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  1. As a Manager, Scioscia is bound for Cooperstown with Vlad.
  2. W.E. Baxter Author

    Congratulations Anaheim Ducks--25th Anniversary:

  3. W.E. Baxter Author

    This f'n season

    Nothing has gone right for this franchise at least since I moved from The OC to Colorado Springs nine years ago. The Anaheim Ducks have only missed two NHL Post Seasons since they won the Stanley Cup in 2007. I think maybe The L.A. Angels need to make that move to Downtown Long Beach.
  4. W.E. Baxter Author

    Congratulations Anaheim Ducks--25th Anniversary:

    Thank you.
  5. This is my 48th children's e-book to be published by Kindle Direct Publishers, and the last book which will be published until after 2020 starts. My Congratulations go out to the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Team (and the city I grew up in) on the 25th Anniversary of this NHL Franchise. Since winning the Stanley Cup back in 2007, The Anaheim Ducks have only missed the NHL Play-offs twice. Thank you for these twenty five years and for remaining loyal to the Anaheim/Orange County Community. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XJL8R98
  6. "A" for effort and for trying. Mike Scioscia was difficult shows to fill.
  7. W.E. Baxter Author

    Where Labor Day Got its Start.

    Me too.
  8. Everyone living in Anaheim/Orange County gets it. They just celebrate their own identity like Oakland does up in San Francisco. The 49er's I believe play in Santa Clara which is in the Silicon Valley.
  9. W.E. Baxter Author

    AngelsWin.com Members!!

    I pray that he comes through this and lives a long healthy life.
  10. W.E. Baxter Author

    We're not done yet

    Stick a fork in them. They're done!
  11. W.E. Baxter Author

    Who are the Angels' Rivals?

    If you all are talking about MLB Rivalries like the Yankees and Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals, and the worst rivalry--The Dodgers and The GIANTS, I would have to say, The Angels don't have any.
  12. W.E. Baxter Author

    RIP: Ken Kercheval

  13. Have a Great Day!
  14. Fifth: Robert Lopshire Fourth: Beatrix Potter Third: P.D. Eastman Second: Zerna Sharp First: Dr. Seuss https://webblog305448100.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-5-greatest-american-childrens-authors-of-all-time/