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  1. W.E. Baxter Author

    Congrats, Dodgers

    I'm am certainly sorry to hear what these young Dodger Fans did to that Red Sox Fan. It certainly wasn't The Sox Fan's fault that The Dodgers didn't play up to snuff in The Series. The Red Sox and their fans are a class outfit, and this fan certainly didn't deserve this. I hope he is recovering well. I do want to mention that all fan bases have their bad elements within. You can't judge an entire organization for what a few bad apples did.
  2. W.E. Baxter Author

    Silver lining for Dodgers fans

    You can celebrate The Dodgers defeat if you want but the silver lining and the fact that remains is that The Dodgers made it to The World Series, and they have made it to the Post Season almost every year since the Turn of the 21st Century. Yes, I wished they would have performed better during The Series and that they hadn't choked away the margin-able lead they had Saturday Night; but, there will be other World Series appearances.
  3. W.E. Baxter Author

    Before Angelswin.com???

    I owe a lot of people here (who posted on the OMB) an apology. This seems like the appropriate thrad to do this. Over eight years ago, when I was living in the Anaheim/Orange County Area, I was what a lot of people would refer to as a troll on the Angels OMB (no longer exists). A couple of months after I settled in Colorado Springs, CO; I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and that opened my eyes as I learned about this disability. For anyone with Bipolar Disorder, feelings and views are usually very unstable, and therefore are often very inaccurate. After learning this, the trolling stopped. I have gotten along very well out here in my new home these last few years. I am a Civilian Contract Worker out at the U.S. Army Post at Fort Carson, I have written and published a few books, and celebrating 28 years as a Member of Toastmasters International. Again, I apologize to everyone.
  4. W.E. Baxter Author

    Before Angelswin.com???

    Lee passed away about 10 years ago. He would be over 80 now.
  5. W.E. Baxter Author

    Let’s go Dodgers

    Uhhh, NO! That's an autographed Dodgers Baseball.
  6. W.E. Baxter Author

    Let’s go Dodgers

  7. W.E. Baxter Author

    Future of The Big A?

    I do live in Colorado Springs, but I also lived most of my life in Orange County, CA; and I have heard about The Angels opting out of their lease with The Big A. I belong to a Group Page on Facebook called "You Know You Grew Up in Anaheim if...." I recently posted the question: "If The Angels do leave, what should become of The Big A?" The question posed on this Facebook Page has prompted a very good discussion with a lot of good ideas. Whatever becomes of the stadium we can hope it will be something that won't leave such a big hole in the city. I am posing this same question to everyone here.
  8. W.E. Baxter Author

    Angels opt out of stadium lease in Anaheim

    I was just saying it would be nice if a Major League Team did make its way to The Springs someday . At the moment, Colorado Springs is a big city and all, but the suburban population is very sparse like El Paso, TX. Also, Colorado Springs is getting a replacement Minor League Team next year.
  9. W.E. Baxter Author

    Angels opt out of stadium lease in Anaheim

    It might be nice if they could play in my city. The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are moving to San Anotonio.
  10. The Team will be The San Antonio Missions. They have finished their last season as the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. Another Minor League Team will be moving to Security Service Field in Colorado Springs and replacing the Sky Sox. The Missions will begin playing next season. Edit
  11. I'm a Broncos Fan now living in Colorado Springs. Today was not a good day for the Broncos (9/23/18--Denver Broncos 14; Baltimore Ravens 27). The Broncos are 2 and 1 this season so far. That's the good news!