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  1. W.E. Baxter Author

    Who are the Angels' Rivals?

    If you all are talking about MLB Rivalries like the Yankees and Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals, and the worst rivalry--The Dodgers and The GIANTS, I would have to say, The Angels don't have any.
  2. W.E. Baxter Author

    RIP: Ken Kercheval

  3. Have a Great Day!
  4. Fifth: Robert Lopshire Fourth: Beatrix Potter Third: P.D. Eastman Second: Zerna Sharp First: Dr. Seuss https://webblog305448100.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-5-greatest-american-childrens-authors-of-all-time/
  5. W.E. Baxter Author

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    Former Angels Players which I can think of are probably too old now.
  6. W.E. Baxter Author

    Bomb Cyclone/March Blizzard.

    It has been almost a couple of weeks since the Bomb Cyclone (Blizzard) hit Colorado and the Midwestern United States. I was there. The winds surpassed 75mph. When I left work and walked to my car, by the time I got to my car, my hand was almost frostbit. To make matters worst, my door on the driver's side was frozen shut and wouldn't open. I had to open the passenger side door and push the driver side door open from the inside. I drove home in 1st and 2nd gear, and managed to make it home safe. A lot of motorists didn't as over 1100 cars got stranded. I have seen a lot of snow here in Colorado, bu this is the only blizzard I've seen or been in. I am not anxious to see another one. I learned that the news had reached Southern California and Orange County where I use to live and was covered by The Register.
  7. W.E. Baxter Author

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    All the owners had one or two major things which they contributed to the franchise's history, but Gene Autry stands above the rest. Arte Moreno is a good man (took me quite awhile to see this) but not a good owner. What can I say, everything The Mouse touches turns to platinum. Disney has turned two franchises into winning ones (Angels and Ducks) and put Anaheim/Orange County on the map.
  8. W.E. Baxter Author

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    Good view of Downtown Pittsburgh Skyline. In the Long Beach location wouldn't you have a good view of the downtown skyline as well?
  9. W.E. Baxter Author

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    There are a lot of articles about Southern California Sports here.
  10. W.E. Baxter Author

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Disney marketed The Angels inside the box as Arte Moreno has said. "Anaheim" is good for hockey, but not for Major League Baseball. Arte Moreno marketed the team outside the box, but not inside the box as the people of The O.C. celebrates their own identity and want nothing to do with L.A. In Orange County, an MLB Team should be marketed IN AND OUTSIDE the box. That is what Gene Autry did with California Angels, which they probably never should have stopped being. Also, families and Baseball Fans were important to The Cowboy. Of all The Angels owners, Gene Autry was by far the best. I keep hoping they put him in Cooperstown someday. O'Malley is already in. In one of my books, I called Walter O'Malley and Gene Autry the "Lewis and Clark of Major League Baseball." O'Malley brought the National League to the West Coast and Gene Autry brought the American League to the West Coast. Before that, Major League Baseball was mostly on the East Coast and didn't get to far west of Chicago. Both O'Malley and Autry opened the way west for Major League Franchises just like Lewis and Clark did for American Pioneer Settlers. This more less puts Gene Autry way over the top from the other owners.
  11. W.E. Baxter Author

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    Gene Autry seemed to have had the most geographical continuity and by far the best marketing strategy. Arte Moreno said that Disney put The Angels into a box when they called them the Anaheim Angels and the team needs to be marketed outside the box, and he is correct. The problem is with Los Angeles, the team is now marketed outside the box, but not inside the box because The OC celebrates its own identity (Like Oakland does up in the San Francisco Bay Area) and does not identify with L.A. Gene Autry showed everyone how a team is marketed IN and OUTSIDE the box (as well as the owners of the Warriors Basketball Team). I live in Colorado Springs Colorado (below); which heads up a Metropolitan Area which is nicknamed the "Pikes Peak Region." Even though the cities and towns (i.e Manitou Springs, Falcon, Cripple Creek) are technically suburbs of Colorado Springs, if you go around saying that, you will get run out of town on a rail. My city had a AAA Minor League Baseball Team for years called the "Colorado Springs Sky Sox." This year, The Sky Sox moved to San Antonio. Single A Team has moved here to Colorado Springs in its place. First the plan was to continue with Colorado Springs Sky Sox. However, they decided to change the geographical moniker and the team name and so the team playing at Security Service Field is called the "Rocky Mountain Vibes." Rocky Mountain is a name all the cities and towns in the Pikes Peak Region can identitfy with.
  12. W.E. Baxter Author

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    This woudn't be such a bad view.
  13. W.E. Baxter Author

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    I live in Colorado. I have been to Coors Field a couple of times in Lower Downtown Denver. It's a very beautiful ballpark.
  14. W.E. Baxter Author

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    I hope it works out for the City of Long Beach. That team should be in Los Angeles County. The only question is, what is the City of Anaheim going to do with their stadium, except maybe book a lot of Rock Concerts.
  15. W.E. Baxter Author

    Congrats, Dodgers

    I'm am certainly sorry to hear what these young Dodger Fans did to that Red Sox Fan. It certainly wasn't The Sox Fan's fault that The Dodgers didn't play up to snuff in The Series. The Red Sox and their fans are a class outfit, and this fan certainly didn't deserve this. I hope he is recovering well. I do want to mention that all fan bases have their bad elements within. You can't judge an entire organization for what a few bad apples did.