to a different horse for another go-round. His 5.46 FIP isn’t all that far off the 4.52 mark he chalked up last season, and he’s striking out batters at just a slightly lower rate. On the flip side, his velocity is down a full mph, and his walk rate is up to 17.1 BB%, all of which and more has led to an ugly -0.6 rWAR mark on the year.
  3. I think y'all are missing the point. They could have played it Wednesday night. After all, if it had gone the same way Wednesday that it did Thursday, those twelve home runs would have made outfielders superfluous anyway.
  4. Mark68


    Nobody wants to see that shit.
  5. Mark68

    Merry Fackmus

    Brad Assmunch
  6. Mark68


    I'm not sure it's just Harvey tho. After all, Cahill sucks, too. And Skaggs hasn't exactly been nails, either. What if the problem is Doug White?
  7. Mark68

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    Plus however many miles it takes for the pickup (in which the ball landed) on the 57 to actually get to its destination.
  8. This would NEVER have happened in Long Beach!
  9. Well, it snowed here Monday night and Tuesday morning. About 4 inches, so...crazy May, amiright?
  10. Greinke (both with the Dodgers & D-Backs)
  11. CC Sabathia (for the better part of his first Yankees contract)