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  1. Havinch

    anyone been to Cuba?

    I booked 2 weeks in Cuba for August 2913. Anyone been.?
  2. Havinch


    Headphones that intentionally prioritize bass and I've loved them.
  3. Havinch

    Recipe Of The Day: Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs

    Delicious recipes to make this winter.
  4. Havinch

    Gas Prices

    gas prices to oil prices may vary across cities and over the seasons.
  5. Havinch

    YouTube Subscription strategy

    What makes youtube subscription strategy unique to you?
  6. Havinch

    Anyone here get the SNES classic?

    SNES classic … Love it or Leave it?
  7. Havinch

    New Windows 10 fun

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's…windows 10
  8. Havinch

    Surface Pro Laptops

    Surface laptop always makes me think of working more.
  9. Havinch

    Recipe Of The Day: Smoky Vegan Lentil Stew

    I want to learn how to cook smoky vegan too