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  1. halos.central

    Archie Bradley

    What do you think it would take to get Archie Bradley from the Dbacks? 3 years of control and he could be a huge addition to the back of our bullpen
  2. halos.central

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    I didn't mean that they were obvious targets overall, I meant that if the Angels were to go after starters then they would be the obvious ones to go after
  3. So obviously the Angels could go after free agent starters like Corbin or Keuchel, but if neither of those options work out, what starting pitchers would you like to see them target in a trade? What players would you be willing to give or for those pitchers?
  4. Say the Angels try to make some trades in the offseason, who in the farm would you guys consider trade chips and who would you consider untouchable?