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    Zack Greinke?

    If AZ is dead set on getting rid of Greinke, Any chance we trade our bad contract (pujols) with a 10-15 ranked prospect for Greinke? I dont see AZ getting much if anything in return--this deal would save them about 20m over 3 years and net them something in return? Both come off the books in 2022...At least the pitcher would be more useful..
  2. I start by signing Harper at 12/360. Not sure he will get much more given his down seasons every other year. This eats up all of our expected 30 million payroll additions for next year. We need to show Trout we are serious about contending. Harper is also someone we can build around and market if Trout has to be traded. Trade Calhoun to clear cap space—eat 3 or 4 mil of the contract to save 8 million. I think there are a few teams that would take Calhoun pretty quick at 8 million for a season. Maybe toss is a lower level prospect if necessary. Trade Adell/Marsh/Ward for Syndergaard (Degrom is better but to old, I worry about having to resign him in 2 years at age 32.) Syndergaard is young and can be resigned once cozart/pujols comes off the books. This gives us a solid lineup. 1b—Pujols/JFM 2b—Fletcher SS—Simmons 3b---Cozart LF—Upton CF--- Trout RF---Harper DH---Ohtani C--- Arcia/Briceno Pitchers- 1. Syndergaard 2. Heaney 3. Skaggs 4. Barria 5. Shoemaker 6. Pena Bullpen—I am counting on our current pen returning to healthy status. In 2020 we have reinforcements coming on the pitching side of things—Ohtani will be back along with the possibility of Canning. Ohtani/Syndergaard/Canning/Heaney/Barria (I would consider trading Heaney or Skaggs at this point to clear up salary. I don’t really see any other way we can get much better than this next year, it is really year 2 where we really have a well built team. Cozart comes off the books after year two and pujols the year after freeing up a ton of money. Some side things to consider—You can non tender a couple guys and put that money into G Richards on a two year deal---maybe like 10 million over 2 years—first year is recovering 2nd is him coming back and pitching to build his value. He could be a solid 5th in our rotation or do a even split with Ohtani who would also be coming back from TJS.