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  1. REDneck

    Mike Scioscia steps down as Angels manager

    Hate if you're gonna hate, but the man is a class act!!
  2. REDneck

    Mike Scioscia steps down as Angels manager

    I've told so many girls this!!
  3. Yeah the pen was great this year!!
  4. REDneck

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    I will concede to improbable and again I kinda alluded to that in my original post. Do you think Realmuto could be acquired without giving up Adell? I do! So if we can acquire Realmuto without giving up Adell and Eppler pulls a improbable but not impossible trade for Yelich out of his arse last year for Yelich then were looking real good. But I hear ya man!
  5. REDneck

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    All good points and we had Calhoun and Upton in the plans. But, dont make it sound like it was impossible to acquire Yelich without giving up Adell. It would have been a great acquisition. Look I fully agree that acquiring Yelich and Realmuto without giving up Adell is far fetched, but I don't think it is impossible.
  6. REDneck

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    I'm sure you're right about this, but we do have a good amount of other prospect currency to deal from. I did allude to it being wishful thinking on my part in my post.
  7. REDneck

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    Well u may be right about Adell or maybe not. If a couple modest FA signings in 2019 for a SP and a RP and a big but not huge FA signing in 2020 for Arenado is going to break the bank than we might as well just wait for the kids.
  8. REDneck

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    What I wish happened and should happen.. Trade for Yelich last off season... big missed opportunity imo. Trade for Realmuto this off season... Sign a FA SP and BP arm this off season... Sign Arenado in 2020 Somehow keep Adell in above trades everyone else can be used to acquire, including Canning. Extend Trout!! Yes this scenario pretty much just decimates the farm but damn were looking good in 2020 with a young and very talented team. Yelich, Realmuto,Arenado,Simmons,Ohtani,Upton,Adell and Trout!!
  9. While a system of checks and balances should be in place the ultimate and final decision should rest with the GM, regardless of what a scout or coach thinks. The only one that should be able to veto is a owner.
  10. And away we go!!!!
  11. REDneck

    Overreactions about Eppler

    If the team does not make at the very least a playoff appearance during the Trout window while Eppler was the GM, than it has to be considered a massive failure on Epplers part. At this point a wining season in the Trout "window" with Eppler as the GM is going to take a lot of work by Eppler.
  12. REDneck

    you know things have gotten bad....

    Does the training staff pass out Valium to all of the Angel players before a game?
  13. REDneck

    The 2017-2018 Free Agent Class

    How is Renigfo's defense at 2b? Hopefully he's the future there. How does this sound? Trade for JT Realmuto. Ward at 3b for the rest of this year and 2019 to see if he's legit...if not sign Arenado in 2020. Same applies to Thaiss, give him the 1b job next year if he excels then great, if not sign a impact bat for 1b in 2020. KC in RF next year...then Adell/Marsh in 2020. Hopefully one of Thaiss/Ward becomes a impact player but I think we will need to sign someone else at one of the corner IF spots. I actually hope its Thaiss so we can sign Arenado to play 3b. So 2020 could be DH Ohtani + Upton C Realmuto 1b Thaiss 2b Renigfo SS Simmons 3b Arenado LF Upton+ Adell/Marsh CF Trout RF Adell/Marsh
  14. WTF did this dude get into to contract some F up Shi T like that???? Its New York city so it can't be sheep or goats,right???? And I thought they cleaned up Times Square a long time ago???