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  1. OhtaniSan

    Angels reclaim Cowart....

    Great move. If we’re giving Walsh the chance to redefine what a UT man is, doesn’t hurt to give Cowart the same chance. Cowart plays more positions and is better at those positions than Walsh anyhow. Imagine if they both excel this spring and we have two active two-way players this year.
  2. OhtaniSan

    Angels in on Moose

    If we do sign him, hopefully it's just a one year deal.
  3. Does he cost a draft pick still if he signs for that low?
  4. Baseball America also released their top 100 today. Has Adell at 6 and Canning at 63. No other Angels in top 100
  5. Can't believe we got rid of Almonte when we have useless guys like Trout and Simmons wasting a roster spot...
  6. OhtaniSan

    Angels compete by what year?

    How often do teams get a chance to add a 26-year-old superstar, who will only get better, and not lose any prospect currency in doing so? How often is one of the top catchers in baseball with multiple years of team control on the trade market? These are moves the Angels can make to provide immediate and long-term help.
  7. OhtaniSan

    Angels compete by what year?

    We should be competing in 2019. We should make the necessary moves to make that happen. 1. Sign Machado 2. Trade for Realmuto 3. Sign a Starter (Reliable: Sabathia, Wild Card: Harvey) Those moves ensure we compete for 2019. By 2020, we have some internal upgrades (Canning and Adell should become key contributors) and can fill other spots as needed.
  8. What about Ohtani? That's why I would like to see him traded while it is still possible. He will eventually not have a spot here with Ohtani taking DH at-bats and Marsh and Adell looking more and more like future contributors.
  9. Good point. I would like to get rid of him tbh. Towards the end of his contract, he will be a second Pujols, not doing much other than eating money and blocking young players like Marsh from having a spot.
  10. If we signed Harper, I would rather see us trade Upton for a good starting pitcher and hold onto Adell still. Sign Markakis as a stop gap for the next 1-2 years while Adell develops. Can you imagine how OP an Adell-Trout-Harper outfield would be?
  11. I definitely agree that Tallion would be a great pick up. I'm just not too keen on the idea of giving up Canning and/or Adell to get him. These are two guys with a lot of upside and I would rather take a chance or them developing into the best they can be.
  12. I don't think Tallion is even worth ONE of Adell or Canning. In my eyes, Canning is going to end up being just as good as Tallion if not better and we're only a year or two from that reality. And Adell is on track to be #browntrout
  13. I just want the Angels to get Realmuto damnit.