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  1. I think everything he has done this year makes this such a tough decision. The Angels need all 3 from him. They need him to be the ace, the middle of the order lefty, and he has the stuff to be a dominate reliever.
  2. I'm sure it has. The reason I brought it up, I guess again, is with everything he has done with the bat this year, should the Angels value/view his bat as more of an attribute to the team then his arm. What would be better for the team starting 20-25 games and getting 300 abs or getting 600 abs and pitching 60 innings in tight games.
  3. Ohtani will definitely dictate his own future. The reason for the post was more to say that not only does he have the capability to be a dominant #1, but that he has also shown the ability to be a lefty middle of the order bat also.
  4. I wouldn't say it is not doable, but the game would definitely dictate when to have him warm up. It wouldn't be much different than a manager looking at potential lefty v. lefty match-ups in the coming innings.
  5. On days that he is just the DH that is a possibility, but if he was playing RF or 1B it would have to be when the Angels were hitting and he isn't due up that inning. It is done all the time in college with two way players.
  6. This is true and also a possibility if he is going to be batting in the 9th.
  7. Between innings in the underground cages. Like all high school and college players that play positions.
  8. Since the Angels have had plenty of time to see Ohtani as both a hitter and a pitcher against MLB players, granted we all would have liked to see him pitch more, should they adjust how they value/view him? It is obvious that Ohtani is valuable as both a pitcher and as a hitter, but maybe the Angels should look into adjusting the roles in which he pitches and hits. For the purposes of debate, the two options that are of interest are: (Option 1) Starting Pitcher/DH This option is to keep doing what they have been doing this year. Use Ohtani as a starting pitcher/potential ace and have him DH a few times a week. This option seemed to work out well enough this year. He never seemed to be overworked. He seemed strong when pitching and he looked like he was still hitting enough to not lose his timing or mechanics only hitting a few games a week. But what if the Angels went to a different approach. (Option 2) Starting RF/1B/DH and Closer This option is something that seems like it could work out as well if not better for the team. It would get Ohtani's bat in the lineup more often and it would be interesting to see his athleticism play in the field. Ohtani played the OF some over in Japan, so the learning curve would not be overwhelming, and the Angels could work with him all next season (without throwing) to get him ready for 2020. They could also work with him at first base next year if they feel the outfield would be too taxing. Then using him as a shutdown closer. Some of the variables to look at as well are if Pujols stays for his full contract, how the farm system continues to evolve, if Trout re-signs or not, and how the health of the team is going forward. Both options have upsides and downsides, and both options have variables that change the way you look at them. The main difference between the two options is what attributes of Ohtani you feel bring more value to the team, hitting or pitching. Not sure which option would be better, but with what Ohtani has shown us is that his bat is every bit as valuable as his arm. Just thought I would throw that out there and see what others thought.