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  1. $320 million buys a lot of hookers and blow. So I've heard.
  2. Mark68

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you in this trying time for your family.
  3. "Smugglers aren’t intimidated by the three hurdles in San Diego County or the nearly 700 miles of barriers currently built along the border. Instead, they target the numerous legal entry points to pass into the U.S." If they're being smuggled across or over the current fence, Trump's wall won't change that. Smugglers can still build tunnels underneath, throw bags of drugs over the wall, or use drones. The wall won't end that.
  4. 1) Illegal immigration is down across the board. It has been decreasing over the last decade. Not just where a wall was built, over the ENTIRE BORDER. 2) Illegal immigration does not cost as much as you, or Trump, think. Despite popular opinion, they DO pay taxes. Sales tax applies to EVERYONE. Rent (and therefore contributions to property taxes from rent) applies to EVERYONE. They are not coming to use welfare, if anything, they are less likely to use it for fear of getting caught. Yes, their kids are being educated in US schools, but that is not the problem with funding (it's all the property tax offsets that corporations squeeze from local government go get them to build facilities there--which is, in fact, a form of welfare). 3) The wall will do nothing to prevent immigrants who are already here from overstaying their visas. 4) Just because the border mostly lies in the desert doesn't mean there won't be environmental impacts. Hell, there have been environmental impacts to Joshua Tree NP since the shutdown. Deserts are also prone to the occasional flash flood, which the wall will do nothing to mitigate. 4) The wall would also violate international treaty (not that Trump cares). 5) How deep is the wall going to be? Tunnels are being dug under the border now. I don't see how that would stop with the building of the wall. 6) You never did address the eminent domain issue...
  5. Mark68

    Joe Biden

    Well, we know there are some in Manhattan. They're in Trump Tower.
  6. Mark68

    Mariano and the Hall

    If I had a vote, Rivera would be on my ballot. My wife, the Chowd, only respected a few Yankees. Rivera was one of them, because he was excellent at what he did, but was also a class act. I would vote for him because he was the best at his particular craft. Ever. We can discuss the merits of the "save" stat and whether it's important, but let's not forget that a pitcher only earns the save (at least the "closer") if the tying run is at least on deck. So it could be considered high leverage by that virtue alone.
  7. The wall is a stupid, unnecessary, money pit. You think that the cost to build it will be it? How much is going to have to be budgeted every year for goddamn maintenance? It will not serve its stated purpose. How high does it need to be? 30 ft? 45? You'll just see a black market for 31 or 46 ft ladders. The vast majority of the drugs coming into this country come through the existing ports of entry. The wall will have no effect on that, whatsoever. And there's the whole issue of environmental damage (yeah, yeah, Red Hat Cult members give two fucks about the environment). Then the whole issue of eminent domain and seizure of land to build the thing...
  8. At only $550k, why not? He's open to playing 2B or 3B.
  9. Mark68

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    I like this deal. It's one year. It's $11MM. If it ends up being $14MM, he will have been well worth it. For all of you who hate this deal, I look forward to Lou agreeing with you at the end of the season.
  10. Hello? That was such an old-fashioned song. She should have done "U Up?" instead.
  11. Mark68

    We can get Bridwell back

    Because we may be forced to go dumpster diving for rejects...including our own.
  12. Adele will get a divorce then marry Jo Adell so she can become Adele Adell.
  13. Mark68

    Wake up, Eppler

    They've played some patsies. Like the Broncos. Signed, Angry Bronco Fan