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  1. CDiaz27🐟

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    He needs to catch some waves and he’ll be back chuckin 97
  2. CDiaz27🐟

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    The bullpen is going to be nasty this year
  3. CDiaz27🐟

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Wasn’t it Epplers first move as GM? Trading away the clubs top two pitching prospects seemed insane at the time
  4. CDiaz27🐟

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Credit to the one non-Angel fan on MLB Trade Rumors comment section regarding Heymans comments about β€œwhispers”, this guy sees the BS spewing out of Heymans mouth like we can.
  5. CDiaz27🐟

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    Ehh he throws 97 I’ll take it
  6. CDiaz27🐟

    2018 Hot Stove League

    To Cincinnati they’d be dangerous if they got some pitching to go along with that offense, kind of like the Angels of the NL
  7. CDiaz27🐟

    2019-20 Free Agent Class

    He wouldn’t of turned into what he is now if he had been acquired by the Angels it’s the Astros that brought out his raw talent with their analytics and adjustments. We would’ve gotten the same Gerrit Cole that was getting shelled.
  8. CDiaz27🐟

    The Three Big Contracts (Machado, Harper, Trout)

    His strength is his pitch recognition and ability to smash off speed and breaking pitches, similar to a young Pujols but not NEARLY as talented, Pujols hit a decline around 32, 33 because his inability to recognize and adjust quick enough to the breaking balls and off speed pitches. With Manny I see him hitting his decline at a younger age then Pujols did because he’ll loose his eye and above average ability he has for his pitch recognition, so a deal longer then 4-5 years is awful
  9. Why are you so quick to give up on Cozart the dude hasn’t even played half a season with the Angels yet
  10. Pujols should give Trout the remainder of his contract
  11. CDiaz27🐟

    Grandal might work at leadoff?

    Are the Angels even getting Grandal...
  12. CDiaz27🐟

    Mark Gubicza on MLB Network

    Another example of idiot people with a public voice I saw while watching Intentional Talk the past two days was Chris Rose torching the Angels for their lack of big moves and lack of motivation to β€˜Win Now’ with Trout, all he kept saying was Trout loves it back east and these minor moves the Angels were making, werent going to do a good enough job to convince Trout to stay. Also called the Angels β€œextremely boring”. Which I think is questionable when you have the Best Defender in the game, the most interesting player in the game and the overall best player in the game. Shows how little people know about what the Angels long term plan is.
  13. CDiaz27🐟

    SafeCo field is changing to T-Mobile Park

    Or β€˜Trojan’ stadium
  14. CDiaz27🐟

    Pujols Retirement and the MLBPA

    Would Pujols go into the Hall of fame as an Angel or Cardinal